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Bow For 7 Year Old Advice?

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  My 6 year old boy got to shoot archery at scout camp this summer and appears to have gotten bitten by the bug. He really wants one for his 7ths birthday this Sunday. I couldn’t fill a thimble with my archery knowledge.

  Should I get him a cheap one and see if he sticks with it or get a nicer compound that would be easier for him, and if so,  any make or model recommendations?  Tip to tip of finger about 45 inches, wrist to wrist about 36 inches.

  It would be a bonus if it could be used for bow fishing in the future. Thank you for your responses!


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It's all up to your budget.  He'll enjoy it more if he has a bow that fits him and is adjustable enough to grow with him.  Go to your local dedicated archery shop (not a big box store) and see what they have in your price range.  Youth bows these days are very nice and very adjustable from 20" - 30" in draw length and 20 - 60+ lbs draw weight.  He'll be able to shoot a good one for years to come.

Bow, matching arrows, release aid, quiver, maybe a block target to shoot in the back yard.  Plan on spending $300+.  Sounds like a lot, but you may be getting him started in a lifelong obsession that will get him outdoors and off his computer games.

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Everyone is different so this advice may or may not be good for you:


Start with a simple straight or recurve bow and have him start shooting with finger tabs.  It’s about the purest form of archery and will help him develop his drawing muscles and aiming skills.  If you can get him into a 30-40 pound draw range, you could easily get him into bow fishing.


The equipment cost should be less, the shooting can be quicker and the skills will develop rather than the gear inventory.  If he truly likes the sport, he’ll love it.  

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    • Kettle
      There were guys out on wheelers today when I drove past
    • Borch
      Ice is fading fast on Osakis.  Losing about an inch or so each day.  I would say it's down to 15-17" with 5-6 inches soft and water logged ice on top.  Some accesses are still good while others will require an 8' plank to get to the ice.   Bite has been fair to good for panfish.  They have started to make their shallow push but there are still guys fishing basin areas for crappies.   With the forecasted rain and wind tomorrow its gonna get iffy quick.  Be safe out there.  Think I might be done fishing until softwater starts.  Time will tell I guess.
    • Rick G
      Have heard of some of the pelicans leaking or breaking where the top and bottom are ultrasonicly welded. Not as huge fan of the type of plastic they use either.  Plus side is they are light, track well and are priced a little lower than the competitors models with same options. Overall, you should be happy if you decide to ho this route   
    • smurfy
      Especially if mrpike reads this. 😉 I may need to take a drive tomorrow.
    • BDR
      Today on West Rush, in a smaller bay. I Stepped on a unseen drain hole or enlarged old fishing hole today. 1 leg went all the way thru. Luckily other leg and i stayed on top. I was traveling where I knew it was only 4-5 feet deep. All ice I drilled was 13-16 inches but soft. Hot shower and clean undies never felt so good. lol.  Be safe everyone!
    • Rick
      Welcome to FM @MJF.   Let us know how it goes.   Pics are great too.   Don't be a stranger.
    • Rick
    • eyeguy 54
      Looked at that one also but not a fan of the material. I went with the 10.5. Cockpit looks really roomy and really good reviews. Both good probably but I thought the pelican looked tippy. 
    • IceHawk
      Don Thanks for the report  👍 Last few days noticed  its really opening up there. Access doesn't seem to flooded yet. Might see a few boats in the next week. 
    • IceHawk
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