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Plastics For Panfish

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What plastics are your favorites?

Starting about a million years ago I have used to use a tiny fireball jig-n-minnow with very consistent success. This bait almost always out fished live bait. They are no longer made and my supply is finally depleted, what should I go to next?

Thanks in advance


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Gulp has been my go to minnow shaped plastics,  although you could mold and make your own.


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for crappies gulp alive 2.5 black shad is a great bait for me set on a 1/16oz jig.  tube jigs are great also!

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I finally got out fishing last week on Thursday. I used a gulp alive minnow. one of the smaller ones, and it worked great. I put it on a pink ratso with a white body and the gulp on it and the crappies and bluegills would not leave it alone. Other baits were not as effective that afternoon. 


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yeah the 1" are nice also...I just like the 2.5 for the durability (less rebaiting) and the more selective fish it tends to catch (bigger) :)   Glad you got out and found success.  The ratso and the shrimpo are also good options to use also as I have had many great days with no bait and one of them on.  Another fun option is a plain flu flu no bait.  Good Luck!!

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Camp and Fish

Hey Roony...  I've been fishing for panfish for 60-years now and have tried about every panfish lure made.


I finally lucked up on one from a guy that flat catches more panfish than anyone I've ever seen.


I will trade you 25 of these super lures (and where to get them) for a day's fishing with you this summer.


If interested, simply pm me.



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Thanks a lot for the offer but I think I found what I need. In fact the crappies and bluegill were jumping out of the water to try to get at it while I was walking down to the dock!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • BrianF
      Due to all the the weeds, I’ve heard the name ‘Garbage Bay’ given to the bay just West of Niles Point - which bay actually has a name, Laura Bay - but I’ve not heard of Garbage Point.  Maybe it’s associated with Garbage Bay?  Dunno for sure...
    • Skibo
      Skunked - I've always been Lowrance.  A friend suggested buying one smaller Humminbird to connect to the Minnkota.  I did just that with a 9" and have since upgraded to a 12", and have been very happy with the setup.  I prefer the Lowrance/Navionics for navigation, and the Humminbird with their Side Imaging for fishing.
    • SkunkedAgain
      That's a beautiful part of the lake. Great pictures.   Forgive my ignorance as this is more of a map question. Is "Garbage Point" right next to Niles Point? I've heard the name over the years and believe that it is right around there on the north side.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I don't remember what kind of survey they did in the fall, but whatever it was showed very favorable walleye populations on Vermilion.   I did a quick search, and they were netted not shocked out of the water:  http://timberjay.com/stories/walleye-boom-time,17521
    • DonkeyHodey
      You got it, bro!   The secret spot is not so secret...    Usually the beach is empty in April but it wasn't this past weekend (we planned to try Sun before lunch and there was no room, so we took early lunch, came back and thankfully then the prime beach spot was open!  YES!)   The high water is one thing;  there's at least enough standing room and I could barely fit a folding chair.  (but action was hot--we weren't sitting much at all!) The bigger issue was casting room.  80% of the time I spent fishing and 20% untangling line from the brush/trees.  🤣
    • BrianF
      East end of Waconda Bay.  Our dock points N towards Niles Point, which you can see in the background there.  Been eight years now since we bought; every year better than the last.   
    • gunner55
      Still there today, 2 boats in the water along with at least 2 vehicles. Usually they're done in 2-3 days so I'm not sure if the weather delayed them or if since it didn't happen last season they are taking more.
    • Sorgy
      Nice view, Where on the lake is that?
    • FishinCT
      I assume they also didn’t do the fall electrofishing survey to assess young of the year walleye?
    • Rick G
      Nice job @DonkeyHodey   The old "secret" spot produces again😏  Hard time finding a place to stand with the high water?  
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