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On 9/19/2019 at 9:39 AM, smalljaw said:

Thanks Wanderer.  Fall fishing on Rainy Lake is special.

You nailed that one. Great video too.

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Thanks Rick.  With the forecast calling for several days of rain and dropping temp, it was time yesterday to pull the boat lift.  Sad day on Rainy Lake.  

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Thanks for the video. Rainy is my favorite lake. My first trip I was probably about 14yrs old. I think 1973.



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Thanks Bill.  You should post your experience about fishing Rainy in the early 70’s.  We would all enjoy hearing the history.


My first trip was July 4, 1998.  I grew up in KY fishing local lakes and boat traffic on the 4th holiday made fishing near impossible.  On Rainy, I could fish with no other boat in sight and enjoy my favorite fish, the smallmouth.  I had found heaven.  Have not missed a season since.

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I will take you up on that soon. Back then we fished out of LaBelle's in NW bay. Lots of memories, my 8yr old brother catching a 12# pike off gusty point. Portaging into Mainville Lake and the boat was leaking but we were catching so many walleyes we just baled out the water, ha. There was a down turn on Rainey as I recall (I was a kid)  commercial fishing needed restrictions. They did that and it bounced back.



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Great story Bill.  Yes, Rainy has bounced back.  I have talked with locals who were active in commercial fishing and at the time they thought the resource would never end.  Sadly it did and now we understand the necessity of prudent regulations to protect the lake.


This forum used to be quite active with entertaining stories from local and visitors.  It would be great if that got going again.  Come on guys.  Let’s hear your fish story.

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I thought I would give a bit of an intro to this thread. 

I was lucky enough to grow up fishing rainy in an old 14 foot skiff with a 9.9 motor. In the early 70’s I was taught to fish shore lines with June being the best month then I learned about reefs in sand bay. A fellow from Illinois, John Retoff, would come up every summer and fish every day. He had a green box flasher unit that would show the depth of water and if there were  fish around. It was the first depth finder I ever saw. It was like magic how it made looking for reefs so easy. He hooked me on using electronics to find active fish.  John would be fishing a reef and allowed me to fish near enough to locate the reef. Now back then I couldn’t afford one so used land marks to help find the reefs by triangulation. We mostly trolled spinners with either minnows or night crawlers or cast Mr twisters... my introduction to jig fishing. Back then if you caught 2-3 walleyes in 3-4 hours in the morning or evenings you were doing well. We would only fish north of the Causeway to go to stangi to fish crappies and northerns. There were very few walleyes in the north arm at that time. By the early eighties seemed the farther east you went the better the fishing. Like was stated in earlier posts, the MNR and DNR introduced reduced limits and slot sizes along with buying out most commercial fishing licenses in the early 90’s.Because of this and a strong local catch and release campaign the fishing on rainy is what it is today.   Picture is the last fish this year...26” ...pulled the boat out this past weekend... 


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Great story about the famous green box.  I never had one but did build several fish finders for myself and friends from a parts kit by Heathkit.  What a thrill it was to see a fish flash on the unit then get a strike.  


Got any Muskie stories for us?

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The most memorable to me was back in the early 90’s. I was guiding a group of plumbers from southern Minnesota. We were fishing for walleyes trolling the north shore east of  Brule narrows on a cloudy day with a light on and off mist in June. Now two of the gentlemen were not very experienced fisherman and were using zebco 202 rod combinations. Before starting out I stripped out 20 yards of old line  and reset the drags so they could reel in the fish they caught without breaking the lines. Everyone in the boat was able to reel in a few walleyes then the real action started. One on the fellows with the 202 combo thought he was snagged on the bottom. As he was pulling on his line his snag started moving. We were fishing in less than 10’ and the water is stained with only 12 to 18 inches of clarity. The fisherman set the hook( the best he could with the wippy rod) and held on as the drag squealed stripping out line. I was thinking it was a large northern but then it came straight out of the water not 10’ away from the boat ( I’m guessing 40” long give or take) I told him he had a Muskie on. The fish ran again but this time toward the boat as the line went a bit slack. He thought he had lost the fish but I told him to keep reeling the slack when the fish ran away again making the plastic gears of the drag of the 202 to scream. Needless to say that was the end of the fight as the fish broke off and was gone. Everyone on the boat looked at each other and smiled and laughed. None of the fishermen had even seen a Muskie let alone expected to have one this close on the line coming completely straight out of the water. Listening to the fisherman tell the story at shore lunch was priceless. Even though we didn’t catch the fish it showed me that the having a great adventure is why we fish because you never know what might be on the other end of the line.

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As I sit here looking out on Hopkins Bay at yet another cold, rain day; your story reminds me of my experience with a Zebco 202.  I was about age 10 when my parents, both non fishermen, treated me to a weekend trip to Kentucky Lake.  I tried fishing from shore with no luck.  On the way home, we stopped at a marina and I noticed an elderly lady fishing off the dock.  As I got closer, she reeled in the largest fish (carp) I had ever seen!  Meet my new best friend. I gave her my best smile and asked her how she caught such a large fish.  She said the secret was her special dough ball recipe. She pulled a dough ball from her stash and I formed it onto my hook.  A quick cast and I was ready for action.  Within minutes I had a bite. The huge carp took off like a Sherman tank and the solid fiberglass rod snapped at the wooden handle.  Then the line broke.  The old lady had a good laugh and I was left to explain to my parents how a big fish had broken my rod.  To this day, I don’t think either parent believed my fish story.

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  • Rick changed the title to Spoon Jigging For Smallmouth And Walleye - Rainy Lake

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      The Timberjay recently had a typical article about the Hatchery in operation in Pike Bay. It reminded me that they did not strip eggs last year due to Covid, and there was some discussion about how this would affect the lake's walleye population. I did a little digging last night into the annual growth of walleye in Vermilion and found that it takes somewhere in the 3-4 year range to reach eater-size range. That means that the "covid experiment" won't be real noticeable until the end of this season when walleye start reaching double-digits in length but most likely 2022 when those walleye are in the 10-14 inch range.
      From the Lake Vermilion Fisheries Management Plan (https://files.dnr.state.mn.us/publications/fisheries/special_reports/183.pdf
      Besides abundance, differences between walleye captured in East and West Vermilion are most evident in age and size structure. Overall, walleye in West Vermilion tend to grow faster and live longer than walleye in the east basin. For example, by age-5, walleye captured in East Vermilion average about 16 inches compared to 18 inches in West Vermilion. Walleye on Lake Vermilion can survive to age-8 or older, however older walleye (age-7+) tend to be more abundant in West Vermilion.
      I figure that Lake of the Woods is similar in latitude to Vermilion, so probably similar growth rates.
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      Generally, walleye in Lake of the Woods reach 12 inches long when they are three years old. Male walleye start to mature when they are 12 inches long, 3 years old, but it is not until they are 16 inches long, 5 years old, that all male walleye are sexually mature. Male walleye longer than 24 inches are extremely rare.
      Female walleye grow faster than male walleye, after they are three years old. Female walleye start to mature when they are 4 years old, 15 inches long, but all of them are not sexually mature until they are 7 years old, 20 inches long. Generally, female walleye which are 25 inches long are about 10 years old, and 30 inch females are in the range of 20 years old. The oldest Lake of the Woods walleye we have aged was a 23 year old female which was 30.3 inches long.
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      Are Minnesota anglers aware of legislation currently in progress to lower the statewide bag limit from six to four?  I sure don't hear much discussion about it. 
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      Fished Lake of the Woods yesterday during this tropical heat wave.. I'll tell you what, if you're planning on fishing in these temps, bring backup gear for your essentials (Heat, Auger, etc). Doing this was key for us yesterday when the buddy heater hose was acting up due to the cold. We had a fun day! Check out the video below:
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      Just wondering when jigging for eyes in the winter, why is the standard to tip a jig with a minnow head and not the whole minnow or the minnow tail?  Would seem like a more natural presentation to tip with the tail and not the head.  Anyone experimented with this?
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      Has anyone had any luck on the jefferson chain by cleveland or any of the lakes by Madison lake
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      Can't seem to ever get a sled ride together anymore on the other side of the wall.
      Any guys with a sled and porty want to get together for a meetup and fish somewhere some weekend for the day or weekend if way up north?
      Crappies-Walleyes both? 
      Mill Lacs, Brainerd area................?   The more the merrier, safety in numbers helps if someone needs a pull or getting out of slush.
      Not a big plan. Meet at a lake. Stare at the lake map, mark a spot or spots on the gps and head out.
      Not really worried about a cookout, but we could just cuts into fishing time.  Bring our own lunch, bait and pop or? 
      Don't want to count out wheelers with portys but hope you can hang if its deep or slushy. 😕
      Oh forget the Public service announcement: Portys must be fished at least 6' feet apart or more!. Wearing a mask is a good idea on a cold sled ride. No talking about Trump, Biden or God will also keep us safe from each other! 😆
      So again, no big complicated plan. Meet up, check map, go fishing! 👍

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      -6 catch covers w/ sleeves
      -Nuway furnace, needs no electricity to operate manually, also hooked up to thermostat
      -12V low amp draw circulating fans -30A 115v to 12VDC power converter/battery charger with gen/power hookup
      -battery box with 12VDC-115v inverter, and battery meter (newer 31 battery negotiable)
      - LED hole light and beverage holder above every hole
      -LED interior and porch lights
      -Tv/dvd combo on swing wall mount
      -Pioneer stereo with 4 speakers -Loose spare tire (white steel rim)
      -Window Air Conditioner
      This house can go all weekend on a single battery without a generator. No exterior damage anywhere, tires great. Looking to possibly upgrade. Located 20 miles north of Rapids. Thanks!

    • Dal72ice
      By Dal72ice
      Leech Lake.  I am wondering what to expect.  I think I might go out on Boy bay using the public landing on Sugar Point.  First are there any safety concerns, ice conditions to worry about, Landing safe?  Second what can I expect for fish? Kind of looking for some nice panfish during the day and a stray walleye or two towards evening
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