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Anyone on here ever fished Duck Lake near Madison Lake? I was looking in the area for a lake with a healthy northern population. I want to get my 9 year old nephew in on some tip up action. Looking at the DNR report, the numbers look good. Just wondering if anyone has any experience! Thanks!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mulefarm
      Where did all these weeds come from? Makes fishing tough!
    • Muskies
      Finally able to get out. Took my daughter and boyfriend bass fishing for a few hours. Caught 13 and had many tail boils. Neither had caught a bass before so loads of fun. Using poppers, shallow diver crawfish and vibrex spinners. All caught in 4 feet or less casting rocky shorelines. Nothing large with the biggest 2 1/2 lbs. After found a few walleyes hanging out along deep weed lines in 15-18 feet. One 19” and the other 26”. Walleyes are transitioning out to deep water. Also mayfly hatch happened last weekend. Water temp at 68-69 degrees.
    • monstermoose78
      Ely is getting just as bad.
    • Kettle
      Yea the flies are horrific currently up here. Yesterday was really windy so panfishing was tough, out for walleye today 
    • Pzswenj
      Back from a week.  Tough fishing for us.  Scratched together enough for a fish meal, but it was hard work.  Tried just about everything between Taylors Island and Fraser Bay.  Huge mayfly hatch in Niles Bay early during the week.  Hit a few northern and some smallmouth.. .  Covered a lot of miles, fished hard, and it just never turned on for us...  Oh well...  Till next time...
    • Troy Smutka
      6/2/21     Catching lots of walleyes and bonus smallies on Mille Lacs. On shallow to mid-depth rocks the first few weeks, now deep gravel or mud when it is calm/clear and mid-depth rocks when it is windy and cloudy. Caught several of the elusive slot fish during the open period, kept and ate a few. Catch and release now and remember closed walleye fishing and no live bait July 1-15. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.
    • Troy Smutka
      6/16/21     Catching bass, pike, sunfish, and crappies on west Metro area lakes. Starting to see a few muskies as well. Water temps in the low to upper 70s depending on the lake. Still catching fish in shallow to mid-depth depending on the lake. Good luck and I will see you out there somewhere.
    • ozzie
      Congrats!  Bummer that the dead fish was the difference especially if it was healthy and swimming when you entered the bay!  What weight did you have pre deductions and what was your fish/weight breakdown?  Curious what people were catching... Did you fish the same spots on tourney day as you did in prefishing? and if you don't mind sharing did you fish crosslake or make it out to whitefish?  Sorry for the questions but I always am interested on the where, how, and how many in this tourney but never stick around for the long drawn out awards handout...  
    • Rivergroup
      Got back yesterday.  Found some really nice bass and a lot of them, both large and small mouth in the 15"-17" range.  Found a couple of walleye, 14" and 15".  Had a great time as usual and the weather was calm for much of the time we were there.  Had most success with slip bobber and leeches/crawlers.  
    • BigVTim
      Headed up this afternoon for a solo weekend. Throwing for Musky but might pull some cranks or spinners and see what happens.
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