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Fishing On Mille Lacs

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Geez,   No reports at all.  Anyone fishing the big pond?


"Set the Hook"

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I heard, and it looked like there was a tourney out there over the weekend.  But wow, was the lake riled up with the winds. I’m glad I wasn’t fishing it.

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Mark Gottula

My son has been there through last week to present,. The wind has been pretty bad the last few days that has minimized his fishing areas. 

on June 9 & 10 him and two others in the boat landed 134 fish, mostly bass but did have several Walleye, Northern and one Musky. All were in 10 feet of water or less and he fished with ned rigs worms, tubes, flukes and spinner baits. Water temperatures ranged from 61 in the AM to 67 late in the day. Conditions were sunny and windy.

I will be headed their tomorrow from Oklahoma and will be fishing June 14, 15 & 16 with my son.

The full moon phase will be June 17 so I hope to have good fishing in the shallows along with Bass a wave of Bass spawning.

We have been flooded out of our lakes and most all ramps and access areas still remain closed due to high water levels.

I will write another fishing report by mid next week once I get back from my fishing trip.


Mark Gottula

Oklahoma Fisherman


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Good luck @Mark Gottula


Thanks for the report.  It’s interesting to see as many out of staters coming to our neck of the woods to fish the smallies.  It’s  been so many years that I’ve only talked to locals heading south to try your waters, mostly to chase bass in the winter.


Welcome and have a good time.

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I have been out there twice since the 1st of June to target smallmouth.  The first trip was good, the second not so much.  They were pre-spawn the first time and more willing to bite.  The second trip they may have already been post spawn or still spawning and they were not as willing.  The second trip was also much windier and boat control was an issue.  My folks have been out on the main lake several times since opener targeting walleyes with live bait and they have done well.  They average 25 fish/day and most of them are in the 22-27 inch range with the biggest being 27.5 inches.  I heard there was a huge bug hatch recently.  When I was last out there a week ago the water temp was 66 degrees.  If the wind is blowing, you'll need a really big boat to get out to the flats and walleye fish because there's 4 foot waves.

Grant 1a.jpg

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Mike89
      that's not good!!!
    • kelly-p
      your post is the first I heard about this ☹️
    • leech~~
      I wonder if he can find someone to help him with his houses this winter?  
    • smurfy
      I've heard cookie was in a bad accident. other then what I read I don't know a whole lot more other then it looks like he's out for the upcoming ice season.    hears to getting back at it!!!!!
    • eyeguy 54
      good tips guys. indeed a good idea to bring some meat along. I find myself using it less and less but good to have in the pocket. 
    • Borch
      I rarely use live bait anymore unless I'm gonna use 2 rods.  Plastics, gulp,  tied tungsten flies, jigging raps,  rippin raps, darters... the list goes on.  There has been a few times though that a minnow head on a spoon out produced anything I had.  Good thing I had a buddy who borrowed me a few. 😉
    • Tom Sawyer
      Hey Chris what about the tip on putting your favorite concoction in a generic spray bottle to keep it secret, while you proceed to school everyone at the Catfish Get Together 😆
    • IceHawk
      Another option for those that don't have bait laying around or don't want to buy any is to buy a bottle of Berkley gulp recharge and add a little to a bait puck or plastic bag with your plastics for the day.  I myself never go on the ice without a puck with some kind of meat. Call me crazy  but  I've seen situations where it has outperformed plastics.  Fortunately for myself I have a bait fridge in the garage with euro and waxies and a insulated aeroated minnow tank with minnows all winter. A Minnie bait store so to say.😀
    • Bucketcastle
      This I will definitely try this season.  Thank you for the tip @IceHawk
    • IceHawk
      A little tip for those that want to add a little scent to your unscented  plastics naturally. Take a bait puck grab some of the plastics you want to use for the day and add couple minnows to puck or a few euro larvae or waxworms. Doesn't get any more natural than that.