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fishing tech

Mille Lacs Lake Newbie

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fishing tech

I am looking at ice fishing Mille Lacs. It will be in a wheel house. A few questions I have are,

Does jigging work or is it more of a dead stick/ rattle reel lake?


If jigging what colors seem to be the best? Does this change at different locations on the lake?


shiner, fatheads, or suckers? I understand shiners are hard to find right now.


With the water being so clear, does an under water camera spook the fish?


How far off the bottom do you set your bait?


Thanks for the help!

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OK, to start it has been 2 years since I fished this lake.  Used to fish it a lot.  My experience was I always did well with lively minnows--fatheads or shiners.  Small hook with a tiny bobber. I like the red wire hooks.  Can't say about that are, but has been no shortage of shiners in Brainerd, but a few places ran out of bait on weekends.  Last Saturday Fleet Farm and Wild Rice Depot had plenty.

I always did well with gold or orange jigs.  Even small swedish pimples with minnow head.  Mix it up.  

I start 6-10 inches off the bottom but watch your flasher.

I usually fished Wigwam Bay or over toward Malmo.

Old info, but hope it helps.  I am sure there are many better informed than I.

Good luck.

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Shiners are hard to find right now. If you can get smaller suckers those worked good.  I fished 32ft off edge of mud flat last weekend. Everything we caught was on Bobber or rattle reel. Tried everything from tinglers to rippin raps last weekend for jigging, no luck.  The extreme cold did not help.  I usually do good jigging. I usually fish 3ft off bottom that deep.  Every fish we did catch was over 25 inches. 4 total the whole weekend. Missed a few others. Rattle reels worked well. Orange glow seemed to be a good glow Jig. 

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Fished last weekend and got 6 total - ranging from 12" - 24.5".

I got one hard strike while jigging, but missed.  All fish came off rattle reels.

5 of the 6 came off suckers - small to medium size.  The other came off a fathead.

Plain yellow hook worked well - as did glow red. #4 size.

I was in 27" - set my minnows about 1.5 - 2" off the bottom.

Hope this helps.

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Did you make it to the big pond yet fishing tech? We were up 2 weeks ago , sitting on a 23' hump, not much for a day time bite besides a few small ones but the evening and night was good. We had 2 slot fish which I dont understand cuz they were plump full of eggs. Several big pigs and lots of 19" were released.  Anything gold seemed to trigger fish on set lines where jigging they wanted it moving slow. The little suckers caught the bigger fish but the fatheads caught more. Good luck!

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fishing tech

Thanks for the info, I don't like crowds and with fear of getting stuck I didn't Ben her to far. I picked a spot on the gps that looked promising but couldn't get to the exact spot due to snow depth. Was looking at a 17-18ft flat, could only get to the 15ft depth just above where I wanted to be. Fishing was slow. I did manage a personal best 25 and then topped that with a 27. Caught on rattle reels. 25 on a sucker and the 27 on a fathead. Ended up catching 9 over the 4 days. Did manage 3 perch. 1-11 and 2-10.5. I think I will try it again in a week or so. Thanks for the info. I was really surprised that nothing was caught or even brought anything in while jigging.

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I always use a dead stick next to a jigging hole.  The water is clear so you can get pretty high off the bottom to bring them in and then lower it to them.  Red hook on the dead stick during the day and anything glow after dark if you want but I use pink.  I usually use fat heads or rainbow with good success.  My go to is a pink and blue rattle spoon or red.  Just off of structure during the day with a nice easy move of 15 feet or so to the top of the structure morning or night.  


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As expected, the bite is about as slow as its going to be all winter right now based on these reports.  Minnows are getting hard to find, the water is bitterly cold, fish metabolism has slowed way down, and there's peak activity/noise on the ice above.  With the season ending in 6 days, its time to pack it up and start preparing for open water season in May.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wiley Coyote
      Algae!   Ever since the zebra mussels have gotten into Whitefish the floating mats of algae have been a nuisance, but this year is terrible.  I hate that crap.  You can't troll without it getting all over your line and lure.  Not fun to swim in either!  My parents have even mentioned leaving the chain it bothers them so much.     Does anyone know if this is the blue-green algae that is toxic to dogs?   No chance I'll fish during the day this weekend, it's nuts out there right now.
    • StillFishin'
      Good to hear from you Mark.  Always liked your reports and glad your still posting when you get back to LV.   jim
    • Coloradokid55
      Headed to Brainerd Area July 9-11 coming from Colorado to visit friends. Well actually my girlfriend is I am tagging along to hopefully catch some fish with my flyrod And or jigs. Seeking advice on which lakes and tactics and anything else helpful to help maximize fishing  time in your state. I will have access to a canoe on Hubert Lake. Any and all advice would be much appreciated if anyone is into flyfishing Stillwater and would like to go or show me some pointers on your home waters That would be awesome thanks looking forward to any responses.
    • MarkB
      I just returned home from a sweltering 4 day trip on Vermilion. In all of the years that I have fished Lake Vermilion, I don't ever remember it being so hot for so long. We had no top on our boat and once that sun got overhead, it was game over for us. The heat was just too unbearable. We heard that a couple of people were hauled off in ambulances due to heat stroke. But now, for the fishing report. During the 4 days that we fished, 2 were great and 2 were not so great. We fished the same spots basically, all 4 days. Nothing changed weather wise and, except for the heat, conditions seemed ideal. We saw only very sparse mayflies with no slicks anywhere. We found the walleyes in 18'-32' of water. When we were right on top of the reef in the rocks, we caught some real nice smallmouth and jumbos right along with the walleyes. Our best smallmouth was 18.5", our best jumbo was 11.5", and our best walleye was 26". We used both crawlers and leeches and I could not define a preference for one over the other. We ate walleyes while there and brought home our limit for 3 fishermen. None of the walleyes that we kept had mayflies. Surprisingly, the jumbos that came from the same reefs were full of mayflies. The areas that we fished were snaggy and I found that a 1oz bottom bouncer and a teardrop floating jig(blue and white) with a 3'-4' leader greatly reduced snags and satisfied the fish. We generally fished till about 1:00 when the heat became unbearable. We fished Big Bay, Portage Bay, and Fraser Bay. Big Bay and Fraser Bay produced all of our fish. We tried slip bobbers on top of reefs at varying depths and basically struck out. On Wednesday, we were fishing Fraser Bay when a smaller boat with a man and a woman came trolling by us next to an island(Alepo, if you must know). She hooked up and proceeded to fight what appeared to be a big fish. The fight continued and we finally decided it was a muskie. It was a joke watching these very nice people trying to land this fish because, they had no net and were completely unprepared to land this fish. She brought the fish up beside the boat and the man cradled his arms under the fish and lifted it up. That fish slapped him in the side of the head 5 or 6 times on the way into the boat. It was difficult to keep from laughing. We congratulated them and moved away only to see the man pick the fish up and heave it over the back of the boat. I went back and, sure enough, the big fish was on it's back and was belly up. We asked if they wanted us to revive it and, so, we did. She was mishandled and it took 10 minutes or better to get her to where she kicking pretty good so we could let her go. She swam away and disappeared. The fish was 45" long by their measurement and it was caught on a small spinner with a sucker minnow for bait. They said they were fast trolling this set-up for northerns. All in all, it's always great to be at the lake in spite of the weather. We have a second trip planned and reserved for late September. I'm pretty sure the weather will have cooled by then. Good Fishing, MarkB😀                                                                                                               My best walleye of the trip
    • Muskies
      Good morning resplendent.. With all the warm weather we have had the walleyes should be Biting on the reefs by this weekend. The forecast is for 80-85 next week but I would like to see some rain up here as it’s pretty dry in the bush. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
    • Resplendent
      I plan to lake fishing next week too, hope the weather will be nice by that time.
    • Wanderer
      Did you have much for floating weeds or moss in the stretch you were fishing?  I’ve had lots this year, the same as last.  Been enough of a pain I’ve quit fishing it.   Always love the vids!
    • tacklejunkie
      I haven't seen any reports locally this year. The other forums all have updated reports. 
    • monstermoose78
      I can’t find varmint loads any where, Any help? 
    • Muskies
      Here’s a picture of the water...6 feet deep off my dock...very clear right now
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