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  • Similar Content

    • smalljaw
      By smalljaw
      Finally, a rain free day on Rainy Lake.
    • smalljaw
    • Topwaterordie
      By Topwaterordie
      Anyone got any place that they would like to share with me to catch walleyes from shore. That is good anytime of the season.
      Preferably public land. I've got bad hips and cant be lifting my canoe any longer, so Im stuck to fishing on the shore. If you have
      any ideas of places let me know. Id be grateful for the advice.
      Minnesota or North Dakota advise welcome.
      Oh, Ill be fishing at night mostly. Ill be using live bait, Chubs and leeches.
    • cg2
      By cg2
      Anyone know of lakes with decent shore fishing near Mankato? I've gone to North Shore on Madison Lake but can't find any shore on other lakes near by. Any suggestions?
    • John Schulz
      By John Schulz
      Looking for some fun easy Shore fishing spots. New to fishing as an adult, only fished when I was 10-13 in scouts. From California having moved to Moorhead Oct 18, just got fishing license for my wife and I. 
      Bought some poles and gear and just wondering if anyone can point me in the directions of some great spots to fish off shore, as we do not have a boat. 
      Thank you. 
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      Day 1 up on Flag Island Resort brought us many Walleye, Sauger and Perch on the Minnesota side of Lake of the Woods. Day 2 however we went into the Canadian water to fish an area that has Walleye, Perch, Sauger and some REALLY BIG Crappies! This plan and location did not disappoint - I won't be forgetting this day on the ice!
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      A group of us recently made it up to Flag Island Resort for 3 days of multispecies ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. The accommodations and folks who worked at the Resort were top notch! Bending over backwards to put you on fish and make your trip one to remember.
      The Fishing - Day 1 it was decided to stay, somewhat, close to the Resort in the MN side of LOTW to target Walleye, Sauger and Perch due to 24+ hours of snow. We got into pretty good numbers of fish and some quality fished showed up as well! Below is a video of that action from Day 1.
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      A group of high school buddies and some of their family make an Annual trip up to Baudette to fish Walleyes on Lake of the Woods. I look forward to this trip each year! Since this is an Annual Trip we all put some money and bragging rights on the line for the Angler who can catch the biggest fish of the weekend, take home the Trophy, $500 Cash and call themselves "Mr. Walleye" for the next 365 days. The Largest Perch and Heaviest Eelpout/Burbot also take home prizes. I didn't have the camera's rolling on Day 1 (which was lights out) but on Day 2 of the trip we were filming. It was fun day and I even caught my new Personal Best Perch!
    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      @bassfshin24 and I snuck up to Mille Lacs for 2 days of fishing recently. We were targeting Walleye near shallow structure in the low light hours and bumping out a bit deeper during mid-day. The first day was slow for us but we found more action on Day 2 including my 2nd biggest Walleye through the ice. I also caught my first tagged Walleye! Pay attention for my slip and fall...
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • jigginjim
      My thought was like a 4 wheeler only with real wide tires on the back and skis on the front.  have enough power to pull single flip over with equipment. yet do about 10-15 mph.    
    • jigginjim
      i was wondering about a uv light, for fishing, to see float on surface.  I know you legally can't shine the light down the hole but.........
    • JBMasterAngler
      It’s not very good.
    • monstermoose78
      Wanderer you know the lake I was on I am almost positive. It froze over in early November and people have been ice fishing it for a 3 weeks to a month now. Snow cover was about 6-7 inches and it’s a good thing it’s a short drag across the lake as this fat guy was huffing and puffing on the way back to the truck.   Be careful as the swans were thick and the have an open spot on the north side where the creek exits. 
    • Kettle
      Did well yesterday with similar presentation of wanderer. Super small tungsten jig with either waxies or small plastics. I would lift the jig above the fish half a foot and just hold it and watch the spring bobber. Ended with 9 crappies and a bluegill for two guys so a solid meal
    • Wanderer
      My best crappie yesterday came on a tungsten jig/wax worm dead sticking on a noodle rod.  I could just see the pressure on the rod tip.  Let the rod lay on the ice so my hand couldn’t even shake it the slightest.
    • Wanderer
      I think ice thickness right now is more dependent on snow cover.  When it fell compared to ice being made on a certain lake and how much.  20 below for a day won’t cure the thin ice/slush blues with 10 inches of snow on the lake.     Thanks for pics Nick!
    • tfin
      I didn't say your data was wrong.  I said it was incomplete.  Comparing the number of lbs taken and allotted in two different years without stating the lbs of total fish in the lake was a non point.  Wasn't trying to add a whole lot of new data but was referencing the fact that non natives have the right to use our land for any commercial business we se fit as mandated by our gov't but not allowing the natives to do the same with their own land and waters is hypocrisy.  We pollute waters with factory and farm runoff and destroy fisheries all over the US and my guess is that there are close to zero post on this site saying boo to that.  When do we decide to do something about that?  When the impact is noticed.  When did the Band start to manage the lake better?  When the impact was noticed.  Enough said on my account.
    • smurfy
      I just looked at them again, the second picture down. narrows facing east, now looks like the snow is wet...…..want like that yesterday!!!!
    • monstermoose78
      I was local be careful of some lakes but the lake I was on I found no less than 9 inches and up to 10 inches.
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