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Hi guys.  I am thinking of coming up and hunting the tail end of the muzzleloading season up there, probably around the Lost Lake area and I was wondering how deep the snow is in the woods?  Any one tromping around give me an idea?  Weather map says 4" on the ground.  Could that be true?  Are the roads driveable?  Just don't want to be surprised driving all that way.


Thank you!



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Spearing Machine

Mtheis, everything is plowed out besides the typical forest roads that never see a plow. You'll find anywhere from 10-14 inches of snow around here on the ground. It's possible to still blaze down unplowed roads since it's fairly fluffy if you have good tires and good clearance but I'd surely have a good shovel along. Significantly more snow after you head north from Virginia and start up 169 towards Tower and Ely. 

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    • IceHawk
      Wow that's a sled tell him congrats ! like all the little stickers good character
      Out of this stand😁
      My brother crushed this monster this evening at 421👍
    • Wanderer
      You sure this is from Red Lake in MN?  There’s a Red Lake in Canada that’s a commercial fishery.  Often confused with MN.
    • leech~~
      I agree. A few years ago I got a Hummer Ice 55. I went up to Red lake for a 3 day 2 night trip.  I brought my FL-18 along as a back up. When I was fishing I said, what the heck and ran one in each hole started at the same time with both batteries charged to full at the start of the trip. The Bird-55 died in a day and a half and the FL-18 ran until I shut it off to leave on the 3rd day. I sold the Hummer Ice-55 later that winter.
    • eyeguy 54
      Very low power draw i am told on the fl18
    • CJH
      Wouldn't be surprised if the Vex gauge doesn't read the battery correctly, since lithiums have a flatter/higher voltage curve and those meters read the voltage, if my memory serves me right.   Or the Vex just has such low power draw its barely making a dent in it.  🙂        
    • leech~~
      Lot's of really good reading and points in the above.  Hope they have learned some lessons from the past and the Greed doesn't come back again!  It's always Man's Greed that makes them fail! 😕   "Commercial fishing grew from 200 Indian netters  in the 1960s to a peak of 600 in the 1980s,  with some individuals setting 80 nets, Bedeau  said. With large bonuses from the association, some of them made $80,000 per season, he said. "It was greed," Dickenson said. "The culture  got lost."   "In 1989, the tribe's commercial netters  registered a record 948,000 pounds of walleye."   And this years quota was just about back to that of 820,000.  So did they learn anything? 🤔
    • bowhuntingboy1
      If we could all just follow the same rules, this wouldn't be a discussion. The law shouldn't discriminate.
    • bowhuntingboy1
      I think what he was referring to is that you should care before things go bad, not after. 
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