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North Side/red Door Question

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This is my second year having a skid house out on the north side, I am currently on the first break in 24-25 FOW first weekend about 10 fish, Saturday 1/12 4 fish, this past weekend 4 fish. I know the brutal cold snap isn't helping the bite, but do i need to now go deeper and get off the first break? Or do the fish stay on the first break and should i just hold tight? I'm very conflicted as we were on flat last year, and then out to a deeper hole later in season and didn't do great in either spot, so not sure if i'm wasting my time and efforts for no real reason. 

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Well I was out off the edge of a mud flat in 32 ft in a great spot away from People. 4 fish Friday through last Sunday. Missed a couple others. Really nice fish. 25 inches was the smallest.  It was a tough bite. I would say maybe a little deeper and I think a big key IMO is getting away from the groups. 

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Thanks for reply, problem is red door isnt letting anyone with wheel house or skid house out to the flat or past the heave,yet. So everyone is kind of pilled up on the first/second breaks. I am thinking once they start allowing more travel it will start to thin out by me. I may give it another week or so and see how it looks. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Tom Sawyer
      Sad news ... Prayers sent, get well soon
    • SkunkedAgain
      It looks like a bunch of snow fell overnight. Hopefully this doesn't have a huge impact on ice conditions.  
    • Ref
      Sorry to hear about Cookie.   Can anyone share what type of accident it was?   Ref
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Everything I’ve heard most guys have had nothing but good things to say about this setup! Can’t wait to try it. Planning on keeping the 8” if I want a bigger hole or chasing other species. Think I might pickup the clam adjustable extension for a little more length so it’s not so short. And maybe a few spare bigger dewalt batteries.
    • tinker
      Can't go wrong with that set up . I have similar with Milwaukee M18 . I have a converted 6 '' Mora and an 8'' Nils. I have quick connect pins so changing bits is easy. I use the 6'' to find fish and drill an 8'' hole for fishing. You can also drill the 6'' close to the 8 '' for your transducer. 
    • eyeguy 54
      drill baby drill! 
    • Chuck DiVito
      Hello I believe I messaged you before.  I own Fox River Lures and Rods and need a 14 rod Ice rack.  7 per side.  unfinished just like this one you did.  I need it asap.  How much?  Can you make it in a way my retailers can assemble it easily rather than having it assembled ahead of time?  Then depending on price I will order more than would not be a rush..  Thank you Chuck DiVito.  [email protected]
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Got my new drill plate rig last night. Dewalt brushless drill with 4ah battery’s. Spun a 8” lazer hand auger great last weekend in 6” ice. Got a 6” lazer hand auger bit to pair with the plate so it should be an excellent combo. 13.3lbs is what the whole setup weighted! That works for me. Got a heck of a deal on the setup to with price matching and coupons so I can’t complain to much. Can’t wait to get the thing out it should rip the ice up. Anyone else have one they’d like to share there thoughts about it? 
    • smurfy
      i've also slowly have built some confidence in plastics, bu i also for the most part carry with me some sort of meat. depends on the lake!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • IceHawk
      Always there to help Bud  😉 cant wait to get after those perch again. Fished that area hard this summer learned alot!  Found a few new spots and new lakes with quality as well.