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Sunrise River, Trout

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Friends of the Sunrise hear about Dam site projects, fisheries samplings - Chisago County Press - Lindstrom, MN

If you don't want to read what I wrote, just click on the link above to learn about trout stocking on the North Branch of the Sunrise River.


Last fall I talked about the sunrise river (chisago county), to be honest I was kinda annoying. I think you guys didn't understand what I was talking about, that's on me. I didn't describe what I was talking about. I was talking about the North Branch of the Sunrise River, and I think you guys might have thought I was slamming the South (and more popular) branch of the sunrise river. Anyway It's spring and the north branch of the Sunrise river is looking healthy, so I have been trying to find fish there. I have fond a lot of things, crayfish (tons of them), ducks, birds, Frogs, turtles, fat squrals,  and lots of other animals, but no fish. I have seen plenty of stuff for fish to eat, but not a single minnow! And I have been fishing down there a lot, but still haven't even seen a bluegill. Just a few hours ago I hit the river with a small crayfish colored crankbait looking for small, large mouth bass (LMB) or pike, not a single hit. I wouldn't care so much if the river wasn't right next to my house. If any one has caught fish in the North Branch of the sunrise river recently, let me know. I'll get some pictures to show you guys what I'm working with. Most of the river is about four feet deep, you would think that it holds fish, at least bluegill or carp! 


Anyway, back to the real good news, they DNR are going to be making the North Branch of the sunrise river deeper, cleaning it up a little, building some new dams, AND STOCKING IT WITH TROUT. This great, in a few years I'll for sure be able to pull fish out of that river!! If you want to learn more read the artical, link at the top of the page.

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18 minutes ago, History_Geek32 said:

Last fall I talked about the sunrise river (chisago county), to be honest I was kinda annoying. I think you guys didn't understand what I was talking about, that's on me. I didn't describe what I was talking about.


Since it looks like you just joined the site about 49 minutes ago your statement of talking last fall is a bit confusing?  But, carry-on.  😕

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I couldn't reamber my password on my other History_Geek account, so I made a new one (History_Geek32) if you search History Geek you might find it.

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The trout stocking looks like a long shot at best. Would be a tremendous waste of money in my opinion. I like the idea of the boulder structures though. Personally, I’d love to see the kost dam completely removed. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • gimruis
      I do it because I enjoy it.  I used to do it more to harvest and eat them, but as I got older I realized that keeping fish has very little to do with it anymore.  So now I pretty much release almost everything.  I also do it for the challenge of it, especially muskie fishing.
      CigarGuy, I couldn't help but notice that the boat you're using appears to have the junk Merc fuel line that has cost boat owners a boat load of money by disintegrating the rubber liner inside and sending it downstream into your filters and carbs. The Merc is the right vintage and the line is the right (wrong) color. If you can find a speck of red or orange printing on it or if it feels soft when you squeeze it, you should cut it into pieces and toss it in the trash. If you are original owner and know 100% that non oxy 91 octane is the only type of gas ever used, maybe it will be fine. I wouldn't risk it though. Check my 'mercury fuel hose causes issues' thread on equipment and expert information forum for pics from this spring.
    • CigarGuy
      Got 4 more slot fish tonight from 8 till 9:30. All between 21" and 26-1/4". had a nice one on within a minute of getting out there, but I was waiting for a boat to pass before I grabbed the net and lost it.  Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, I'm not, this uncharted territory for me up here 😀. Like I've said before, this lake has humbled me. This is the best wknd fishing in the 6 years we've been up here... gotta enjoy it while it lasts. Heading back to the rat race tomorrow.
      Why do I fish??!!?? It's simple. Because I NEED TO FISH!!  I mean, what else is there?? Fishing is my church. Fishing is my therapy. Fishing is my home. Fishing is my vacation. Fishing is my best friend. FISHING IS MY LIFE!! C & R IS MY FUTURE! Please let me be fishing in my final moments, or let me fish forever.
    • smurfy
      look out fellers...……...i'll be on my way Thursday morning.
    • BWpineisland
      Had a great couple of days in the middle of the lake. Plenty of 15-18”fish and too many little ones to count. Leeches mostly but fish also were active on smaller rainbows later in the day. 
    • Muskies
      Had some luck fishing walleyes in 10-20 ft in current using jigs tipped with chubs a week ago. Water was pretty cold still...upper 50s on the main lake.
    • Matt Johnson
      Weekly Metro Area, MN fishing report and tips for June 16. Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there! A fun week, but as always, we had to deal with some aspects of weather! Hopefully everyone caught a few fish and it's nice to stumble across some fun patterns...d Metro Area MN Fishing Reports for June 16 - VIDEO - CLICK HERE   Enjoy!
    • Squirrelhawke
      Growing up in South Dakota I learned to enjoy the fishing I got to do in the Watertown area with great grandpa and the Missouri River and Black Hills fishing with Grandpa. It's a little different than what I see here in Minnesota but the basics are the same. Seems to be more emphasis on fish size than fishery quality or maybe I was just raised different.  Either way it was always about the beauty of nature and learning a valuable skill from 2 knowledgeable individuals. Now I just try to pass those skills on to the next generation and hope they learn how to protect our resources as well as I was taught.
    • smurfy
      same here!!! doesn't hurt to have lived close to the horseshoe chain and having a cabin in Itasca county!!!!!!   nuttin better then a meal of fish straight from the lake to the fish cleaning shack to the plate either!!!!!!