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Matt Johnson

East Rush Lake Results - 3/3/19

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Matt Johnson

Results from the event on East Rush Lake last weekend in the extreme brutal conditions.... 


1st Place - Pat Conroy/Zach Herber (7.88 pounds)

2nd Place - Charles DeGrio/Matt Weber (7.81 pounds)

3rd Place - Rich Lemmer/Jamie Montag (7.76 pounds)

4th Place - Matt Millbrandt/Matt Waldron (7.73 pounds)

5th Place - Chris Lafean/Jake Morris (7.615 pounds)

Big Fish -  Kyle From/Aaron Carlons (0.92 pound Crappie)


For a complete list of the results... East Rush Lake Results - CLICK HERE

Also check out the UPL Facebook page for more photos from the event... UPL Facebook Page - CLICK HERE


Also a big congrats to Matt Milbrandt and Matt Waldron on earning Team of the Year!!


Awesome job to all of the teams!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • PRO-V
      That's alright Smurf. I got caught up at home and missed it to. Next time 🥃🍺
    • Wakemup
      Thanks for the report James! Lead core is the next presentation for me to try... how many colors do you let out when fishing in the 25ft range? 
    • Paradice
      That will help layer it in, and it should break down to harmless compost.  
    • Paradice
      I've been an outhouse'er for a long time.  Two years ago, I finally got my own.  It's a matter of chemistry and carbon to nitrogen ratios.  Human waste is very high nitrogen.  To combat the smell, get a bale of fine sawdust and put a fist full down each time it starts to get a little pungent, and at a minimum, one fist full right before you leave.  I'm still on my first 5 gallon bucket of sawdust, and it's still half full.  It doesn't fill the hole.  However, if you're running 5-6 people up there for 6-8 months a year, that might be too much for a hole system.     This is the same principle when it comes to farming.  When you drive by a feedlot or hog barn that is pure liquid manure, the smell is enough to about kill you.  In contrast, where you drive past a farm where they use generous amounts of bedding, it's quite pleasant to be around, and people may actually still live there.  
    • Wanderer
      I’m interested in this information also.  I’ll say though, in a regular outhouse some lime helps with the bugs and smell quite a bit.
    • Mike89
    • mulefarm
    • jeff_s
      We had a Biolet composting toilet for about 6 years until we had a septic system installed. You need to keep it around 70 degrees or it stops composting. Also, if you let it freeze, be prepared to replace a shear pin next time you use it, and the auger tries to turn. We have some friends that have an Incinolet and they have nothing but good to say about it. Needs a 20 amp 220 circuit. 
    • smurfy
      i was up for work mainly. but did get a line wet a few times. friday sunfish and all catch and release. sat i went out for a bit to chase pike and only got 1 about 12 inches long. we had 3 inches of rain friday nite and a heck of a thunder and lightning show, so i'd think that put a damper on fish cooperating.
    • smurfy
      man, missed this!!!!!!!!!🥴 thursday nite was a blur in rapids, then i got company at the cabin......sorry........maybe next time.
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