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G I Mike

Border Crossing Change?

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G I Mike

Already thinking spring/summer 2019 and wondering if anyone had any experiences or issues with the Canadian Border Patrol last summer (open water) with the border crossing/reporting law change?


I have had a RABC for the past 20-ish seasons and only cross by water to fish, don’t anchor, and never go ashore in Canada.
The new law would indicate I no longer need one but wondering what anyone’s experience was if you were stopped or checked?


Yes, I know all about the Ranier guides/snowmobiles/customers that got ticketed last year so don’t need to re-hash that fiasco.


Thanks in advance.

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Have not heard of a new law. What have you heard and where did you hear it? I occasionally cross from Canada into Minnesota and would be interested in what you've heard.

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G I Mike

I do not believe this change impacts crossing from CA to MN and back, just from MN to CA and back?


In June 2017 Canadian Parliament passed Bill S-233 meaning that American boaters and anglers will no longer be required to report to Canadian Customs as long as they do not leave their vessel, land, anchor, moor, or make contact with another conveyance in Canadian waters. 

Link to the Bill:

Link to Rainy Lake Houseboats Blog:



I you search last spring there were some local articles, I-falls, etc.



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    • IceHawk
      First off congrats on the trophys. I've had a few eyes done at Fiber Tech Productions Brainerd and have been really happy with the workmanship done by them. Highly recommend them. 
      Was just out on a small lake near me checking it out. Shoreline ice is deteriorating on the north side otherwise seemed ok... Gonna be hitting a large lake after I eat. Generally get some big whitefish (even after dark) and a few big crappie out there, thinking about bringing my plank just in case,  landing is on the east end so it should be ok. 
    • smurfy
      does the DNR list these lakes?????? I also heard the DNR quit allowing permiscuos fishing??? anyone else hear this??? 
    • MikeG3Boat
      Looking for advice/recommendation on getting a replica done for 2 different fish.  One is a 14 1/2" Crappie other is a 14" perch both are my personal bests.  Wonder who has had fish replicas made for those two fish?  Any recommendations are welcome.  
    • smurfy
      my guess would be cty rd 35 past the north end of bowstring lake. I seen a lot of tapped trees around here the past few days too!!!!! rumor has it he's staying an extra day, must be date night over in inger!!!!!!!😂
    • PRO-V
    • IceHawk
      Yah the Dam in cold spring is quite the site I stopped there and looked at it . Its gushing !!
    • smurfy
      I just drove by the chain and can second that!!!!!!! in cold spring there was a sheriffs deputy and a cold spring officer on the old railroad bridge. the deputy looked like he had some type of gadget in his hand. water was really pouring over that dam.  with the news that Antons got evacuated last nite with a full house i'm sure everyones on full flood alert!!!
    • IceHawk
      I would say its over around my area. We tried to get on numerous lakes yesterday with hip boots and broke through all the edges. still ice out there once you reach it but  Things are going fast. Water is riseing fast. the hwy 22 access is completely flooded and gaining elevation by the minute.  Might make a few Northwest runs yet but locally I wont be takeing the risk anymore been a weird year but honestly i'm ready for the long rods to come out!
    • IceHawk
      Great info and read