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Sunset Lodge

6.3.19 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report, Nw Angle Of Low

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Sunset Lodge

Hello from Sunset Lodge!

Water temps in the Northwest Angle are varying between 55 degrees and 59 in shallower areas.

In Minnesota, the bite has been very good. Big fish have been caught trolling crank baits in less than 15 feet of water. Keeper size walleye are being found in 18-22 feet with orange and parakeet jigs and a minnow being the most preferred combo. We saw multiple fish over 28 inches this week!

The fish in Canada have been smacking pink and white, and parakeet jigs tipped with a shiner or minnow in 22-26 feet of water.  Aggressiveness has picked up with the rising temperatures. Anglers are reporting a good number of multi specie catches including crappie, perch, walleye, sauger, bass and pike.

Open water season is just getting started and will only improve! 

We hope to see you soon!
Sunset Lodge





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    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Up here in the Northwest Angle lines are tight and fish are biting! Water temps are warmer in the shallows at 50-52 degrees to upper 40’s in the main lake.

      Recent weather was not great but the fishing was. Some of the best action has been within a few miles of the lodge. Walleyes have been found anywhere from 3 to 30ft. 22-30ft with a jig and minnow is best during daylight hours. 

      Multiple trophy walleye were caught this week including a couple 28’s and one 31 inch.  The bite off of the dock late evening is really heating up and will produce limits.

      Come up soon to take advantage of great spring fishing! 
      Sunset Lodge

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      We're still OPEN & fishing up at the NW Angle!
      Fishing on the Minnesota side continues to be best early morning and from sundown to dusk. Work deeper edges of the break line in the morning and afternoon, moving up to the flats and points for an evening flurry. With low pressure coming for the weekend expect fishing to be excellent.
      On the Ontario side, Crappie action was really good this past weekend in 30+ feet of water. Lots of fish over 14."
      Lake conditions have drastically improved as water making slush has receded below the ice or has frozen over in most areas. Caution should be used in areas of high current or between islands. 
      Hard water fishing ends April 15th!
      Sunset Lodge

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Areas of slush on trails in Minnesota are refreezing overnight and are still in good condition if well-traveled.  Walleye action is getting better every day, with mornings and late evening being best.  Rippin’ raps and buckshots are enticing violent strikes; 18-22 ft of water is key. Big northern pike are hitting jiggin’ spoons and tip ups with large baits.

      Anglers venturing into Canada continue to find schooled Crappies and big walleye deeper into 30+ feet. A slow presentation is most effective for catching crappies. 

      Until next week,
      Sunset Lodge

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!
      Minnesota snowmobile trail conditions are in good shape. The Baudette trail is great north of Knight Island. Walleye action heats up in periods of stable weather. The best catching is happening in 21-25ft, with the most productive method being a dead-stick beside an actively jigged rattle bait such as a buckshot or rippin’ rap. Glow white/pink is out producing other colors. The late ice bite can be phenomenal on Lake of the Woods, ice permitting we will have houses out through the end of the month!
      Canadian fishing is recommended via snowmobile as they are light enough not to drop into the slush as easy as other track vehicles. Crappies are still filling buckets and walleye are actively feeding on reef break lines and points. Walleye season is open through April 14th. 
      Sunset Lodge

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Fishing is really starting to pick up, which usually means Spring is on the way! 

      Fishing on the Minnesota side has been best at first and last light, which can make for long days on the ice this time of year.  The Sauger bite has really picked up with a lot good sized eaters coming out of 21-25 ft. The most effective colors for both Walleye and Sauger have been Chartreuse, White, any Glow/lighted/UV (specifically red) and hammered gold. When fishing at depths less than 20 feet, keep an active presentation. Northerns tend to be most active in the early afternoon which is a good time to take a break from jigging and put out a tip-up.
      Fishing on the Canadian side has been good since the last snow storm and continues to produce Crappie and Walleye. A light setup for crappies with plastics or larvae has been productive.  

      Slush is still frozen in well-traveled areas but it plentiful off trail.  

      Fishing will continue to improve as the weather does, there is still a lot of time to fit in a last minute ice fishing trip!!
      Sunset Lodge

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    • gimruis
      Those deer flies are so bad in the rum sometimes that we have to quit even when the fishing is really good.  I haven't found anything that repels them either (other than covering yourself in thick clothing from head to toe, which I am not doing in the middle of July).
    • leech~~
      Well if'en I didn't forget my camera on Monday after the storm I would have had pic's of releasing a 23" 24" & 25" Walleye's! 😕
    • MarkB
      I haven't posted on the forum for a couple of years now, mainly because I don't have the opportunity to fish Vermilion on a regular basis anymore. With that said, I do have a bit of experience fishing that fabulous lake and, when I did fish the lake, I kept a fairly detailed journal of every day that I fished. Comparing only 6 years, from 2010 through 2015, it appears that I spent the majority of time during the first week in August, fishing only 2 places: the south shoreline of Birch point from the point where 15' of water starts to the channel that separates Strawberry Island and Birch point. Now that is quite a distance for a trolling run but I have consistently caught fish all along that area in 12-20' of water. You just have to fish it to find where they are any particular day. The second spot I fished was a hump that rises up to ~12' straight south of Moose Island. It's a fairly large hump and the surrounding water is ~ 25' deep. I liked to get right up on the hump especially if a slight west wind was blowing. Navionics chip will make the hump easy to find (approx. 1/4 mi south of Moose). My go-to bait in August is 1/2 crawler on a red Gamakatsu hook or a #4 Slow Death hook, 4'  fluorocarbon leader, and a 3/4 or 1 oz bottom bouncer. I placed a red bead above the hook and added a orange/yellow in line floater at times. If all fails, fish the same area with Shad Rap in Firetiger. Remember to stay trolling slow when rigging. .4-.6mph is about right.  Good Fishing, MarkB😀  
    • Rick
      Don't forget Rapidan.
    • Sofishticated
      Had a lot of luck catching cats this summer. The pre-spawn bite at the end of June was awesome! All fishing from shore. Slowed down the last couple of weeks, think they started spawning. All of these were caught from shore and in the 10-25 lbs range. Surprised I didn't hook into any bigger ones, I know they're in there. Been a lot of fun, though.  
    • Sofishticated
      I use the bitsey bug jigs with good success.   My personal favorite is a rebel craw crankbait. 
    • Sofishticated
      Struggled with the same thing on lakes around mankato. A bit of a drive but lake Hanska by new ulm has good access. Mostly do river fishing because of this.
    • Rick
      The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will begin herbicide applications on select state lands to improve reforestation efforts. Applications will begin around August 15 and continue through approximately September 20 on select parcels in the Remer State Forest in the vicinity of the Pine Tree Hunter Walking Trail. Signs will be posted on all herbicide treatment sites. Adjacent landowners within a quarter mile of the treatment sites have already been notified. Herbicides will not be applied within 100 feet of any waterbody, following DNR herbicide application guidelines. The DNR plants trees on state lands to reforest harvested areas, provide wildlife habitat, protect watersheds, and maintain healthy forests. Part of the reforestation process involves applying herbicides to the harvested areas prior to or following tree planting. Herbicides are sprayed on the ground after reforestation to reduce competing woody vegetation. This gives tree seedlings a better chance to grow and survive. In smaller treatment areas, herbicides are sprayed from the ground.  In large treatment areas, helicopters do aerial spraying using precise GPS-guided mapping. The DNR uses minimal amounts of herbicide only when absolutely necessary. The DNR uses a non-neonicotinoid herbicide that has been proven safe for bees and other pollinators. This past spring in the DNR’s Deer River work area, the Forestry Division planted more than 14,000 seedlings on 60 acres, and an additional 118 acres were seeded. Statewide, more than 1.9 million seedlings were planted on state forest lands and more than 5,300 acres were seeded this year. For additional information on sites treated with herbicide in the Deer River work area, contact John Segari at 218-246-8343. More information about the DNR’s Forestry Division can be found on the DNR website at mndnr.gov/forestry. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • woody1975
    • Wanderer
      I haven’t seen it for a while so I couldn’t tell ya for sure, but I bet the Rum is high too with all the rain that’s come through central MN.  I used to live on it near Isanti up til 4 years ago, and have fished it from the Walbo access to nearly St. Francis.  The Miss in Central has been high most of the season so far.   You’d have more back water and oxbows to try on the areas around Walbo and that could be your saving grace if the water is high.  You run out of those once you get down to the Cambridge area.  The flip to that is I usually felt there were more pike and eyes through that range with the bass picking up once you got south of Isanti.   The deer flies will probably be horrendous around this time - FYI.  Just be prepared and you can manage.  Cover your head.  I wore a hoody even in the summer.  I haven’t been in thick deer flies with a HUK mask yet so I don’t know if they can do the same job.   If someone reports the water Is normal and clear, I’d hit it.  If not, I’d pick a lake.   Good luck!