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    • opsirc
      By opsirc
      In all the years going to low never fished them,  heang up this weekend and thinking of trying there. Are they any good or should head out far like everyone else?
    • Storm
      By Storm
      I realize Lake of the woods is definitely more of a day bite but am going up second week of March and will be sleeping in my pop up. Was thinking of fishing during the day in the 30 ft range where most others are and then moving up shallower on structure in hope of picking up a few overnight? Also could care less about number of fish, mainly looking for bigger mature fish as I don’t keep fish most of the time anyways. This will be my first time there so any help appreciated.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  A great week of ice fishing with lots of fish frys.  Good fishing reports, most fishing in 27 - 33' of water.  Ice conditions on LOW remain excellent at around 30 inches where most are fishing.  Use combo of jigging line and deadstick.  Try spoons or lipless crankbaits with rattles to pull fish in.  Pink hook with a minnow on deadstick effective this week.  Some good colors overall, gold, glow, pink, green, orange and chartreuse.  Don't be afraid to downsize presentation on a tough bite day.  Small spoon with a minnow head, wax worm or euro larvae can catch extra fish.  Electronics will catch more fish.  Some nice walleyes showing up suspended.  Pike fishing continues to heat up.  Tip ups and big baits on quick strike rigs  the ticket.  
      On the Rainy River...   Local anglers catching some walleyes in the river.  Most anglers fishing the lake.  Extra caution is always needed on the river, especially with higher current this year.  Thin ice around the International Bridge in Baudette.  Work through resort or know ice conditions if ice fishing the river as ice thickness varies.
      Up at the NW Angle...  Ice fishing reports good up at the Angle.  Resorts in 26 - 32' of water.  A mix of walleyes and saugers with big jumbo perch and pike in the mix.  The snowmobile trails both across the lake and in the woods are in great shape.  Jigging with a bait with rattles has helped to pull in walleyes.  Fish houses on the ice through March 31st, walleyes and saugers open through April 14. 

    • JeremyJohnson
      By JeremyJohnson
      I am from Iowa we are planning a trip up to Big Trout Lake, I was wondering about the ice conditions (snow, slush, and thickness) any info would be appreciated.
    • eyeguy 54
      By eyeguy 54
      Can I cut the quick connect from the vexilar charger and then cut alligator clips off my lithium charger and switch them with no problems? I know there would be no issue with the alligators on the vex charger. Curious about the lithium with quick connect. The new 20 has the quick connect. 
    • mrpike1973
      By mrpike1973
      On a lake near Sugar. Got on to some great sunfish they were deeper than I thought 22 feet deep suspended at 14 feet. Nonstop for 2 hours a black tungsten jig worked best I did try plastics for a bit for building up confidence but the fish showed otherwise quickly. Went back to 3 euro worms 4 was to many . Then I got a 10.5 bluegill my first one and wouldn't you know it my phone was about 2 blocks away. So I let her go not going to keep a fish out of water to get a glory picture. Oh well next time. Get out while you can the lakes were good with the warm up but who knows in a couple of weeks. That was on Friday. Drilled a few holes for an older gentleman that just wanted to fish A while I was glad to help out enjoyed chatting with him. Then went out today almost the same thing but unfortunately near a community spot and within 2 hours everyone was out there and a dog peed on my fish house was not happy threw snow on the house cleaned when i got home I left soon after very rude people unfortunately and the fishing died right away oh well.
    • iiccee63
      By iiccee63
      Having fished this lake from shore in the summer and my daughter also and did real well, I can't figure why ice fishing is so bad. 2 full days and nothing! 3" perch galore. Moved around and had my camera. Didn't see any life forms whatsoever!!!!! Never coming back. Hardly a soul on the lake on a 43 degree.Sat.??? What?????👎👎👎
    • svingla
      By svingla
      Heading up to Avon to fish Middle Spunk lake this weekend. Looking for any advice or insights for fishing this lake and what to target.
    • bigpunfun
      By bigpunfun
      Heading to the Virginia Mn area Ice fishing in a few weeks. I've fished the Duluth area most of my life but finally spreading out a bit. 
      Not hoping to get anyones "spot".
      How are ice conditions? Anywhere to stay away from safety wise?
      Any dead lakes that would be a waste of my time on a limited trip?
      Thanks yall
    • Chill62
      By Chill62
      I know this is fishing Minnesota but tried something new. Was very interesting and learned a lot quickly. ice conditions restricted where we could get to but we had 5 bites 2 fish. was fun fighting them big steelhead. 

  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • SkunkedAgain
      You could install a zinc strip near the ridge on the mossy side(s) of the roof. They work well and prevent future growth.   Interesting. I've never heard of this 30 Seconds stuff but it sounds promising.
    • Getanet
      I thought I'd bump this post. I know some guys tend to think of underwater cameras as an unnecessary novelty,  but I got a great deal on the Micro Revolution Pro before the ice season and I have to say, I really like it. The camera reel system that Bob mentioned is really slick - basically wind it up like you're reeling in a fish and never have to worry about 30 feet of cord laying all over the place.  The system I got also lets me record, which is a fun because I can show the video to my kids or parents and "share" my trip with them a little bit (and actually have proof I was on fish).  But most importantly I like to know for certain what sort of structure I'm sitting on, and/or get my lure at the exact depth I want it.   I know if you're pretty familiar with the settings on your flasher you can be pretty confident if you're on rocks, mud or weeds - but I'd venture most people just aren't that dialed in with their flashers - I know I'm not.   Also, the quality of the cameras has come a long way. My first experience with an underwater camera was with the old school aqua view where you sort of looked down a tube at the monitor. Then about 10 years ago my friend had one that kind of looked like a small TV.  Those were OK, but the fish had to be pretty close to the camera. The quality of the newer styles is far superior (I realize the water quality is a huge factor, but still, camera resolution has come a long way). The cameras are also a lot smaller and seem to bother the fish less.   Anyway, seeing as the hard water season is winding down I was just thinking that the camera I have is one of the more handy tools I have now. I don't keep it down for long, but it's great for getting set-up and or drop down the hole a few times to keep things interesting.    
    • Bluegill Dan
      Anyone been fishing this lake lately? Hows the bite
    • ozzie
      Good luck Borch and wishing you a speedy recovery!
    • Rick
      Prayers for an easy go of it given!
    • creepworm
      I wouldn't say I am anti-spearing but am not pro-spearing either.   Along with the ramifications on the fishery that has already been covered,  nothing irks me more that all the unmarked spear holes and ice chunks left on top of the ice. I would rather see garbage left on the ice that a block of ice or a skimmed over unmarked hole. At least the garbage isn't dangerous to others.   I lived on Lake Osakis last winter and spent more than a few hours marking other peoples skimmed over spear holes. It is reckless and extremely dangerous.
    • Luzaich
    • gimruis
      I agree, its not solely because of spearing.  But it has no doubt played a role.
    • gimruis
      Most lakes with walleyes are non native too, what's your point?  Maybe we should stop stocking them also.
    • chaffmj
      Borch, things will go well and you will have a speedy recovery!
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