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    • leech~~
      They keep using fish lbs per acre, instead of lbs per person!  Why is the lbs per acre higher on the 48,000 acres of the State waters. Because there are 1.4 million licensed MN anglers that can fish it.  Compared to the 240,800 acres of the Bands waters that only 5,873 people can fish. We know that the 1.4 million people are fishing because they bought a license to fish. There is no way all 5,873 band members actually fish because a portion of that population are babies, kids to small to fish and old folks not fishing anymore.   If "Pounds per person" for all would be used. The numbers per person is astronomically disproportionate!  That's why they will never use them as a comparison. Never! 😐
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Checked the ice this morning.    Went out the farthest I have so far, about 100 yards and found very little slush.   Snow was about 6" deep.    The ice was 4 to 5" and the water comes out 1" when you drill the hole.    This is plenty of ice to safely to walk to my walleye spot so I will fish for the first time Saturday afternoon.      Beware these condition only apply to some of the older ice and as always check for yourself before proceeding.    The winter access on shoe is unsafe and will be for some time due to it being open just a few days ago.   And never use the summer access EVER!   unless you like swimming in the winter.   Don
    • Bigfatbert
      leech , I see that you posted a confused face with my above post. I can explain to you and others about this post ,and agree it is/was probably confusing to read .That post was posted in regards to a post that I posted earlier in the day that was deleted by the higher power here on this forum, in which I find odd and completely unwarranted ... I’m assuming this was due to my mentioning of “Shadow Hunter Blinds” in my post about enclosed deer hunting stands . I believe the mentioning of and promotion of brand name items on this forum is a no-no .  I do realize the topic here is for deer hunting pictures and I was off topic with my subject matter of hunting blinds and for that I apologize, and while a few other posts above by others also strayed off topic with there talk and pictures about different types of blinds that they use and there thoughts on the comforts , reasons , pros and cons of the use , and different building ideas, so I just kind of followed suit with my post referring to the type of blind that I use , and very much enjoy hunting from , and the comforts of doing such from it just as others had chimed in with their posts about their time spent while using a enclosed box blind. My intention was to not promote Shadow Hunter products  whatsoever , but was to just say it as it is with my personal use and thoughts of a totally enclosed box blind . Ironic that some of my partial post on this matter were quoted by others that contained another brand name item , that being “mr heater” was allowed to remain on their post , maybe it just slipped by the higher gods here , I don’t know !!  Now with all this being said I must say I believe I have read about other “brand name” items like Yamaha , Evinrude , Honda   , Lund , Cresliner , Vexilar , Marcum , Lindy , Northland Tackle , Otter , Eskimo , (you get the picture) , for talk and the promotion of these items by many other people here on this forum and the higher power let those posts remain , hmmmm !!!!  So with all this being said I guess I must now say that this is not a slam by me directed to the moderator or whomever took it upon themselves to delete my original post because that also would be a no-no according to the laws of the land here on this forum , just some thoughts and statements by me referring to this post here , no harm done . Have a nice day all !
    • bowhuntingboy1
      That's a pretty misleading statistic though, as leech pointed out. 
    • Kettle
      I respect your concern fowlski, it was released without issues and zero revival was needed on the release. 
    • Bryan P
      @Rick Thanks Rick. 
    • Bryan P
      @Hoey Thank you. I appreciate the comment. I enjoy my fishing videos with just fishing and none of that extra BS. Underwater camera adds a nice touch too. And yes there was perch snakes for days down there for the biggins. 
    • kelly-p
      Walleyes in the Red Lakes begin spawning at 17 inches.  It would be pretty senseless to try managing the Red Lakes for larger fish. The present forage base does not provide the right food for the larger walleyes. As a result of that the larger walleyes die off at about 8 years of age. Right now the 2011 year class which was a big year class is dropping off.  This might change in the future as right now the forage base is in the best shape it has been since the recovery started but the bigger walleyes need a pretty rich food such as whitefish or tullibee and we are not seeing much of an increase for those fish.   Mesh size changes the size fish targeted. Also in the Red Lakes the larger walleyes are shallower and smaller walleyes deeper so the net placement will change the size fish caught. Look at the fishing reports right now with everybody complaining about too many fish too big for the slot. They forget that with the ice conditions everybody is fishing shallow. Nobody is fishing out in the basin where the smaller walleyes are. The supplemental netting only starts when the hook and line fishermen are not catching enough to keep the fisheries supplied and is 50% or less of total harvest. Hook and line fishermen have slot limits. The fisheries does not want the bigger walleyes. The supplemental netting started in 2009. If it was that bad as some believe shouldn't we be seeing results by now in harvest numbers dropping? Instead we are seeing rapid increases in harvest numbers and the lake is in the best shape it has been in since the 1960's.   State waters 6.24 pounds of walleyes harvested per acre. Bands waters 1.84 pounds of walleyes harvested per acre. With that I'm out of here. I've got better things to do then this.
    • leech~~
      The RL Band has 5,873 members.  Their Walleye quota for 2019 is 820,000 lbs or 139 lbs per member. So far they caught around 443,148 or only 75lbs per member.  Their catch limit is 75 fish a day. Anyone you know have kids or them that eat 75+lbs of Walleye a year?  But, it is their right to sustain life! 🙄 Here's the real reason they all need to eat so many fish.   Walleye 11lb – Morning Catch $175.89 – $186.89 It’s what Red Lake Fishery is famous for. Walleye is craved as one of the best-tasting fish available. They are prized for their rich, tender, flaky character. This is healthy eating too! Walleye is low in saturated fat with significant amounts of magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B12. Our Morning Catch Walleye is Wild-caught, hand-filleted and shipped to you the same day. You can’t get fresher, healthier fish anywhere.    
    • FowlSki
      That pike probably released about as good as those fish you witnessed the dnr gill net after doing a vertical on a fish that big.
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