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Fall Fishing.

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The late fall feedbag is still on:  Smallies are active—this guy was a fun fight:  jumped straight up a good 2 feet!  …and I’ve managed a few eater Walleyes.

(The sunnies were eating all my live bait up until ~late September, now they’ve moved out and I haven’t seen one in a month.)

I'm either throwing big ol' wad of crawler (I can't buy a bite if it's only half a crawler...) or casting my favorite spinner bait with a beetle/twister tail on it.  Minnows producing well, too.

I’ll probably throw a line in next week (if it’s not too cold/windy… I admit: I’m a wimp!) before hanging up the casting gear until the spring sucker run…  ?5-6 months... 😢


FWIW, I’ve never seen the river this high in late October…  Water is flying!  The fishin’ beach is currently under ~2 feet of water—I’m sitting up in the trees!

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Nice bass.

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    • Chill62
      I heard but haven't seen personally snow did NOT treat little pine nicely. Big pine had a huge cut out from road river, was staring as I was plowing cabins. I keep hoping the next two days this snow keeps settling and melting because next week when we hit -15 to -20 it'll be making ice quickly.    I'm off for Red Lake Reservation tomorrow (Friday) for a trout fishing trip Saturday. before people say anything let me answer your questions.  1. Season is open on Reservation all year long 2. We have a tribal guide so we can fish the Reservation  3. No we are aren't fishing lower red lake   We will be fishing for rainbows and brooke trout. I'm taking a group up from my church in frazee. should be a fun time.    Sunday if weather isn't bad I'm hoping to get out and we might make first trip out with ranger. Pretty excited to try it out.    Should have reports on Monday. 
    • leech~~
      1) Yes, mommy Slot fish are dead. But not many 17" are mommies yet.  2) Nets compile with slots limits?  That's the first I ever heard of that. Cool! 👍  🙄
    • Bigfatbert
      Poof , and then it was gone ! My my my ..
    • JerkinLips
      Finally made it up to Vermilion to ice fish. I saw numerous ATVs and snowmobiles running around out of McKinley Park so I took my snowmobile out. I found 9" of ice just outside the bay. The top 1" was white but the rest was good and dark. There was 3-5" of snow on the ice and there was a lot of slush. There were a couple of fish houses out by Birch Island. Fishing was very good but they were small except for the 20.5" eye in the picture. Couldn't shrink that fish enough to keep it. Taking the permanent out tomorrow for comfort. Good luck fishing and be cautious for ice conditions.
    • Kettle
      Being able to witness gill netting sampling first hand via the DNR very few if any fish caught in the net are able to swim again and nets catch all sizes.  With that being said I'm not comparing this to the Red Lake band as I am ignorant on the topic and have zero idea how they harvest their fish.  I've also made previous posts on how lakes have acquired zebra mussels without ever being fished. Is the likelihood of invasion into Red Lake more likely from a sport angler? Of course, but without the exact knowledge of who it was and when we are just pointing fingers at others. Are there slob sport anglers? Yes there are but spending the majority of my adult life working on reservations across the state I can say that there are good and bad people in every ethnic group and one bad one overshadows ten good ones. I do hope for everyone who frequents the lake whether band members or sport anglers that it continues to be a great fishery. A PR pike from 2 years ago C&R on Red
    • Patrick Bennett
      I have a Good condition eskimo Hc40 10 inch auger runs great, I am selling as It is bigger than what I need at the moment. I am asking 300 but i may be able to work a little lower. I live in the west metro area just for reference  IMG_4309.HEIC IMG_8141.HEIC IMG_5616.HEIC
    • kelly-p
      So a Mommy fish caught and eaten by an angler isn't really dead? You do understand that the Red Lake Band also has slot limits and open and closed seasons don't you?
    • eyeguy 54
      Sorry. The beast did not like wonder bread. Lol
    • Rick
      Tanner Morgan 2nd Team All Big Ten, right behind Ohio State's Fields.
    • Rick
      PJ Fleck's Gophers vs. Saban's Crimson Tide? Signs point to Minnesota bowl against the gold standard.   It looks like Minnesota remains pegged for the Outback Bowl on New Year’s Day bowl in Tampa, Fla.   ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura saw the Crimson Tide’s fall to 12th, looked ahead and tweeted: “The rankings this week set up a strong possibility that 10-2 Baylor could wind up in the (‘New Year’s Six’ bowls, likely the Cotton) ahead of 10-2 Alabama. Auburn (then goes to the Citrus and Alabama to the Outback Bowl.”   CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm also has Baylor in the “New Year’s Six” top tier of bowls, as does Stadium’s Brett McMurphy, who slot:  Minnesota vs. Alabama.   How about that wild prospect? The Gophers might draw a dynastic Alabama program.   https://www.twincities.com/2019/12/03/gophers-fall-in-ranking-doesnt-alter-bowl-outlook-but-might-mean-alabama-matchup/
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