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Tony C

Bizarre Trout Experience & Video

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Tony C

I had a very surprising experience last weekend on the St. Croix River on the WI walleye opener… fishing with my dad and he caught 2 large brown trout. About 10 years ago I also caught a nice brown trout on the St. Croix while going for walleyes (crawler on the bottom) so was quite shocked to get 2 in the same morning.


We didn’t want to kill the fish anyway but were curious – do you guys know if you’re allowed to keep a trout on the St. Croix without a trout stamp?


My dad had never caught a trout before (and I’ve only caught 3 or 4 lake trout in Canada) so now we’ve got trout on the brain. We’re going to Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge in Manitoba this summer with my 5-year and it’s predominantly walleye but they do have trophy lake trout we might target for a day.


Also saw this video on Kenanow Lodge and it looked pretty awesome, plus a cool twist getting on the fall bite since May/June we’re pretty busy chasing walleyes and pike. If nothing else, a fun video to watch and get excited about!






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You need a trout stamp to keep a trout anywhere. Unless your dad is a senior citizen? In which case, he doesn’t need a trout stamp anymore.

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    • shaky legs2
      I was back on the ice a week after hip replacement surgery.  My wife wasn’t too happy and threatened to tell the surgeon but I went anyway.  After I graduated from the walker to a cane I decided one morning to take a walk and visit some of Kelly’s customers.  Every house I went to nobody would talk to me.  I was just trying to be sociable and a good neighbor.  When I got back Doc asked me how it went.  I said we had a bunch of rufusses for neighbors that were unsociable and nobody would talk to me.  Doc said, “Don’t you remember rule #1?” “ Kelly has them posted in all his houses”.  “Don’t talk to strangers!”  😀😀😀
    • Naturboy
      I like taking the Power Bait maggots and threading onto my pan fish jigs the same way. gives a soft tasty body.
    • shaky legs2
      God, I miss those times Kelly.  You are a great friend and Doc and I commented so many times how fortunate we were that you took us under your wing.  You probably felt sorry for us and thought we were harmless.  I remember your first year with the press-board houses that you later painted sky blue so they would blend into the horizon, that fire engine red truck you had, sneaky snaky roads with a gatekeeper house smack in the middle, that sneaky off-shoot road right off the Hillman road on the south side of the pressure ridge.  That area witnessed the hottest crappie bite I have ever seen and it went on for months and the crappie Highway.  Doc is reading this right now and chuckling.  Take care my friend, stay healthy and give Freddy a hug from Shaky.
    • shaky legs2
      Sorry to hear this.  Get well Cookie.
    • Harv
      I'm sure this subject has been discussed NUMEROUS times.     What are you favorite ice fishing Walleye and crappie rod / reel?   Thanks
    • bassbouncer
      It weighed 400# but it sold last Saturday. I bought it and never used it. Was too worried that it would get stuck on the lake in deep snow. 
    • IceHawk
      One Part Kegale brau and one part Haunstein 😉
    • AlwaysFishing23
      We’re still looking ok here in central MN. Lakes are still locked up. Only thing that opened back up is the Mississippi earlier this week. The ice on most lakes is honey combed on top but about half way down it firms up and is fine. Still 4-6” most places. Can tell the ice is definitely not as strong as it was last weekend with the warm Temps this past week. Jump up and down on the ice and the water is moving in the hole some, didn’t do that last weekend. Gonna skip this weekend but can hopefully get back out next weekend. Sounding like most south of here are either very little ice if any and if there is some it’s not close to safe. 
    • gimruis
      I drove pat Big Lake on Monday afternoon and virtually the entire lake was ice-free.  There was about 800 geese and a couple hundred mallards sitting out there.
    • Darrell Larson
      I can also say that we have a lot more than 3.8" of snow here in Pike Bay, I removed snow from my two decks yesterday and I measured 8" of heavy moisture content snow I measured in the morning so the snow may have compacted some,  the bay was doing well with the forming of ice, as mentioned by Spearing Machine but the refreezing is going to take awhile, with the heavy snow on the ice has caused a very significant amount of slush. I spoke with a very adventurous friend of mine who went out on the ice walking, did very good fishing, but after the snow he even said he would not go back out until some cold weather arrives. Saturday and Sunday they are predicting close to 40 degrees. Remember I'm just the messenger so don't shoot my way. You all stay safe!!