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Lot of snow and a lot of slush.

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    • Wishin4Walleyes
      Anybody been out on the river this fall? Was thinking of trying the harbor this weekend but have never fished it this late in the year. Is it even worth it or go try the river mouths for some salmon?
    • Wanderer
      And vowed to be appealed.  It’s a battle that may never go away.    
    • Austin12345
      If I was going up I would.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Spinning tackle.    I wonder if anyone tried ice fishing on any of the lakes that had frozen on Saturday? I would imagine the ice would be 4 or more inches, with the night time temps getting into the low teens every night.
    • Rick
      Anglers will have the opportunity to catch trout on remote lakes in northeastern Minnesota following helicopter-based fish stocking efforts this fall. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • ANYFISH2
      It appears the US Fish and Wildlife Service is in the press of removing the Grey Wolf from the Endangered and Threatened lists.  After waiting period they will be delisted on January 4th 2021.
    • Wanderer
      Just sitting out tonight in my blind, no gun, just watching.  4 hoodeds flew by and 6 GWT set in at less than 20 yards.  1 coot with them.   I just watched them all dabble to within 5-10 feet.  They are eating machines and competitive.  If you really want to learn how to set dekes, just watch the birds sometime.  
    • Standard
      Very nice!  Fly rod or tackle?
    • Wanderer
      I noticed the same.  Happens here and there and I usually report it.   That said, I read through some of the old posts and was interested in the Red Wing comments.  Quality, then a departure followed thankfully by a return in quality.   I used to rotate 2 pairs Irish Setters when I worked in a machine shop.  Wear one till it needed to be re-soled, then switch to the other pair.  Great boots that kept my bones healthy on cement floors.   I just recently bought a new pair after being absent from work boot type work for 15 years and it’s seems like the quality is still there.  Very comfy and built well.
    • gimruis
      Lowering the bag limit or instituting a restrictive harvest size will only so far too.  We both know that there isn't enough enforcement out there already.  What its going to have to take is a complete culture shift from mostly harvest to mostly catch and release.  It has caught on in the world of bass and muskie fishing for years now and their populations have responded with an abundance of thriving populations and trophy caliber fish.
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