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    • CC2501
      By CC2501
      Does anyone know of any good shore fishing spots on the Minnesota River in Carver. Not Carver County, but the city of Carver. The river is pretty high right now, so I don't know if that affects anything. I know this one little ledge you can go to once you are inside the campground, and I have seen evidence of people fishing these, given some got a lure stuck to a log in the water with line still attached. And, what kind of lures should I be using. I wanna go for anything, except maybe catfish or muskies, because I don't have the gear for those. I did see a post the other day about shore fishing for White Bass on the Minnesota in Mankato, so would something like that be good for me? I guess my one question would be, let's say I am trying to jig with a soft plastic, how do I "avoid" the current? Thanks for any tips anyone can give me! If not in Carver, than in the nearby area, like Chaska, Jordan, etc. 
    • cg2
      By cg2
      Anyone know of lakes with decent shore fishing near Mankato? I've gone to North Shore on Madison Lake but can't find any shore on other lakes near by. Any suggestions?
    • John Schulz
      By John Schulz
      Looking for some fun easy Shore fishing spots. New to fishing as an adult, only fished when I was 10-13 in scouts. From California having moved to Moorhead Oct 18, just got fishing license for my wife and I. 
      Bought some poles and gear and just wondering if anyone can point me in the directions of some great spots to fish off shore, as we do not have a boat. 
      Thank you. 
    • JR98
      By JR98
      Hello, I am new to the forums here.
      I am going to try fishing on the Minnesota river between hwy 77 and 35w. I have a 14ft aluminum boat with a 10hp motor. I don't have much experience boating on the river and i was looking for some tips on what do when encountering a barge and any other river boating info that would be helpful.
    • JR98
      By JR98
      Hello, I am new to the forums here.
      I am going to try fishing on the Minnesota river between hwy 77 and 35w. I have a 14ft aluminum boat with a 10hp motor. I don't have much experience boating on the river and i was looking for some tips on what do when encountering a barge and any other river boating info that would be helpful.
    • tmryan54
      By tmryan54
      Hey I just moved to New Ulm Minnesota and am in desperate need for some fishing locations.  Does anyone have any recommendations for locations I can fish from shore near New Ulm? 
    • Nekamm
      By Nekamm
      This summer I am looking to fish Lake Superior from shore this summer and coming fall. I have never fished a lake of this size of for these fish before. How can I make my trip successful? Any tips for beginners? What rod/reel should I get, and what line/rigs should I use? What should I look for when finding a spot to fish? Are there any hot spots I should try in the Duluth area?
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    • whateverisbiting
      I would love to see more restrictions on all species but they have to include a protected slot.  There are so many success stories it should be obvious by now.  It seems to work better when a mid-range length is protected or all fish over a certain length go back.  I have heard concerns that restriction will reduce interest including from out of state (economic impact), but with better fishing I doubt that is the case.  I think what helps with this is allowing 1 trophy over a certain size in your limit.  As for the stunted theory...as a kid I fished a lake where I could limit out on 8" crappies any time but never caught one over 9".  We were told to keep as many as possible so we could thin them out.  A 9" minimum was put on the lake.  And like magic when I went back and fished as an adult almost all the crappies were just under 9", but I caught a limit between 9-12 inches.  I remain somewhat skeptical of the stunted fish theory...not that it does not exist, but it is an overused excuse.  Just reducing the limit does not help...you need to add the slot with it.  Or just use the slot, which is somewhat self-limiting in what you can keep.  For some, reducing the number you can keep is a psychological boost...they can say we limited out!  With the new northern regulations, I have already seen the impact in increasing size...all fish from 22-26 go back and now I am seeing those small northerns get some bulk (it is not because they are stunted and people are keeping all the northerns under 22" to thin them).  I don't think that "educating" people is effective; if you care, you already know.  It needs to be legislated.
    • banton441241
      A canoe requires a “J” stroke (to compensate for paddling on one side) whereas a kayak has a balanced left and right stroke that better aids in tracking and balance. Canoe paddles are heavy. Kayak paddles are ergonomic and light! Source: https://canoesurfer.net/buying-canoe-vs-kayak AND What is the difference between canoeing and kayaking?
    • Wanderer
      You might not find much opposition on forums cuz the people that use them are learners.  This is our life and we’ve paid attention to what goes on out on the water/ice.  We’ve had our times when we’ve realized what our own actions have meant and make efforts to be better sportsmen and conservationists.  If all of us here kept every legal fish we catch up to our limit, we’d be WAY over on possession - who can eat that much fish?  We don’t view a freezer full of fillets as food security, we view a lake full of swimming fillets as food security and fun security.  Making a smaller withdrawal from the lake here and there is better than living on a couple jackpots per year when one really lands on em.   That statement might sound arrogant but I believe it to be true.  
    • Wanderer
      Smurf, when I was out there the highest concentration of pike effort was happening near the Bible camp on the northeast part of the lake.  Couldn’t tell ya how they were doing though.
    • Paul Waldowski
      I have not seen or heard much on folks chasing Pike.  Everyone has been concentrating on Crappies and a few Tullies
    • HoleHoppingGills
      My thought and by the way I'm a huge gill and crappies guy. Id like to see all MN lakes with a regulation that 9 or 9. 5 inch go back ASAP on crappie!!. Been seeing a lot of.lakes destroyed by fishermen taking limits of small fish. Use to fish a small.lake near Tonka few times a year and always did well on quality panfish... I went there few years later like I always did in the spring off a dock to catch spawning crappies. Lake has no access,  anyways some guys were fishing and had there kids to obviously use them for fish limits, Watched this guy pull in a 5 inch crappie, turns around lifts up a metal basket out of the water. This basket maxed out and completely full.of 5 to 7 inch crappies.  About 6 in the party kept EVERYTHING. Tried it few times that winter which I normally did back then.... no fish population at all.  Just my thoughts sorry so long lol
    • HoleHoppingGills
      Member only ...looking for some reports near Wright county area or even west and north of there.  Been fishing this small lake out near South Haven and been crushing 9.5 inch gills  and 12 inch crappies the last 2 months.  Went back last week after take a 2 week break and everything was suspended and tiny. Before everything was just off weeds deep and coming from botto....not sure what happened  but fish were loaded like a xmas on the flx28, maybe oxygen levels? First pic of the crappies took me and friend 1 hour and 20 holes... so much fun!!!!
    • FiftyFifty
      Jasopete, Thanks so much for the information!  One more thing I just thought of---is there any cell service in this rather remote location?  I'll be sure to check back in here and let you know how we did.
    • JstanK
      Zucker gone & Big Bad Bruce, shoot,,,adios amigo. 😳 Our professional hockey organization is truly Wild!    Hopefully there's an interesting & entertaining playoff run. Good thing half the NHL makes the post season. Late spring hockey games that really matter totally rock. Let's Go Wild!!!
    • chaffmj
      Heard a couple of trucks went in by the Burntside lodge!
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