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The DNR held a meeting last Saturday in Grand Marais in regards to some potential management changes on several area lakes and streams. I really wanted to go to the meeting, but it just wasn’t feasible. Did anyone happen to go? The DNR will take comments via e-mail for another month or so. I requested a copy of the management plans. They included: temperance, north brule, little devil track, devil track, and kimball rivers. West bearskin, Tait, carrot, chester, holly, Agnes, swamper, pit, kemo, shoko, quiver, lux, Rose, deer yard, rog, elm, ray, zephyr lakes. 

I only had interest in a few of the lakes, so I only responded with a couple comments. Increasing brown trout stocking on Chester, introducing cisco to Kemo, and implementing a bass slot on West Bearskin. I’ll be interested to hear other questions/comments if and when they become available. DNR hasn’t responded to mine yet.

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    • Rather_B_Fishing
      That's the Dolly Parton of deer......
    • leech~~
      I would start by the stream coming into the lake and put on a little piece of spam on the hook!  They love it!  Good luck! 😉
    • leech~~
      Which one?
    • Jake Paul
      Were can i catch alot of trout on blue lake mn 
    • popriveter
      I find that the sunfish-to-crappie ratio skews toward more sunfish when fishing waxies or spikes and skews toward more crappies when when fishing plastics. I fish plastics as much as bait, but I don't have enough confidence in them to go out without bait. I'm getting closer every year.
    • popriveter
      This is exciting to see!   I'm the rare guy who loves early ice and mostly stops fishing when the trucks start coming out on the lakes. I care more for catching fish than I care for hauling and setting up gear. 4-5" is ideal for a fisherman like me.   I normally enjoy fishing open water throughout November. I'm getting a frustrated at how long we've been stuck in between.   I live in the metro and have not set foot on the ice yet. I'd imagine we have 2-3" on most of my "first ice" spots, but I'm not bold enough to test them out this early. I'm hoping to catch some fish through the ice this November because I've been looking at iced-over lakes for more than 2 weeks now, but overnight lows of 35 degrees aren't helping any.    Might need to drive north a while.   Either way, it lifts my spirits a bit to see that good fishing is starting not too far away.
    • Chill62
      Made it out Friday in northern Becker County.  Found 4 inches at the access and when I started going across the lake we found 5....6....6.5 .... then 7.... then finally 7.5 inches!  Lake average was 6 to 6.5 inches of nice clear ice.  We fished from 10-23 feet of water chasing blue gills and crappies.  Usually they are up shallower 10-18 but we actually did better out deeper than shallower.  Brother did great I couldn't buy a bite!  Saturday went south by Dent had 6 inches of ice at shore went to a big crack at 12 feet and other side of the crack was 3 inches.  We never crossed the crack.  Went to a different lake as a result had a solid 6-7 inches all the way across the lake and when we were out there we couldn't buy bites.  Few fish came in at dark but then it started to rain and I wasn't in the mood to get rained on while ice fishing sitting on a bucket.  I'll head out Saturday is my plan due to birthday party on Sunday evening that I was informed we are hosting.
    • Bucketcastle
      @gimruis come on, you always have to have a plan incase you go through, whether it be yourself, atv, or truck.  Even if the ice is 2 feet thick because you never know.  Most of these people dont think of what they should do in case of an emergency.  Think and be prepared for anything.  And yes, no fish is worth your life.....unless its jaws that thing kills people
    • gimruis
      I'm not about to personally attack someone because they are making a poor decision here but lets be honest with ourselves: if the ice is questionable and unsafe and you need to make a plan in case you fall through, you definitely shouldn't be out there.  A few crappies just aint worth the risk.  Just last week 12 people had to be rescued off URL and another guy went through.  Stay on dry land until we get an extended cold snap in December.  The ice and fish will still be there in January fellas.  
    • leech~~
      Zone 172, saw nothing, only heard about 6 shots all day and trucks and hunters all over.