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Sunrise River, Trout

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Friends of the Sunrise hear about Dam site projects, fisheries samplings - Chisago County Press - Lindstrom, MN

If you don't want to read what I wrote, just click on the link above to learn about trout stocking on the North Branch of the Sunrise River.


Last fall I talked about the sunrise river (chisago county), to be honest I was kinda annoying. I think you guys didn't understand what I was talking about, that's on me. I didn't describe what I was talking about. I was talking about the North Branch of the Sunrise River, and I think you guys might have thought I was slamming the South (and more popular) branch of the sunrise river. Anyway It's spring and the north branch of the Sunrise river is looking healthy, so I have been trying to find fish there. I have fond a lot of things, crayfish (tons of them), ducks, birds, Frogs, turtles, fat squrals,  and lots of other animals, but no fish. I have seen plenty of stuff for fish to eat, but not a single minnow! And I have been fishing down there a lot, but still haven't even seen a bluegill. Just a few hours ago I hit the river with a small crayfish colored crankbait looking for small, large mouth bass (LMB) or pike, not a single hit. I wouldn't care so much if the river wasn't right next to my house. If any one has caught fish in the North Branch of the sunrise river recently, let me know. I'll get some pictures to show you guys what I'm working with. Most of the river is about four feet deep, you would think that it holds fish, at least bluegill or carp! 


Anyway, back to the real good news, they DNR are going to be making the North Branch of the sunrise river deeper, cleaning it up a little, building some new dams, AND STOCKING IT WITH TROUT. This great, in a few years I'll for sure be able to pull fish out of that river!! If you want to learn more read the artical, link at the top of the page.

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18 minutes ago, History_Geek32 said:

Last fall I talked about the sunrise river (chisago county), to be honest I was kinda annoying. I think you guys didn't understand what I was talking about, that's on me. I didn't describe what I was talking about.


Since it looks like you just joined the site about 49 minutes ago your statement of talking last fall is a bit confusing?  But, carry-on.  😕

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I couldn't reamber my password on my other History_Geek account, so I made a new one (History_Geek32) if you search History Geek you might find it.

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The trout stocking looks like a long shot at best. Would be a tremendous waste of money in my opinion. I like the idea of the boulder structures though. Personally, I’d love to see the kost dam completely removed. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

      Hard to find a lake up the trail not chock-full of invasive smallmouth. Slip bobbers and leeches, and cast towards shoreline rock piles. 
    • fish_time
      Why do you fish? We all have different goals when we go fishing. Some of us want a meal of fish to eat. Some of us just want to relax. Most of all, we want that "TROPHY" catch. We want something to brag to our friends about, the "Master Angler".   
    • CaptJohnWis
      I was not going to go yesterday but the weather was too nice to stay home. Fished about 5 hours but only got 4 bass and one pike. Not one hit on my go-to jigs & plastic! I don't recall that ever happening over 5 hours. Got a few bass on surface lures (and the pike) and a few on cranks. Water was almost 6 degrees warmer than the day before. The nights finally stayed above the low 40s so that has to have helped.   I have been marking very few fish in water less than 30 feet. I rarely fish deeper than that.   Got desperate a few days ago and went down to Pelican. Not much better down there. A few crappie and dink pike and about 6 nice bass.   Headed north of Red Lake, Ontario in a week. Hope things are going better way up there.
    • Poutwhacker
      My wife and 2 Labs are boat camping on the east side of the Brule Narrows this week. We have been here dozens of times, but with late spring, I am wondering what patterns are working for the smallies and walleyes. Thanks 'Pout
    • Rick
      Field Bred English Springer Spaniels for me at PrairieRoseGundogs.com I have a finished male ready to rock this hunting season.
    • Wanderer
      I believe @Rick raises them.   But I don’t think he has a dual sport bike....
    • CigarGuy
      Got my personal best tonight for this lake....27.5"!  My son got a 24, we also got a 17, 20.5", 22". Same area as last night. Fun couple of nights on this beautiful lake.
    • leech~~
      Cobra, welcome back.  To bad no replies in almost 3 years to your inquiry.  Their beautiful dogs but there must not be many owners of them on here?  🤔   Like I have been asking for about 4 years if there are any Dual Sport bike owners on this site?  😉
    • Cobra
      I haven't been on the website in a long time so long delayed reaction. Sorry   I do have an English Pointer and I live in Longville. My old dog passed away a few weeks ago at almost 15 years old!!! I still have my young dog with special bloodlines. His father came from the last vial of Guard Rail semen. So to have a grandson of a Hall of Fame dog that died in the early 80's is very rare.  
    • Borch
      This weather is making it tough to get out and pinning down a consistent bite.  Wind had blown out if every imaginable direction in the past 5 days along with frequent storms keeping us off the lake.  With that said this us what I know.   Walleyes are still going at night on cranks in 5-8 fow.  During the day can be found on 16-25 fow and are biting on crawlers,  leeches and shiner minnows.   Perch are still on flats in 4-8 fow and you'll need to sort to get the nice ones.  Sunfish and crappies are still in the reeds in Allen's Bay and Kitchi.   Water temps have been up and down a lot this week. Currently we have 67-70 degrees in the spots I fished yesterday.