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Wheezy Outdoors

Leech Lake, Longville, Deer River, Grand Rapids Area Fishing Report- Wheezy Outdoors

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Wheezy Outdoors

Variable conditions seems to be the trend this season. This past weekend we had yet another snow storm which dumped approximately 10-12 inches in the Remer, Longville, Outing, and Walker area. Travel has been best still with sleds or track machines. Colder temps the past few weeks have firmed things up on some bodies of water which were once heavy laden with slush, however there are still several lakes that unfortunately we would not advise to travel on until things improve, and with the "January thaw" approaching that might be a while. If you are planning on traveling to the area, call the area resorts or bait shops to get current conditions prior.
This past weekend was the Winter Inland Trout Opener. Stories of success were across the board. As some people had great success, others struggled. We ourselves definitely had noticed more lookers than takers on the Vexilar, but managed to get a few topside. Fighting the cold front that hit mid Saturday morning, being on the right body of water, and having the right presentation all factored in.
Lake Trout: Lakers are hitting tipped tubes and spoons in 35'-70' of water. Look to the inside turns, points, and shelves. And the best advice I can give any fisherman targeting trout is STAY MOBILE. Keep moving until you get one on the graph, never spending more than 5-10 minutes in an inactive hole. And not only should you stay on the move, but keep that lure moving consistently, working the entire water column.

Stream Trout: Try searching around 4'-9' of water on the stocked trout lakes. Small spoons like the Clam Speed Spoon tipped with a Maki Plastic or waxie have produced the best.

Panfish: Hit the shallow weedlines for those big Gills, and drill out over the deep basins in 22'-35' feet of water to catch the Crappies. Tungsten jigs tipped with waxies have worked well. Again, the key to success is staying mobile.

Walleye: Still can be found on the shoreline points anywhere from 11'-26' feet of water and on the sunken humps. Jigging using spoons tipped with a minnow head have been best when they have been aggressive. If your noticing them coming in yet seemingly shy of the jig, slow down your movement, and try a simpler presentation. Toss down a set-line with a plain hook tipped with a medium Shiner or small Sucker Minnow.

Alice Wiese

Wheezy Outdoors

[email protected]


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      On the south end...  A lot of nice walleyes and saugers caught this week up at Lake of the Woods.  Many resorts traveling 16 - 22 miles out on the ice and most reports are very good.  Lots of big walleyes this week.  Ice conditions on LOW remain excellent.  Jig one line and don't be afraid to use noise such as rattles or vibration to draw fish in.  Have a deadstick with a live minnow in the second hole for neutral fish.  Best colors vary but gold, glow, green, orange and pink good colors.  Electronics tell you where fish are and how they are reacting to your bait and presentation.  Pike anglers already pulling some trophy fish.  Should only get better as month progresses.
      On the Rainy River...   The river is frozen over with snowmobile traffic on marked trail.  Some reports of good fish in the river.  Extra caution is always needed on the river, especially with higher current this year.  Thin ice around the International Bridge in Baudette.  Work through resort or know ice conditions if ice fishing the river as ice thickness varies.
      Up at the NW Angle...  Some great reports from the Angle this week.  Resorts in 26 - 32' of water.  The snowmobile trails from south shore to Angle in great shape.  Jigging spoons and Rippin Raps in one hole.  In second hole, plain red hook with live minnow working well.  Fish houses on the ice through March 31st, walleyes and saugers open through April 14.  

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      Went to a local Meeker county lake tonight around 12:30 stayed till 7 Fish started around 5 pm got lots of sunfish and crappies. Used a spoon to lure them in but would not take it started with a larger Maynards jig then game on also I tried a smaller jig but no luck sometimes upsizing is the ticket in 13 FOW. Had a dead stick out with a crappie minnow only got one larger perch. Paid to jump around lakes and not just stay on one lake. About 6:30 the noise from vehicles coming and going slowed thing up very fast had a good night and a boost to my ego🤪 HA HA I thought I lost the touch sometimes just getting out and changing your attitude is the one best fishing weapon you can have.
    • Sam Fryer
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      Heading to snowbank next week to target Lakers, anybody having any luck?
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Paul Waldowski
      I have not seen or heard much on folks chasing Pike.  Everyone has been concentrating on Crappies and a few Tullies
    • HoleHoppingGills
      My thought and by the way I'm a huge gill and crappies guy. Id like to see all MN lakes with a regulation that 9 or 9. 5 inch go back ASAP on crappie!!. Been seeing a lot of.lakes destroyed by fishermen taking limits of small fish. Use to fish a small.lake near Tonka few times a year and always did well on quality panfish... I went there few years later like I always did in the spring off a dock to catch spawning crappies. Lake has no access,  anyways some guys were fishing and had there kids to obviously use them for fish limits, Watched this guy pull in a 5 inch crappie, turns around lifts up a metal basket out of the water. This basket maxed out and completely full.of 5 to 7 inch crappies.  About 6 in the party kept EVERYTHING. Tried it few times that winter which I normally did back then.... no fish population at all.  Just my thoughts sorry so long lol
    • HoleHoppingGills
      Member only ...looking for some reports near Wright county area or even west and north of there.  Been fishing this small lake out near South Haven and been crushing 9.5 inch gills  and 12 inch crappies the last 2 months.  Went back last week after take a 2 week break and everything was suspended and tiny. Before everything was just off weeds deep and coming from botto....not sure what happened  but fish were loaded like a xmas on the flx28, maybe oxygen levels? First pic of the crappies took me and friend 1 hour and 20 holes... so much fun!!!!
    • FiftyFifty
      Jasopete, Thanks so much for the information!  One more thing I just thought of---is there any cell service in this rather remote location?  I'll be sure to check back in here and let you know how we did.
    • JstanK
      Zucker gone & Big Bad Bruce, shoot,,,adios amigo. 😳 Our professional hockey organization is truly Wild!    Hopefully there's an interesting & entertaining playoff run. Good thing half the NHL makes the post season. Late spring hockey games that really matter totally rock. Let's Go Wild!!!
    • chaffmj
      Heard a couple of trucks went in by the Burntside lodge!
    • AlwaysFishing23
      The far northern reaches of crow wing county. 
    • Rick
      What area were you in? Nothing specific, just general area. Like Alexandria or whatever.
    • Daniel Hayes
      On buck, are their any secrets to know about? Says it's a clear lake, any chance panfish might bite at night?
    • AlwaysFishing23
      It’s not bad! I got it this last fall at a hardware type store with a fishing department. They had the reels priced at $39.99. Plus they were running a 25% off reel sale. So I got it for something like $25. So a $90 reel I walked out for $25. It’s ok worth the $25 but not $90 imo.
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