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Wheezy Outdoors

Leech Lake, Longville, Deer River, Grand Rapids Area Fishing Report- Wheezy Outdoors

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Wheezy Outdoors
Posted (edited)

Although the Northland has been about a month behind it seems from where the fish would normally be this time of year, the recent heatwave has bumped up our surface temps and the cabbage beds are getting thick, good news for us as we target the green cabbage at least 70% of the time on our trips as the heat of summer sets in and we always end up with the most plentiful bags! The cabbage provides cover, shade and holds tons of baitfish so why wouldn't fish thrive in it?

Walleye: ANYBODY’S GAME RIGHT NOW! No matter your preferred style, they’ll hit it! Walleye can be found in 13’-16’ of water or also in 24’-32’ of water pulling spinners and bottom bouncers tipped with crawlers, Lindy Rigs tipped with either crawlers or leeches, Crank Baits, pitching Shiver Minnows, or Jigging Raps have all been producing well!

Bass: Smallmouth have moved off the shallow flats now. You will find them on the rocky or gravel points, bars, and humps. Try using Drop-Shot, Carolina-Rig, or even Lindy-Rig with leeches. Largemouth are hitting Spinnerbaits in the shallows. Try working the pencil reeds, cabbage beds, or soft bottom bays.

Panfish: Crappies and Sunfish alike can be found, you guessed it, in the cabbage beds as well as off the weed lines. Using small jigs like a Clam Tungsten Drop-T, tipped with either live bait or plastics under a slip bobber, has worked quite well. If you prefer a more active method, toss small Mepps spinners or Beetle Spins.

Pike: Of course, well pulled up several of these through our efforts in targeting others. However, if it is the lurking Northern you seek, you’ll find the best luck tossing spoons such as a Dare Devil or pulling spinners over the cabbage, on the weed lines or along the shallow breaks leading to deeper water. Floating a sucker minnow under a float can be hot early morning or in the evening.


Till next time friends- Cheers,

-Alice Wiese

Wheezy Outdoors





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Wheezy Outdoors

Update: I also wanted to add, as many of you know we have finally hit a major Mayfly Hatch here in the Northland. Although, it does bring forth a little bit more of a challenge, use the hatch to your advantage! The technology that we have today with down-imaging is unbelievable! If you notice a large cloud of mayflies on the graph, the fish are usually located right below them or around. Even though they are getting a belly full of bugs, you can still entice them by slowing down, using simpler presentations! 


— Justin & Alice Wiese, Wheezy Outdoors Guide Service 218-275-7525

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    • fishingdad
      July for me.   I have had a couple openers that were pretty thin soup as well.   
    • delcecchi
      Who writes this stuff? Neo nicitonoids are insecticides, not herbicides so far as I know.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Was nice to hear that the Croix upstream of Stillwater was pretty much normal level, so I fished out of Osceola yesterday. Was an absolute beautiful day to be out! Didn’t get as hot as expected, nice and cloudy, and a nice wind blowing upstream. For the first time in history, I didn’t cast a twister tail on the river. For some reason I was deadset on jointed rapalas and clacking raps. Only caught 1 smallie, 1 walleye, and 1 pike. Lost about 5 fish, 1 of which I suspect was a turtle. Overall experience resulted in one of my better outings of the season!    
    • eyeguy 54
      my iPhone 5s att might be for sale soon for cheap. ordered a 6s to try. 
    • waterspaniel
      any reports/pics/vids of storm damage on the North Arm from this weeks storms?  general locations would help too.  Thanks!
    • BigVwalters
      Always have had struggles in July.  Lots of forage to keep them fish full this time of year.   
    • TrueNorth
      MarkB is the best.  So glad to hear from him.  Master. 
    • Wanderer
      Anyone Got an old smartphone they’re not using anymore???  
    • Rick
      You can expect excellant walleye fishing with little competition. Don't be afraid to take a trip over to Elephant lake to chase some slab crappies as well. The feed bag should be on.
    • CC2501
      Does anyone know of any good shore fishing spots on the Minnesota River in Carver. Not Carver County, but the city of Carver. The river is pretty high right now, so I don't know if that affects anything. I know this one little ledge you can go to once you are inside the campground, and I have seen evidence of people fishing these, given some got a lure stuck to a log in the water with line still attached. And, what kind of lures should I be using. I wanna go for anything, except maybe catfish or muskies, because I don't have the gear for those. I did see a post the other day about shore fishing for White Bass on the Minnesota in Mankato, so would something like that be good for me? I guess my one question would be, let's say I am trying to jig with a soft plastic, how do I "avoid" the current? Thanks for any tips anyone can give me! If not in Carver, than in the nearby area, like Chaska, Jordan, etc.