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Fall Rifle Site-in

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2019 Fall Rifle Site-in at the Monticello Rod & Gun Club

October 19-20, 26-27 November 2-3.

10am to 4pm

$10.00 per gun and $5.00 for additional gun per person.

Monticello Rod & Gun Club

1821 W. River Street

Monticello, MN 55362

If you need help, members will be available.



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MRGC, Welcome to the forum. 


Not to take this off topic but I have been going by your range there on the end of Monti for over 30 years.  I have always wondered how long do you think your going to be able to keep it open so close to the approaching town before they drive you guys out with safety and noise complaints?  It looks like you guys have done a lot of work with the back stop and other improvements.  

Thinking long-term have you thought about looking for a piece of land for a new range before the Anti's try and get you out?  

Just a question I have thought about all these years.  Good luck, hope you guys hang for another 30!   🙂   

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We are actually in the city of Monticello.  We had to get a building permit for the shooting shelters and MN DNR grant.  As part of the building permit process the city asked us to do some sound testing.  Interestingly, we are quieter then the city standards.The motorcycles and pickups with big tires were quite a bit louder then our shooting tests.  We also added sound deadening material to the ceilings of our shelters.  It helps big time.  Our club has been there since 1946 and predates any housing in the area.  MN ranges are protected when you are in compliance, and we are.  More improvements to come to our range soon.  Great place, great people.

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    • Coleman
      Just as a note, I got on the chain Saturday around noon.  Main lakes had a skim of ice, 1/2", shallow bodies(East lake) look like the ice was actually walkable, please don't take my word for that though.     Anyways, water temps were 34*.  I didn't fish much at all, just broke up enough ice to get some new data for mapping.  I did mark quiet a few fish, which is a plus.     On another note, has anyone else noticed the large group(15-20) of beds on Horseshoe just north of the meth hole, about 8-9FOW?  I noticed these this spring, and they're still there.  Thought it was kind of interesting they'd still be there even after all the boat traffic this year.  
    • Wanderer
      Sounds like a fantastic fall!!
    • gimruis
      Smith Farms Labradors?  My 8 year old British yellow lab is from that breeder in Grove City.
    • h8go4s
      In New Mexico? Not much. In Minnesota? A little more. Wheel boat, I assume for a 50 HP on a 15' boat. Bench seats? Does the outboard run? What's wrong with the lower unit? Does the steering work? Does the throttle work? Is there a trailer?
    • Bryan P
      Went out to check some ice on one of my lakes that seems to freeze over before most. 2-3". Still early but maybe another week and ice fishing has begun for me. We'll see. Anyone else getting excited. Now only if cold weather would hurry up and come!    
    • Old Boat
      It's got a 50hp Merc that's got the lower took apart. Covered bow, tapered STEARN. Thick aircraft grade aluminum.
    • smurfy
      Thanks I know fishing, graduated with my brother, I graduated with his sister Patty. I miss chasing roosters.
    • IceHawk
      My older yellow Zoe came out of Pete Fischers Rex former owner of Fischer Kennels now with Dogtra and my newest black one Otter is from Mike Feldhege of Richmond AKA (Fishing) his male Drake and a cousins female Avery from a Grove city kennel. Both excellent dogs! both were fairly reasonable I train all my dogs myself done a few already takes a ton of time and paitence  but the rewards are worth it! My dogs are in the house with me and spend time with me in the boat and pretty much are with me all the time they are my second kids 😀  I feel this connection is what truely makes a good dog.  
    • smurfy
      Been good so far 👍 I will take you up on your offer some time.   Where did you get your young lab?? I may be in the market for one this spring as long as I don't need to take a second mortgage on the house.🥴
    • IceHawk
      Thanks Glen been busy fishing and hunting been a banner year for me in the outdoors for sure !!!  Had a phenomenal summer, fall walleye fishing, got a Buck and Doe gun season now my focus is chasing roosters as much as possible until good ice! Might be my last year in the field for my old lab as she is 13 still hunting hard but the joints arthritis are catching up to her. Plus side is my new pup 1 1/2 is really coming along great she's going to b a good one! Your more than welcome to follow me but I will warn you first you have to figure out what I'm driving. Bought a new 2020 pickup this spring with a off road  package now  you have to figure out the color and brand 😀🤣 Seriously anytime your more than welcome to join me just holler Hope retirement is treating you right. 
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