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Bow Hunting For Small Game???

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Terry Swan

Hi, I've been looking and reading the handbook searching for everything on archery hunting, my question is what all can be hunted in Minnesota with the use of a bow, other than deer, bear and turkey, those I know about I'm interested in small game and can't find anything on the matter. 

   Thank you for your help!

 God bless! Stay safe and happy hunting!!!

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You sure can hunt grouse , or any other small game here in Mn with your bow provided you have purchased and have in your possession a small game hunting license.  I would recommend using a Judo point arrow vs any type of broad heads for grouse . I personally have shot a few standing grouse with the judo point , and have watched some top notch archers actually shoot flying pheasants with their bow and a judo point , they actually made it look easy , but the flying bird thing is a little out of my league . Anyhow good luck to you on whatever you choose to pursue by these methods.

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    • jkrash
      I think the repeater for NBC / CBS and sub channels  is located west of Cook by hwy 73 & 1 ABC and sub channels are located in Hibbing,  I had an antenna on my fish house and could pick up 13 channels, I could get FOX some days if I pointed the antenna towards Ely but I would loose all of the other stations.  
    • Draht
      We used the High Banks access the last few days.  A little soft, but they are working on it.    
    • smurfy
      Seen a bunch of geese fly over today also. A bunch!!!
    • Wanderer
      Thanks @IceHawk it could be a pretty good outing.     The ice is rotting fast.  It’s pulling away from the shore at home already.  I expect the ice to start moving down the river within the week.  Had my toes in the sippi a bit today. Just not in this pic.  Swans are getting back heavy with some geese.  I’m figuring the first of the divers are close by now.  I did my wood duck house rounds today.  Probably none too soon.
    • smurfy
      West if the 169 bridge!!!datz alot of water.🤣
    • smurfy
      So kettle, you ever fish little ranier.??? I been told, well I've seen the fence that goes across the little place you dump a boat in. Heard it's been a crap show for years. 
    • Kettle
      Dam Rick nice fish!!!
    • Kettle
      Bahaha I'm heading up Wednesday evening for 4 nights will report my findings as I plan to try out several lakes with the nephews and the lake they live on by Marcell
    • Kettle
      West of the bridge.... possibly where the best fishing is.... I'm not confirming or denying that statement 🤣
    • smurfy
      Hey... I posted a picture of me fishing and that whale I caught!!👍😉
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