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Matt Johnson

Circle Lake Results - 1/26/20

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Matt Johnson

Results from the event on Circle Lake.... 


1st Place - Mike Ferrell/Andy Walker (9.79 pounds)

2nd Place - Justin Hammer/Joe Crapser (8.97 pounds)

3rd Place - Ben Lutterman/Devin Kuehne (7.895 pounds)

4th Place - Matt Brookman/Augie Isaacson (7.735 pounds)

5th Place - Matt Waldron/Adam Griffith (6.76 pounds)

Big Fish -  Matt Waldron/Adam Griffith (1.425 pound Crappie)


For a complete list of the results... Circle Lake Results - CLICK HERE

Also check out the UPL Facebook page for more photos from the event... UPL Facebook Page - CLICK HERE



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Great job teams with a tough bite

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    • IceHawk
      By IceHawk
      Found a tackle box up on Lake Osakis this morning. It wasn't in any of the community spots or I wouldn't of found it with amount of guys up there. LOL!  Wow you would think the Caughren point area was the only place to catch and sight fish.They should of been there a week and a half ago when we found them fresh 😲   Glad I have better spots where social or should I say solo distancing was happening 😉 If anyone lost one out there off the beaten path I found it feel free to PM me with the contents and Ill get it back to you somehow. If nobody claims it I'll donate it to a kid (and No not you Smurfey 😂) to get him a good start into ice fishing some good stuff in there!  
    • Rick
      By Rick
      Good read:
    • eyeguy 54
      By eyeguy 54
      Is on the way. Ordered a Perception Sound 10.5. Looking forward to chasing some big fishies in May or June.  Second pic is for @Rick G   😉

    • rayguy
      By rayguy
      Here is something we may not of touched yet .   What with the access being shut down on the Rainy river how do we know the opener won't be either shutdown or pushed back? Any rumors or first hand knowledge out there?    Another question what with the current shelter in place regs how will this effect all Minnesota's resorts and campgrounds?  Food for thought my friends.
    • IceHawk
      By IceHawk
      Just a heads up to all out walking especially people with dogs. The ticks are out. I've been out shed hunting a lot and scouting for turkeys in the woods lately with my beloved dogs. Pulled off some deer ticks last few outings off both my labs. Time to introduce some preventive tick procedures now if venturing out. For my labs I use Frontline but some other options are Bravecto, Seresto, and at the least a flea tick color. For myself I use a product I swear by I always spray down with Permethrin before venturing out in the woods swamps or fields. I have had great results with this product. Hasn't let me down once!  Lyme disease is nothing to take light of as many people and dogs get infected every year. 
    • Surface Tension
      By Surface Tension
      Ely lake Swap Meet will be April 25 at Fayal hall. 
      Don't know if tables are still available but Tim should be dropping into answer questions.
    • IceHawk
      By IceHawk
      Well as we are facing some crazy times and going into some uncertain times ahead. Stress and anxiety will be at a all time hi. Tension amongst family and friends might be tested to a all time peak. Just wanted everyone to try as best as possible to stay positive optimistic through the whole scenario We will all get through this, maybe in the end it will open all are eyes up to certain ways we live act treat each other . Lets all keep our heads up Positivity is key to better health and a better life. Lets try to help out wherever we can to help our community's and friends neighbors and loved ones. Lets Try not to show the fear we all feel and  face in these unsettled times.  The younger ones especially are kids are looking up to us.  Lets all act like positive role models and do our parts to try and get things back on track for everyones sake.   Many will be seeing some free time ahead with job layoffs business closings etc.  Lets turn those bad situations into good positive ones. Volunteer help a elderly person  neighbor donate to food shelves, etc. 
      Lastly we are all family here even though some of us have our differences at times 😉 LOL   FM has always been a safe place our second home where we all feel comfortable a safe place sort to speak. We all come log in  and will especially in these  hard times ahead. Lets get some good topics flowing to ease all our minds. I want to add if anyone ever needs anything I mean anything shoot me a PM Ill do whatever I can to help any way possible. If you need to talk release some stress get some things off your chest or just feel some normalcy in your life  in these strange times holler. PM me and Ill get my number out there to you. We are all in this together no matter our views and opinion. STAY SAFE STAND STRONG MY FRIENDS AND BE HAPPY 😀😀😀
    • Austin12345
      By Austin12345
      Hey guys I was wondering if any of you kayak fish I would love for some tips tricks and most importantly a good kayak to start with thats not very spendy 
    • Austin12345
      By Austin12345
      Hey guys I was wondering if any of you kayak fish I would love for some tips tricks and most importantly a good kayak to start with thats not very spendy 
    • Tom Sawyer
      By Tom Sawyer
      For those of you that would rather save your money for gas, instead of hoarding hand sanitizer ...
      2 cups of 95% or greater isopropyl alcohol (99% pictured), 1 cup aloe vera gel

      Good luck everyone 😉 stay positive and productive. 
      Don't forget to breathe,  there's still lots of ice out there Gustophsen 😆
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • FishinCT
      Alright everyone, since I’m starting to see some open water out here in South Dakota I’m itching to get off the ice fishing talk. Due to the virus, this is likely to be my first opener on Vermilion in about 20 years. What are some strategies that you use that time of year? Depth, presentation, bait etc.    I’ll warm up on the April walleyes out here in the meantime!
    • Wanderer
      Got home from work while it was raining.  It finally slacked up around 5 and I took a walk around the yard, picked up some stuff, trimmed a few trees and stretched out a little further to figure out a few blind sets for turkey season.  As comfortable as I am with the ground around me, it was worth the scout.  I figured out 3 spots that I hadn’t considered before.     It was definitely refreshing to be outside again and now I can at least have some anticipation for the upcoming season!
    • Wanderer
      Huh, crows.  Interesting.  Never thought about them as a spring shoot type bird.   In prime breeding colors I bet! 😁   I watched a dad gum black squirrel take a hideout in one of my new wood duck boxes tonight.  I think I’ll have words with him tomorrow.
    • monstermoose78
      Went out to break in the shotgun and boy I was shooting way off mark at them crows. Finn sat there watching and shaking his head as I unloaded multiple times. It was fun to shoulder the shotgun again. Might try again tomorrow 
    • eyeguy 54
      We are rough on them. 😁
    • AlwaysFishing23
      I fished out of a 10ft pelican for close to 5 years before last year getting into a 16.5’ alumacraft. I ran that yak in some nasty waves and wind. But it always made it, I caught many many fish in that yak ( still have it yet) Always good times but not the most stable boat and not a ton of storage. But it worked for me. Never had any issues with the hull and it got hauled a lot but one could defiantly tell it wasn't the thickest or strongest. I had a yak gear crate setup I’d strap to the back for longer trips. Worked great for storage and didn’t effect stability. Only bad part is you could get anything out of it once on the water in fear of tipping over which made it kinda useless. But it was kinda top of the line for me I even had a Fancy humminbird portable unit id use in it. 
    • eyeguy 54
      That perception for the price is another reason I went that way. Budget. 😁
    • Austin12345
      oh intresting ok thats something to consider I guess
    • Rick G
      Ldpe (low density polly ethelene ) and Hdpe high density.... are what most plastic yaks are made from. Hdpe is much more impact and abrasion resistant than it's low density cousin. The sun will also have less impact on the hd types, my first kayak was a Ldpe yak, when it got hot out, the plastic would get softer and more of a flex to it.
    • Austin12345
      ok if there are any other good brands you think I should take a look at please let me know 
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