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Harmony Beach Vacation

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Just got back from a week at Harmony Beach Resort, and wow is this an awesome place! They were easily able to accommodate my wife’s huge family! Their whole setup is really nice. The 2 guys they had working at the docks were awesome! 


My wife’s family doesn’t fish, so I was the amateur guide for the week...except for 1 day, where her brother actually hired a guide. I didn’t bring my boat, because it’s just too small for Kabetogama, and the other available boat was out of commission. So with only 1 boat for the week, we had to shuttle people back and fourth, which cut down on fishing time, but it worked out.


The guide we went out with typically takes people to Rainy Lake through kettle falls, but we wanted to stay on “kab” and Namakan. We still had shore lunch at kettle falls though, which was a cool ordeal. He also took us to check out hoist bay and stevens’ island. It was really windy that day, so it probably prevented us from fishing an extra spot or 2, but it was still a really fun experience.


Overall, we caught around 150 fish for the week. We caught a ton of pike! Surprisingly, not very many bass. Several jumbo perch. And an equal mix of walleye and sauger. Biggest pike was 30 inches. Biggest walleye was 23 inches. Biggest bass was 17.5 inches. Like I said before, my wife’s family doesn’t fish, so a lot of people were catching their first ever walleye or pike. So there was lots of excited kids (and grown ups) all week!


Lots of fun was had, both on the water and at the cabin. Sounds like this may have been the first of an annual trip. Harmony Beach is awesome!








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*LOL* They actually do have family from Texas! But he is not one of them.


Seems like we were the only people from Minnesota staying at the resort! They had a group from Texas, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

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Just got back from our 2nd annual trip to Kabetogama! Was another super fun week! Fishing was tough though. Had to explore deep into Namakan to find any walleye. Did find a couple over the slot, in the weeds. My son caught his first walleye (just a hair under 18 inches), if you were on the lake, you probably heard him ? Bass were very few and far between. Were spoiled by pike on the first day...caught 4 between 33 and 35 inches, and lost 2 others in that range. After that, only caught a few hammer handles. As always, the people at harmony beach treated us very well, and we look forward to coming back next year!





















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Just got back from a week at harmony beach, and boy did the fishing suck! Lake is extremely low, and thick with algae ? we caught about 60 fish total for the week, between 5 guys (a few other fished a couple times). Bass fishing was almost nonexistent. We did get a 39.5 and 34 inch pike. And pike represented about half the total catch. Caught several slot walleyes, biggest being 22 inches. Tried going after crappies, and found them, but couldn’t get any to bite. Oddest catch of the week was a 28 inch redhorse while casting cranks on a rock pile. Of course I didn’t have my weight scale in the boat, and didn’t lookup the state records until after we through it back ? I believe it to be a silver redhorse. And if it was, it was within ounces of the record! The dockhand and all the people we talked to had very slow fishing also. We got beat up by the wind and rain quite a bit, so it was a pretty disheartening week. Still had fun, but yeah, it was rough. I didn’t take any of the pics, so I’ll post them if I get a chance.

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