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Capt. Quicksteel

Linwood Lake

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Capt. Quicksteel

I am going to be spending some more time in the North Metro, a new area for me. Has anyone fished Linwood Lake near Anoka? I can’t find a thread on it although I seem to remember one from years ago.  Thanks

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I fished it growing up a fair amount for crappie in the winter. Definitely have to sort through them since like most metro lakes they are smaller although it was a fun lake as a kid caught lots of fish just on the smaller side. Obviously there are more than just crappies in there but besides pike that's all I caught

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Capt. Quicksteel


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    • leech~~
      Hey, Rick if your going to start deleting posts.  Maybe you could start with miss quotes added by others. I never said this above but my name was added!      1 hour ago, leech~~ said: There is several year classes because 10s of thousands of dollars were dumped into stocking the lake   You seemed to like this persons rant thought! Even though he added nothing, made no points or any related information himself, but his own personal feelings to the conversation. Nice! 🤐   tfin HSOShow.com Family     Leech,   "In 1989, the tribe's commercial netters  registered a record 948,000 pounds of walleye."   And this years quota was just about back to that of 820,000.  So did they learn anything?   You posted this as if it makes a point but it has no bearing what so ever.  It seams that you're the one that can't seem to learn anything.  Stop using non related information to try to prove a point.  In 1989 the total lbs of fish in the lake may have been 1/100 of what it I this year.  So what if the Indians use it as a commercial fishery.  We took the whole country from the and use it for commercial everything all in the name of greed!  Pull your head out and realize that giving them a piece of water and letting them do with it what they want is a good thing and they are working with us to make it a well sustained fishery  But in order to do that you would have to be selfless for a second so let's not hold our breath waiting.    
    • kelly-p
      Are you forgetting about the estimated 1,500,000 pounds of walleyes a year bootlegged  in the 90's?   The last of the stocked fish died off 7 or 8 years ago. This is all natural spawn now.
    • Rick
      Check those backwaters out. Lots of fish there. Just look for the cars parked.
    • bowhuntingboy1
      If the quota in the 90s was only 100kish more than it is now, that's a problem as it signifies they could potentially reach very near that quota. There is several year classes because 10s of thousands of dollars were dumped into stocking the lake, with the band funding about 2/3, which we should be grateful for. Still cost the state 28k and that is not a situation you want to have to keep a lake running. If we dont either have more huge, expensive stockings or stop tribal netting, red lake will again one day struggle. 
    • smurfy
      I do a lot of spearing and have never hear of a catch cover for a spear hole. my wifes house basically has the wood that was cut from the floor hinged to the floor as a cover??????
    • Rocky
      I am trying to find a catch cover type spear hole cover but cannot find one. Catch cover said they do not make one. I have seen them, just not sure where to get them. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    • leech~~
      I'm sure that we may not hear back from you, but you are right. There are some good deals on used flashers to be had. I picked up this spotless FL-8 with a battery and charger for my grandsons that was hardly used for $100 bills even! 👍    
    • leech~~
      Welcome to the forum.  The only way this could happen is if the idler is to high or the clutch is stuck and engaging.  Good Luck, let us know if you get it figured out?  It could help others with the same issue.   
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Got a few eyes but no size and all were within 15 minutes.   This is my 3rd year on that trap.    I checked the clear ice less that 2 days ago on the north end of my point and I would have gone through.   no doubt about it.   Waiting for more ice to get to my secret spot, yes the one you know.   Don
    • Tommyjohn
      I've had this Jiffy propane ice auger for a couple years and shortly after I bought it used, it would spin viciously while idling.  I took it apart because I thought it may be the clutch or clutch springs but those appeared okay.  I also adjusted the idler screw on the throttle plate and this did nothing.  Any ideas?
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