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    • mrpike1973
      Thanks EricO!!
    • Dave S
      Based on what I've found, the Navionics app on a phone only gets you within 100 feet. The triangulation off cell towers will be nowhere near as accurate as a gps. It's still helpful but it requires drilling a few more holes to get on any given structure accurately.
    • IceHawk
      Yes and I have it  on my phone use it occasionally walking out  as many do.  You could put it on a kindle or a  tablet and it also would work.,   but I honestly don't think there as accurate  But this may just be my opinion and I may be wrong.  How many guides charter captions rely on the safety of there clients with a phone? There's a reason why they run top GPS plotters accuracy.  I can tell you from experience some lakes are not mapped by Navionics well and are inaccurate.  Some lakes are  way better mapped detailed and accurate with a Lake Master or Lake insight chip. So having multiple options is key depending on the lakes you fish.  Try comparing  your phone accuracy to a GPS chip on a Top quality Lowrance Humminbird  or other GPS system.  Set a waypoint and use the two to your destination and you might surprise yourself the phones accuracy to spot on spot.. Another negative way to small for me to see driving, Ill utilize the locators on the boat. Kind of makes sense when there are 4 of them on there to pull one off and get some multi use out of it. 
    • delcecchi
      You could put navionics app on phone and do same thing.  
    • Wanderer
      Drove out today with my truck with the plow on. Checked ice as I went.  12 inches of clear ice covered by 4-5 inches of frozen slush.  Never heard a crack but who could in the wind?!   Plenty of trucks pulling large wheel houses out so I went home and got my little hard side house to finally put out.  Drilled some holes, marked a few fish, pushed the snow off the spot for the house and set it down.  Very few fish marked after that and only one caught.  The skid house blues but at least it was warm and comfy in that gale.  We’ll try for a reset tomorrow.
    • leech~~
      Been doing this for years on my sled. 👍
    • IceHawk
      Now that we have some nice new fresh snow on Lakes I thought I would give out a little trick of mine that I use when Walleye fishing all winter if there's snow on ice . . This works with ATVS, Snowmobiles, and Trucks. Most of us have summer setups electronics  in our boats. Why not take advantage of them in winter. Before putting your boat away for summer pull one of your Locators off if GPS compatible and mount it on a Blue box  suction cup for Truck or Ram mount on ATV  or Snowmobile. If you don't have a chip buy a lake master, lake insight or Navionics. Whatever is sufficient for your brand of electronics. Next get a game plan together on your depths  you want to fish according to the  ice period your fishing early mid late winter.  Go out to a lake after a nice fresh snowfall and basically follow the break lines points etc with your mode of transportation just like you would in your boat. Once you have laid a path out on your depth go back and cut holes in your trucks wheel tracks saves piles of time and keeps you on a designated depth you are targeting saveing lots of time. Right now I have my Lowrance Elite 7 mounted on a suction cup on windshield in my truck. When I get on a lake and want to fish a underwater point I will first decide on depths I intend to fish  set my course to follow that depth keeping constant eyes on my electronics to stay on that depth just like I was in my boat. First I will start  off close to the  shoreline and follow that depth   to tip around tip back to  opposite shoreline. Staying exactly on depths I want to fish, Walk out stand back and look at your trail in fresh snow you will see exactly how that piece of structure is laid out. It shows obvious knobs,  tip of point inside corners etc. . Then go out with your auger and pound a series of holes every 15 foot or so in your vehicles wheel tracks all the way around your trail, as they will be right on the depths you want to target. . Next I Ice troll all these holes during day giving each hole only a minimal amount of time  before moveing on, until I hook a fish or two. The location hooking of active fish useally dictates where I want to be setup before prime time to capitalize on that prime bite.  This technique has proven itself for me over and over on many lakes. Works like a charm on the Millacs mudflats. or if you want to target the edge of a nice weed line. 
    • Rick
      Lakes in the Bemidji area are covered with deep snow, patches of slush and thin ice in many areas. In other words, this year has some of the worst ice conditions in recent memory.   January in Minnesota is consistently the coldest month of the year. The short days and long nights usually combine to create the longest stretches of cold weather of the year.   With these things in mind, there is colder weather on the way. The extended forecast is predicting highs most days in the single digits or low teens, and lows most nights close to or slightly below zero.   This is not the bitter cold Minnesota is known for having in January, but it is cold enough to start freezing some of the slush on the lakes. This is a slow process, so don’t expect the ice conditions on the lakes to improve right away.   Anyone paying attention during the weekend may have noticed many large pickup trucks pulling double-axle fish houses in parking lots all over town. Many of these people didn’t call ahead to a resort or bait store to check the ice conditions. When they got here, they found out they couldn't get on the lakes with their big fish houses.   One look at the lack of fish houses on Lake Bemidji speaks volumes about the ice conditions. By this time of the year, there are usually houses all over most lakes, with little cities on the ice close to the public accesses.   Not this year. The same story of thin ice and deep snow is being repeated all over Northern Minnesota.   Anglers with snowmobiles or other vehicles with tracks have the best chance to access the most lakes, but there is still a good chance of getting stuck, no matter what anglers are driving. Anything with wheels needs to stay on the plowed roads. The resorts are trying to expand their roads as soon as the ice conditions allow it. They are trying their best to accommodate as many anglers as possible, while still keeping things safe. Remember to thank the people who provide you access to the lakes. Don’t complain and have unrealistic expectations just because you paid an access fee.   The lake with the best ice conditions is Lake of the Woods, but this observation is not a secret. The lake with the most fishing pressure right now is also Lake of the Woods, with people from all over the state flocking to the best ice conditions in the state.   The increased fishing pressure on Lake of the Woods will probably continue all winter, or at least until more lakes have better ice conditions, to give anglers more choices. This is going to take a while, even under the best case scenarios for freezing slush.   Upper Red Lake got hit hard in the last storm, along with the rest of the Bemidji area. Virtually all of the roads on the lakes got filled with snow and had to be completely redone. There is slush around most fish houses and traffic on the lakes is still being limited by most resorts.   Anglers planning to fish Upper Red Lake should call ahead or check the social media pages for updates, or they might end up parked in a parking lot, instead of on the ice.   Anglers can get into some lakes with a snowmobile or vehicle with tracks. Use the buddy system, constantly check the ice thickness and have a shovel and a tow strap with you to be prepared for the possibility of getting stuck.   Many anglers are staying home or renting a fish house on Lake of the Woods or Upper Red Lake, instead of trying to do things on their own.   Vikings fans have at least one more weekend of football, and the possibility for more if the team keeps winning. This should give people something else to do on the weekends while they wait for better ice conditions.   Current Minnesota Fishing Reports - Click Here. SHOW US YOUR PICS!   Report on January 8th, 2020 by: Paul A. Nelson runs the Bemidji Area Lakes Guide Service. Guided fishing trips for 2020 and the rest of 2019 can be booked by phone or text at 218-760-7751 or by email at [email protected]
    • IceHawk
      Ice trolling for sure. If there is a low oxygen problem in the lake there wont be after I get done.  😁 I guess I like to put my stuff through the test. I can definitely give a honest opinion on quality after a winter of use. If it holds up to some of the abuse I Put it through it gets a thumbs up 👍 No weak links saved here 😂
    • IceHawk
      Brother in Law was out on Little Mary last week caught a bunch of small gills but not many respectable ones. I know the crappies are normally good size but he said they didn't catch many of them.   
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