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Wabedo Lake



Over the summer of 2018 around July 23- Aug 5, my mom, dad, uncle, grandma and i stayed on wabedo lake. (not saying resort) Being from MO and exposed to all the woods that surrounded everything was pretty normal for us. We love the outdoors and we all love to fish. My dad and my uncle and i would go out break of dawn and dusk and a lot in between. My grandma would usually go with my uncle at the south part of the lake. Our first time on wabedo we felt very confident we knew a good amount of facts and great places to fish around the lake and what times and baits are best to use. We mostly fished from the time it would start to get dark to the time it was almost pitch black so maybe around 5-7:30-8 give or take. I slept out on the hammock one night not too far from my cabin and quite close to the woods. In the middle of the night around 1am i woke up to, what seemed like 2-3 raccoons digging around to the right of me (where the woods were). I didnt think much of it bc there was a guy in a tent at the edge of the woods so i didnt think much of it. But the way the animals scattered around and snarled sounded like it wouldnt matched something a little bit bigger than a raccoon. Thinkin it was maybe just coons or some other harmless creature i fell back asleep. My family was keeping a secret from me about noises they all heard in the woods behind where we were staying. My grandma and uncle were always out there till 9 maybe later, fishin the banks on the left side as you enter the straight to get to the sounth part. He likes to hug the banks when he uses topwater or a shallow dive crank but my grandma told me if they got no more than 20ft to the banks he would say lets get out of here and hammer it out. My family has told me they would here a strangling noice coming from so and so creature and a “whoo-ach wooo” human like sounds. Not like a squatch but more human like. My uncle was out on the boat alone one night around 8ish and told my grandma that it was a human like build hunched over the bank eating marsh grass. Im not sure how true this may be but i thiught it come on here and ask. Lastly, i promise, i was out on the boat all alone on the south part of the lake jugging for crappie around 8:45pm with a full moon. It was one hell of an eerie night, hot and cold gusts of wind that change rapidly, clouds forming tube like shapes perfectly parallel, and the lake as quiet i have ever heard it. It was a ghost town. I was about to head back to my cabin when my motor wouldnt start up for about 20-30 mins while im flipping out. I finally got it to start but eventually broke down again right where the straight is. I couldve sworn i heard heavy footsteps in the woods and small branches moving. It couldve just been my rising fear and paranoia but i dont think i saw an outline of anything. My grandma asked the resort owners, who we became very close over the 2 week stay, about a decently sized pond hidden away RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE LAKE ON THE LEFT. They didnt even wanna talk about it or what night have been in there. I just want to hear feedback if you have had the same experience. Not being dramatic just curious😂

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Remer isn’t too far away...the bigfoot capital of Minnesota. The show “finding bigfoot” was in the leech lake area a few years ago. I guess it’s pretty obvious what you encountered. 😱

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • BobT
      Was out on Osakis yesterday evening on some midlake humps using 1/4oz jigs with leeches in the hopes I could find a few cooperative walleyes. I was getting pestered by what I thought were perch stealing my leeches. I'm a slow learner so it took too long for me to finally downsize my presentation until my dozen leeches were nearly gone. I finally downsized to 1/8oz digs and caught fish. It was 10" sunnies that were stealing my bait. Once I figured that out, I grabbed my crappy/sunny rod with a flu-flu jig and proceeded to have a pretty good time catching sunnies. I had a container of crawlers with me and just cut them up to tip the jig. Kept five for a meal but could have easily filled out.    They were near the bottom in 18' of water.
    • Surface Tension
      FishHawk and Depth Raider are your choices as Sub Troll and Canon are no longer manufactured.   If you don't have any of the above your relying what you see on your sounder and for speed your looking at the blow back or the timing of the thump from a Flasher.   Interpreting speed at the ball this way is a guessing game but it works along with varying your speed. It might not tell you a precise speed but you should be slowing and speeding up not matter what method for speed your using.  If you set your speed at 2.5 and stick there all day your probably won't boat as many fish as if you were coming in and out of 2-3 MPH all day.    Would speed and temp at the ball be useful, absolutely. Wouldn't it be nice to know that fish hit at 75' down in 45 degree water at 2.8 MPH.   Maybe you it was on a speed up or down when it hit too.    
    • trumy
      Seems just fine but I'm not big on eating out and I don't drink anymore so I'm not a frequent flyer of any establishment 
    • delcecchi
      We are?  I hadn't noticed any such activity.      So, how do you like the new reconstituted Landing?   
    • trumy
      Just curious what any posts on this page have to do with the landing? I really don't care but some of you are sure quick to point out when posts get off the intended subject 
    • delcecchi
      Good to know.  Didn't know that they had boats.
    • Wishin4Walleyes
      Went out of agate in 2 harbors on Saturday from about 8 am to 2 pm after missing the last couple weekends (family vaca). Tough bite. Had 1 short strike on the rigger at 50' with a spoon and 1 screamer hit a tail dancer long lined on a board (must've been a pretty good sized steelie as I've never seen a board disappear behind the boat like that before). Unfortunately it came unpinned. 0 for 2 in 6 hrs of fishing. Tried depths from 20 to 70, tried plugs, spoons, flies, etc. Talked to another gent at the dock and they managed 14. Really love hearing that when you come off defeated and someone out in the same area doing mostly the same things lights them up.   Looking at getting a fishhawk x2 to try and find the thermocline and get on the fish faster. Anyone have experience with the down temp/speed devices on the market and are they a must have like I've heard from some?
    • PSU
      Excellent Skunked, I'll give them a call
    • SkunkedAgain
      PSU - call the boat graveyard in Shakopee, right next to Valley Fair. It's called Twin City Outboard. I once went in looking for a replacement lower unit for a 3hp 1957 Johnson Seahorse. I was happy when the guy said they had it. When I got there, the guy brought out a box of them so that I could look them over and get the right color! They've got a lot of boats too. Cool place to visit and look around.
    • Thorne Bros
      Our annual ice fishing kickoff event is a little over a month away!  We just want to make sure everyone gets it on their calendars!   This year's date is Saturday, September 28.  Held at our building in Blaine, MN.   We'll have seminars from Ice Team and Ice Force Pros, along with vendors showcasing all of the new products for the upcoming ice fishing season!   Oh, and AWESOME deals on everything you need to have a successful season!   We'll post more details as we get closer, but for now please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 28 and we'll see you there!!   Thanks for all of the support!!