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I haven’t fished the “scummy rummy” in Isanti County area in well over 20 years. Since the St. Croix is too high for my liking this week, I was thinking of giving it a try again. What area is considered better bass waters? I think Walbo was the spot I fished back in the day, but I’m sure the river has changed since then.

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I haven’t seen it for a while so I couldn’t tell ya for sure, but I bet the Rum is high too with all the rain that’s come through central MN.  I used to live on it near Isanti up til 4 years ago, and have fished it from the Walbo access to nearly St. Francis.  The Miss in Central has been high most of the season so far.


You’d have more back water and oxbows to try on the areas around Walbo and that could be your saving grace if the water is high.  You run out of those once you get down to the Cambridge area.  The flip to that is I usually felt there were more pike and eyes through that range with the bass picking up once you got south of Isanti.


The deer flies will probably be horrendous around this time - FYI.  Just be prepared and you can manage.  Cover your head.  I wore a hoody even in the summer.  I haven’t been in thick deer flies with a HUK mask yet so I don’t know if they can do the same job.


If someone reports the water Is normal and clear, I’d hit it.  If not, I’d pick a lake.


Good luck!

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Those deer flies are so bad in the rum sometimes that we have to quit even when the fishing is really good.  I haven't found anything that repels them either (other than covering yourself in thick clothing from head to toe, which I am not doing in the middle of July).

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Yeah, all this high water sucks! I looked up water levels for the rum, it’s currently at 4.65 ft in St. Francis. I’m assuming that’s a little high, but I couldn’t find anything that says what the normal flow is. I’ve been eye balling some lakes also, but I just don’t like fishing lakes when it’s really hot out.

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I live just off the Rum near walbo. Water high deer flies horrible. Yes good smallie and walleye when water down to normal. To high right now in my opinion.

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    • Rick
      State’s busiest park has been closed for six months The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reopening Fort Snelling State Park today, Sept. 17, after persistent spring flooding caused extensive damage that forced the park to close in March.  “We know how eager people have been to get back out to the park, so we’re really excited to finally be reopening,” said Fort Snelling State Park assistant supervisor Nick Bartels. “We still have a lot of work left to do and some parts of the park will remain closed until that work can be completed, but our goal has always been to reopen the park as soon as safely possible.” Flooding damaged the park’s main roads, facilities and water supply lines, downed trees, and washed out hiking trails throughout the park. As clean up and repairs continue, including silt removal and facility repairs, park operations are returning to normal. “Come out this weekend to enjoy a picnic, take a hike, or attend a fun naturalist program,” said Bartels. “Just remember to check our website or call our park office for up-to-date information.” Located at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers within the heart of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Fort Snelling State Park averages nearly one million visitors every year and is a popular destination for hikers, bikers, birders and school groups. Visitors can go to the Fort Snelling State Park page for more information. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Best tip I can give you...find a different lake to fish! Como is an oversized mud puddle. You might catch a couple fish in the winter when the water doesn’t look like  green slime.
    • Quincy
      Steve Ahlers [email protected] (218) 729-0384 • Work Architectural Metals   I had Steve put a standing seam galvanized metal roof on my cabin in 2004..I think.  It still looks great.  Will outlive me most likely.   He lives in Duluth but was more than willing to come up to V to put the roof on.   Its been a while but worth a try.
    • CaptJohnWis
      Got about 20 nice bass today. Most on TRD lure and Ned head. Also a pike and a walleye. Water back up to 60 F. These were the last two Raint2019-9-16B.mp4
    • Kettle
      I have not hunted it in about 5 years but there were plenty of people running outboards, you have to be logical and not try and run where you can't. I wouldn't do it in the dark the first time. The majority of places I hunted on swan and had good luck were via canoe where I would paddle then drag it across a bog then paddle more. There are places where no motor outboard, longtail or surface drive can't get to, find these places there will be birds but it takes a lot of work 
    • Mike89
    • Tominator692
      It’s been jig-minnow for me. Boated 32 walleye today. Lots of nice fish up to 17”. But no slot fish. Caught everything in 22’ to 30’. East end. 
    • delcecchi
      Except that basically no one targets Tullibees to any extent.   The issue with walleye is that they are targeted at a level that the fish cannot tolerate no matter the weather or global climate change.   The natives taking their share has increased the pressure, and the various invasive species have made them less able to withstand the pressure, especially considering the political and economic issues.   If the tribal quota was zero as it was for many years, it would be politically easier to maintain harvest by anglers at a sustainable level.   
    • creepworm
      Went out Saturday morning. Couldn't get to my stands due to the monsoon season we are having, so I grabbed a chair and sat on the ground in some willows. Had a doe with a fawn come out shortly after shooting time. Then a small 1 year old buck. Then a bachelor group of 3 small 1 year old bucks. All the deer at one point were within 20 yards of me while sitting on the ground. Didn't kill anything but it was a good time.
    • BenelliBob
      25 outboard blow by any surface drives.....HAHAHA i know this post is from 2012 but yeah...if you wanna race your outboard against me just say when bud. id bet a 6pack my little 23 horse passes you