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Top of that point has since serious rock spines.   A real nice combo of rock and cabbage.  Mixed bag of pike and eyes for sure. 

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Well with this crud I caught somewhere I'm taking a pass this weekend. I feel like dump. Maybe next weekend.

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20 minutes ago, smurfy said:

Well with this crud I caught somewhere I'm taking a pass this weekend. I feel like dump. Maybe next weekend.

The fish will be gone by then. 😁

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11 minutes ago, Rick said:

The fish will be gone by then. 😁

its ok.i don't mind looking down a spearhole!!!!! beats a good day at work!!!!!!!!! I always bring a radio along so...…..

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Dave S

Some of you might have seen my other post about being in the market for a new auger 🤣. Made a trek out to Koronis yesterday. This was only my second time on the lake so I've got a lot to learn. Didn't catch much. Just a lot of small perch. OK considering I only had 1 hole to fish out of. From the sounds of it, the crappie bite has slowed in the area I fished. 3 or 4 wheel houses moved out. Ice was at least 14" thick.


I will definitely be back. Had the chance to meet Paul Waldowski for the first time. Very helpful! Thanks a bunch Paul for the tips. 👍

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    • iiccee63
      By iiccee63
      💥💥💥Found a portable left on the ice 2/15/20 at about 4 30pm. Had been there over a day as it had snow drifted around it. If you can describe it, and where on the lake I would love nothing more to get it back to the owner. Thanks!!!!💥💥💥
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    • Rick
      By Rick
      Found this and would like to see your opinions....
      The DNR is in the process of finalizing plans for the Quality Bluegill Initiative, revealed last summer in the hope of going public early this spring.
      Implementation would happen in 2021. The goal was to greatly increase the number of lakes in the state with reduced limits for bluegills in hopes of growing bigger sunfish.
      Big sunfish, as anybody who's dunked a worm knows, is among the rarest of fish in Minnesota. A true trophy, 10 inches or longer, might be tougher to catch than an eight-pound walleye. Decades of liberal bag limits, anglers keeping too many big fish and the belief that you could never "overfish" sunnies took their toll.
      The DNR spent the past several months identifying between 200 and 250 lakes on which it can cut the current statewide 20-fish limit to 10 or five sunfish. Lakes on the list needed to meet certain criteria, including public support and the biological capability to grow big bluegills.
      Jim Wolters, DNR's area fisheries manager in Fergus Falls, said there are 13 lakes in Otter Tail County and 5 in Becker County under consideration for reduced sunfish limits.
      What do you think?
    • Chill62
      By Chill62
      Hoping to do a trip up to leech 21st of March. anyone have any suggestions on places to get onto the lake or areas to target? Have few rigs planned so should be able to get around. Any information greatly appreciated 
      Thank you 
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    • side_laker
      By side_laker
      Any one know if there is a plowed road out of Burntside and if there is where it goes out of 
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  A lot of nice walleyes and saugers caught this week up at Lake of the Woods.  Many resorts traveling 16 - 22 miles out on the ice and most reports are very good.  Lots of big walleyes this week.  Ice conditions on LOW remain excellent.  Jig one line and don't be afraid to use noise such as rattles or vibration to draw fish in.  Have a deadstick with a live minnow in the second hole for neutral fish.  Best colors vary but gold, glow, green, orange and pink good colors.  Electronics tell you where fish are and how they are reacting to your bait and presentation.  Pike anglers already pulling some trophy fish.  Should only get better as month progresses.
      On the Rainy River...   The river is frozen over with snowmobile traffic on marked trail.  Some reports of good fish in the river.  Extra caution is always needed on the river, especially with higher current this year.  Thin ice around the International Bridge in Baudette.  Work through resort or know ice conditions if ice fishing the river as ice thickness varies.
      Up at the NW Angle...  Some great reports from the Angle this week.  Resorts in 26 - 32' of water.  The snowmobile trails from south shore to Angle in great shape.  Jigging spoons and Rippin Raps in one hole.  In second hole, plain red hook with live minnow working well.  Fish houses on the ice through March 31st, walleyes and saugers open through April 14.  

    • mrpike1973
      By mrpike1973
      Went to a local Meeker county lake tonight around 12:30 stayed till 7 Fish started around 5 pm got lots of sunfish and crappies. Used a spoon to lure them in but would not take it started with a larger Maynards jig then game on also I tried a smaller jig but no luck sometimes upsizing is the ticket in 13 FOW. Had a dead stick out with a crappie minnow only got one larger perch. Paid to jump around lakes and not just stay on one lake. About 6:30 the noise from vehicles coming and going slowed thing up very fast had a good night and a boost to my ego🤪 HA HA I thought I lost the touch sometimes just getting out and changing your attitude is the one best fishing weapon you can have.
    • Sam Fryer
      By Sam Fryer
      Heading to snowbank next week to target Lakers, anybody having any luck?
    • IceHawk
      By IceHawk
      I was sitting on the lake the other day and this thought crossed my mind. With all the social media, forums, face book groups now a days you have to wonder how are anglers judged? For instance how are  anglers judging other anglers? Are they judged on there fish pics, there success catch rate? I would say in todays industry unfortunately yes most throw judgement on how good of a angler you are by how good your day on the ice was. Well I want to tell you there's not one Angler out there includeing myself that hasn't got a good butt kicking and struck out from time to time . Unless there ego won't allow them to admit to it. LOL! Its actually more common than one thinks. I once was shooting the crap with Legendary Al Linder about this.  We all know how much he fishes. He said in a given week of fishing he had 2 good days 1 marginal and 2 not so good. Take for instance this week I and a few good anglers set out on a local lake in search of panfish after  hitting numerous good locations and getting almost nothing we threw the towel in. Next day we set off to a Lake by Ogilvie fished it hard for 6 hours cutting numerous areas out and basically struck out in our eyes. Yes we caught fish but not the size structure we were after so in our eyes a bust.. Yesterday afternoon  I decided to hit a local Lake on the chain near me. I was hoping  for a last window  bite and ended up hitting a home run. Well I guess what I'm trying to say is we all have good and bad days. I know a few of us post are good reports pics and we sound and look like ice fishing super hero's to some. I'm here to admit, We get butt kickings and strike out just like the next guy at least I do😀 .  Most including me don't report are bad days but maybe we should. We are not telling you the hard work mega holes we cut etc.  So no matter how much experience you have fishing don't get discouraged if you strike out have a bad day. We all do keep your head up! Just keep going out after it and sooner or later it all falls in place. Judge your outing by who you were with the laughs, memories, moments shared in that day out on the ice.   It's those simple things in life that are more important than a limit of fish that's a bonus in my eyes 👍 Also if any of you ever spot me on a lake PLEASE Stop over say Hi and introduce yourself I'm all about meeting new people and shredding some ice together like I said its all about the moment. 
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • AlwaysFishing23
      The far northern reaches of crow wing county. 
    • Rick
      What area were you in? Nothing specific, just general area. Like Alexandria or whatever.
    • Daniel Hayes
      On buck, are their any secrets to know about? Says it's a clear lake, any chance panfish might bite at night?
    • AlwaysFishing23
      It’s not bad! I got it this last fall at a hardware type store with a fishing department. They had the reels priced at $39.99. Plus they were running a 25% off reel sale. So I got it for something like $25. So a $90 reel I walked out for $25. It’s ok worth the $25 but not $90 imo.
    • IceHawk
      Great report and pics! Looks like a great time. How do you like your Clam Gravity Elite? I really like mine have a couple now and plan to add a few more next year.  Own a couple black betty free falls also but for the buck the Gravity's are the way to go. 
    • smurfy
      awe...………...you forgot the GPS cords!!!!!!!!!!🤣   nice pictures and fish!!!!!!!!👍
    • Borch
      I know a group of us have talked a lot about this recently.   I really like the 10 or 5 depending in the lake.  The 1 over 10" if someone wants a trophy gill.   For crappie regs just look a bit south.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Well we wrapped up a few days up north. Tried a lake I’ve been to a few times in past but seem to always struggle at getting anything going. It took a lot of miles on the sled and be willing to go out in subzero temps and strong winds but I was able to contact a massive amount of gills. Ended up catching around 300 I figure. Biggest was about 9”- 9 1/2”. A lot of dandies over all. Kept a few meals to hold me over for a while. Next day went back and threw out a tipup with suckers I had left over from a few weeks ago. I literally could not keep the flag down! ( haha what a funny sentence!!) it was not stop flags and fish! I even had one spool me as I running up to it! So much fun. The gills were all in about 14fow but were stacked from bottom up to about 5 ft down. It’s One of the clearest lakes in the state So I was able to sight fish them and let me tell you if your able to sight fish gills its one of the most entertaining things I can think of doing. Even we’re able to put a decent amount of miles on the sleds. The trails up there were the best I’ve seen and were perfect shape for riding. 
    • smurfy
      Paul, any reports on pike fishing.??? my plan is to come out and chase flags Saturday!!!!!!!!!!
    • Sculpin
      I would tend to agree, however, the DNR obviously does not see it that way.  They show 267 walleyes died from hooking mortality in the Dec. Jan. period for a total poundage loss of 521lbs. The numbers are simply mind boggling, and amazing.  
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