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Any reports on ice conditions around the Mankato area,including Madison, Duck,and George?

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I was down there Thanksgiving day, Washington was wide open and ironically Elysian was 90% covered. Never fished the area so I know nothing about the area

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Here is a report from @smalliehunter

I'm from southern Minnesota.  No good ice here.  


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Some Nice lakes in that area be nice to hear some chatter come from down that way. 

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On 12/2/2019 at 8:06 PM, Rick said:

Here is a report from @smalliehunter

I'm from southern Minnesota.  No good ice here.  


Any new reports of ice conditions around Mankato?

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49 minutes ago, mavshockeyfan said:

Any new reports of ice conditions around Mankato?


Pretty sure their running the Zamboni every period so it should be pretty good I would think?  😆

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I live down in Mankato and was planning to go check out some lakes in the next few days. I'll let everyone know what I find out

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So as of Friday afternoon, talked to my brother-in-law and he said that there was 7-8 inches of really good ice with hardly any snow, would think it has gotten a bit thicker now with how cold it has been..

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    • tacklejunkie
      By tacklejunkie
      For 2019-2020 St Louis River Fishing Reports - Click Here.
       Now that the weather is  drying out a little and the bay and the river are starting to clear out a little I headed out yesterday morning to do some fishing.   Crawler harnesses with yellow and fluorescent blades and fire tiger worked the best. All fish were caught anywhere from 4 feet to 7 feet of water.  Hit every flat I could find from Spirit Lake all the way down to the bay. The fishing picked up when the wind picked up. Water temperature were in the low 60s.  Nothing fast and furious just steady
    • FishinFreak17
      By FishinFreak17
      For Current St Louis River Fishing Reports - Click Here.
      Not what I expected for the opener! One walleye (24.5", female full of eggs, released) after 6 hours of fishing with 3 guys in the boat. We launched at Clyde at 6am and there were only 6 trailers in the parking lot and we had only one boat at the ramp. We started out bottom bouncing crawler harnesses (various colors) with no bites. Fished 4 - 15 FOW along channel breaks and flats towards Spirit Lake and just above Spirit. NOTHING!
      Lots of boats out there too, no nets moving and everyone we talked to had been skunked. Headed up to just past Boy Scout landing and started trolling crank baits. A #5 shad rap, perch color, caught the only fish around 11am. It was barely hooked and came out as I was netting it. We put all cranks on and not another strike. We tried jigging, casting rippin' raps, lead core with harnesses...they stayed tight lipped. We marked very few fish. DNR at the ramp noted one other fish caught. We enjoyed the sun after the wind died down around 10am. Great day to be out on the water...if only the fish would cooperate! Good luck out there!
    • rumeye
      By rumeye
      Have a cabin for 5 days on this lake. The one by Kimball and Mink. Anybody have any good tips to get some trout out of there? Also Elbow looks good for Walleyes any tips for that lake? I know Devilfish and Tom are good but would like to stay fairly close have wife and 6 year old Grandson with.
    • rkhinrichs
      By rkhinrichs
      Does the upper sections of the St. Louis River have a fishing populations of smallmouth bass in it? worth a float? The sections I am looking at are around  Hwy 53  and Hwy 7? If you could give me some advice that would be great. 
    • JBMasterAngler
      By JBMasterAngler
      Well, my annual trip was only an extended weekend this year, as I had to use my actual vacation to go to Florida for a wedding. 
      Drove up Friday morning after work, and was able to hit Two Island Lake for a few hours in the evening. As soon as we boated to my secret spot, a storm cloud moved over and the wind was insane! Temps dropped, and I only caught a few smallies.
      on Saturday we went to Greenwood Lake. Even though we caught about 50 bass, it was still a slow day. Weather was perfect. Bugs were horrible! My dad caught a nice lake trout. My daughter caught her first northern pike, and I also caught one. Fished this lake for 30 years and never even seen a pike, now they’re taking over!
      Fished Hungry Jack on the final day. Weather was once again perfect! Only caught a few bass. My son absolutely loves fishing off the resort’s dock. So the kids had a blast catching sunnies (including my daughter’s first). 
      Was a bummer we only got to stay up there a few days. My dad stayed until today, but I haven’t heard how he did. Didn’t see any moose. Was also the first time I’ve been up there and did not catch a trout. We got our fill of Sven & Ole’s and world’s best donuts. We might try to go back up next month.

    • macgruber
      By macgruber
      So I’m bringing the family up to Flour Lake campground over the 4th of July.  I grew up camping and fishing the Canadian side of Sag every chance we got, but haven’t fished any of the lakes on the trail.  I really wanted to stay at Two Island, as it sounds like the bass fishing there is great, but none of the sites are reservable ahead of time and I didn’t want to drive up and have to go on a campground hunt.  We still might buzz over there for a day, but I was looking for recommendations on some lakes closer to the trail.  
      I have two little kids who are just getting into fishing, so I was hoping for action, size is just a bonus. I’m guessing walleye fishing will be off the table with the patience factor limiting how much time I can search for fish with two kids along.  I was leaning towards smallmouth as the kids can both cast and that always held my attention more as a kid.  We’ll likely only keep enough for one fish dinner over the weekend.  Thanks in advance for any help!
    • crocs97
      By crocs97
      Was recently camping in aforementioned park, on Bensen Lake (supposedly a trout lake stocked by DNR).  It is also near the Baptism River; more specifically, the east branch of the Baptism River.  I and my fiance fished in both of these to no luck.  I'm thinking that it was too late in the summer to catch anything, but was wondering two things. 1 - what is the status of trout in Bensen Lake? We asked a DNR employee who was at the park one night about it and he had no clue about the fish in the lake.  It looked promising, I saw many small bait fish and possibly trout fry (although I heard they do not reproduce naturally there), the structure was good, and its fairly deep, but not one single nibble.  2 - I presume the trout come up the Baptism River to the east branch (we fished on it from the road under a bridge) to spawn in the spring and then go back to the main lake, so after spawn there are no large/catchable trout in the east branch? we had nibbles, saw plenty of crayfish (of the invasive kind as I also heard there is an invasive species of crayfish), again saw bait fish and trout fry, but I never did get a good look at the fish to see what they were and they were too small to take anything.  I am hoping to expand my knowledge of the area and migration patterns of trout and fish for trout here one day, as this is going to be a spot I return to in the coming years.  I know a lot about fishing in the Detroit Lakes area as that is where I am from, but have no experience with North Shore fishing.  Thanks!
    • MN Bob
      By MN Bob
      Staying on gunflint side in September Want to hear what everyone is using while packing light as well at what test for line. I'm thinking one rod only. 2 piece. I will be targeting walleye.  I'm thinking 10lb test to stand up to the inevitable northern but fear may be too heavy for the eyes.   Thanks for any input.  Also taking GPS locations and  personal hotspots.  Lol. 
    • clemmy
      By clemmy
      Flying up from Florida to visit the folks and we are going to spend a week (September 14th-21st) on Shagawa. Staying at Ladybug, so will have a pontoon, but I imagine no depthfinder. I found a map and found some areas to try but it’s been 23 years since I lived in Minnesota.
      Anyone kindly have any suggestions on tactics or depth? I.e. would we better trolling the shore, or trying 25’-30’? Or slip bobbering points/islands, and how deep? I imagining we might be flying a bit blind on a new lake without a depthfinder.
      Thanks Y’all,
    • chaffmj
      By chaffmj
      Went fishing on Basswood on Sunday. It rained all day but we had a good time thanks to Mike Stark and The Ely Fishing Guide Company.

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