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Wright County Inspections, Urgent Update

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Mar 19, 2019 Wright County AIS public meeting recap:


The Wright County passed the AIS ordinance with a 3 to 2 vote. Now it is entirely up to the DNR commissioner to approve it. The Wright County commissioners said that if the DNR does not approve it by April 15th, the whole proposal is dead for good.


Here are some more details from the meeting. There were about 50 people attending, 99% lake shore owners. They all applauded the proposed ordinance (except for the self-certification part). One after another they spoke about how much trouble their lake is in and how much it has cost them to keep AIS at bay. They did a great job of presenting “the sky is falling” to the county commissioners (I always find it interesting that there is no mention of restrictions on lake shore owners using lawn fertilizer that turns the lakes into a green slimy mess. Seems to me that would be a no brainer if you really cared about the lake). Most made a point that they are not trying to privatize their lake and are offended when they hear that. On the other hand, not once did anyone mention that we need to come up with a better way that does not restrict access. Only one lone fisherman addressed the council and said that he bypassed the three test lakes last year and will bypass the additional lakes if this passes, too much hassle. Hmm, funny how that works. Imagine if this catches on and all the lakes are restricted, sell the boat I guess. There was also mention of a need for an exit inspection process. Not sure what that means, but didn’t sound like it would be in lieu of the proposed inspections and you may end up having to get inspected before and after you go to the lake.


Also of interest, the commissioners said they have received many inquiries from lake associations around the state and there were several other lake association representatives at the meeting to observe and see how they could implement this same strategy. So Wright County will be the test case for every county in the state to run with this. What a disastrous precedent. Not to mention the regulations and tags would be different for every county, making it cumbersome and impractical. The self-certification will have a cost of $10 to $40, so multiply that by how many counties you fish.


What you can do if you want to stop this from happening:

The entire fate of this proposal now rest on the DNR. The Wright County commissioners will meet with the DNR commissioner on Mar 21. If the DNR does not approve the plan by April 15, it will be dead. Send your concerns to these DNR contacts right away so that they receive it before they meet with the Wright County people.


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]s



PS,  you can read the emails send to Wright County on this link. Notice how organized the lake associations are with their form letter that you just sign and send. In particular, notice the one from the Clearwater association #34 on the page (see where this is heading?).



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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Bear 55
      There is still a lot of ice out there, my best guess is that it should be pretty much ice free by the opener. Stay Safe Good Luck  Bear55
    • fins_n'_feathers
      Launched out of mcquade and ran down to the entrance today. Played bumper boats and went 10/11 on coho. Beautiful day!!! 
    • CigarGuy
      How's the ice melt looking?
    • DLD24
      I'll let ya know how rugged it is, it spent about 2 hours underwater when I put my wheeler through the ice a month ago. I'm scared to try and turn it on haha.
    • ifishwalleye
      Just wondering how much ice is left?
    • bassbouncer
      I was in the Landing today to do some troubleshooting. Looks the same as it did. They’re working at getting ready. 
    • DonkeyHodey
      Thanks Borch:  this helps! I emailed the whole committee--hopefully one of them sees the ridiculousness in this. Basically:   1.)  the DNR set up a pilot.   2.)  The DNR analyzed their results and refused to enlarge the scope of the pilot 3.)  Legislature will, if passing this amendment, force the DNR expand a program that their own conclusions did NOT support expanding.  (* this is the time to insert your own clever comments about government doing stupid things contrary to evidence...)   Anyone that enjoys using the numerous MN lakes with public accesses NEEDS to take an active roll in this--let's overwhelm the server with emails from concerned fishers!; If we don't, I worry more and more lakes (associations) will place more and more barriers (in the "name" of AIS) to practically make the public lakes private...
    • Rick
      A bear in a residential area of North St. Paul was shot and killed today by a Department of Natural Resources conservation officer as authorities determined the animal posed an immediate safety threat.  The bear was a male and estimated as a two-year old, about 110 – 120 pounds. The bear carcass will be processed and the meat will be distributed to people in need of food. Due to the density of residences and roads in this area, it was unlikely that the bear would have been able to escape to more suitable habitat, especially during daylight hours and during the morning rush hour. Growing interest in the bear’s location was leading to a gathering of onlookers. Bears can become agitated and pose a danger to humans when they become trapped or cornered as this bear had become in the neighborhood tree. Law enforcement is authorized to dispatch bears in the metro area if they pose a public safety threat. The DNR does not tranquilize or relocate bears. Relocated bears seldom remain where they are released. They may return to where they were caught or become a problem somewhere else. It is not unusual for people to see bears in the spring as young males search out new territories. They are also are looking for food sources at a time when berries and vegetation are scarce. If people encounter a bear, the first thing they should do is back away slowly. They need to give the bear an escape route and make noise to scare the bear away. People should also clean-up and remove potential attractants such as bird feeders, garbage, and compost bins to reduce the chances of bears moving into developed and residential areas. Bear sightings outside of their primary northern forest range can be reported on an interactive map-based application on the Minnesota DNR website at mndnr.gov/hunting/bear/bear-sightings.html. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Bear 55
      A buddy and I fished Warroad yesterday, 730-400 5-fish biggest 39. We talked with a local guy who lives on the river said they have not came in hard yet. The 39 and 36 we caught were not spawned out. So we will give it another try next week. Also the ice seems to be going pretty fast  open I would say pretty close to a mile out, when it opened up in front of the docks 4-days ago, and its gonna get better.  Stay Safe Good Luck  Bear55
    • Knowknot
      Does anyone know where I can find out which lakes smothered out in the southern Minnesota areas? I have looked on the DNR website and can't seem to find out any information there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,