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Lake Of The Woods MN Fishing & Ice Report | 12.31.2018

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On the main basin

Good numbers of walleyes and saugers being caught of all sizes.  Jig one line, deadstick second.  Most anglers focused in 25-31' of water.  During the morning and evenings, shallow water bite in 13-18'.  Electronics very helpful with some larger fish suspended.  Every resort ice road is different but pickups and wheelhouses of varying sizes allowed on various ice roads.  Gold, glow red, yellow and orange hot colors.  Ice ranges from 12-20" where resorts are fishing.  Snowmobile trails on lake staked from south shore up to NW angle.  Please stay on marked trails, don't go off on your own and exercise safety precautions as ice conditions vary.

On the Rainy River

Stretches of the river and bay ice unsafe with heavier than normal current.  Some walleye action in Four Mile Bay early and late in the day.  Most river fishing currently being done by locals who know ice.

The NW Angle

Ice road is open from Young's Bay to Flag Island, no further as of yet.  Snowmobile trails from south shore across the lake to Angle are marked and are open.  Stay on the trail for safety!  Excellent fishing with good numbers of walleyes being caught.  Most fish coming from 18-24'.  Crappies being caught on Ontario side.  Work through resorts and stay on staked resort ice trails.


12.31.18 Fishing Report.jpg

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Fished out of zippel last 2 days. Fishing was slow. 31 fish yesterday. 5 keeper's. Lots of small sauger. 29 ft of water.  Fishing was slower today. 2 keeper's. Lots of of small sauger. Biggest walleye was 21 inches. I talked to people at the Igloo who didn't catch anything all day. I also heard the fishing was good until last Thursday than it slowed. Lots of houses out of zippel. Good luck. 

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My wife and I fished off of Long Point Resort's road yesterday(Jan.1) in around 28 ft. and took home a combination walleyes and saugers (12 fish total), but nothing of size to speak of and mostly saugers.  We caught lots of small fish with many, very small saugers and some very small walleyes that were in the 2018 year class. The sauger spawn this spring must have been quite successful.

We only fished for 4 1/2 hours but marked very many fish (very few suspended) and had constant action.  White and gold #4 Rippin Raps and a #5 orange and gold Jigging Rap worked the best for us.  We caught some on dead rods, but the vast majority were caught on rods that were jigged.  

I measured the ice where we were set up and it measured somewhere around 24".

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      We're still OPEN & fishing up at the NW Angle!
      Fishing on the Minnesota side continues to be best early morning and from sundown to dusk. Work deeper edges of the break line in the morning and afternoon, moving up to the flats and points for an evening flurry. With low pressure coming for the weekend expect fishing to be excellent.
      On the Ontario side, Crappie action was really good this past weekend in 30+ feet of water. Lots of fish over 14."
      Lake conditions have drastically improved as water making slush has receded below the ice or has frozen over in most areas. Caution should be used in areas of high current or between islands. 
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    • Sunset Lodge
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      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Areas of slush on trails in Minnesota are refreezing overnight and are still in good condition if well-traveled.  Walleye action is getting better every day, with mornings and late evening being best.  Rippin’ raps and buckshots are enticing violent strikes; 18-22 ft of water is key. Big northern pike are hitting jiggin’ spoons and tip ups with large baits.

      Anglers venturing into Canada continue to find schooled Crappies and big walleye deeper into 30+ feet. A slow presentation is most effective for catching crappies. 

      Until next week,
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    • Sunset Lodge
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      Hello from the NW Angle!
      Minnesota snowmobile trail conditions are in good shape. The Baudette trail is great north of Knight Island. Walleye action heats up in periods of stable weather. The best catching is happening in 21-25ft, with the most productive method being a dead-stick beside an actively jigged rattle bait such as a buckshot or rippin’ rap. Glow white/pink is out producing other colors. The late ice bite can be phenomenal on Lake of the Woods, ice permitting we will have houses out through the end of the month!
      Canadian fishing is recommended via snowmobile as they are light enough not to drop into the slush as easy as other track vehicles. Crappies are still filling buckets and walleye are actively feeding on reef break lines and points. Walleye season is open through April 14th. 
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    • smurfy
      Well most lakes with muskie in them are non native to the lake and are stocked. I think they should do away with that also.
    • Mike89
      yes you can and they can cover the holes/marks...   I have seen it done..  very interesting...  and there are replicas too...
    • opsirc
      In all the years going to low never fished them,  heang up this weekend and thinking of trying there. Are they any good or should head out far like everyone else?
    • Getanet
      I'm assuming they planned to get those fish mounted, which leads to a question I've wondered about...can you get a speared pike mounted?  I would assume the holes left by the spear would make it pretty tough, but maybe the taxidermists have some tricks up their sleeve.
    • gimruis
      Most lakes with muskies still ban spearing.  I personally think Mille Lacs should go back to the way it was for decades.  Just my opinion.   You are probably right.  If they had caught it trolling in soft water, they probably would have done the same.  I don't know.  I personally think that most people spearing know the difference when they see one, but obviously not all of them do.
    • Getanet
      Well, now I want some pancakes!  
    • Hoey
      I fished Friday and Saturday with two guests from work.  We went to the mud both days.  The bite was tough.  Not as many high flyers compared to two weeks ago.  Fish seemed more finicky, some spooked easily while others were just sniffers.  The guides indicated that the bite had softened over the past week as the fish were consuming larvae from a hatch, fishing deeper resulted in a lot of tulibee, shallower were smaller eyes and sauger.    My cabin neighbor spent a day fishing.  He started off in the mud and headed to shallow water around 230pm, as he heard this was the place to be.  They added one to their bag.     I just spoke to another party that moved their house into 16 feet along a sandy break and did really well yesterday 230 to 6pm.     We had fish dinner on Friday night and surprisingly enough, we scratched out one short of our take home limit.  Size-wise, these fish were in the lower range with larger ones being 17s down to 13s.  We also were able to enjoy some slots.  Here are a couple.       The weather was probably the best we have experienced this season, both road and lake-wise.  I am hoping for 4 more weeks of winter, as I have some trips planned between now and mid-March.      
    • cookie129
      Another season of big game fishing has came to a end. Its never been easy for me to call it a season as I really have loved  working on the lake. This year because of my car accident I did not get to have that enjoyment.  Yes there 's time where you ask yourself wtf. Have cuss words been used? yes. Fighting mother nature can be so brutal. The only way to have a chance against her is to try and plan ahead, which is easier said then done. The equipment takes a beating. Trying to track down parts for trucks that are pushing 40 years old is always a challenge.  This year our son jonny boy had to step up and take over for me. He got a good taste of the planning it takes to keeps things going forward. He had his moments learning the hard way by trial and err. He did a fantastic job finding fish considering how handcuffed we were as to where we could go. There were numerous comments from new and old customers  how well he took care of them. For me its always been about customer service, repeat business. To know they have carried that on makes me very proud.   I did get to visit a few customers this year but it was very limited as I just did not feel comfortable visiting.  We did recruit Richie to help us to start the season, Jonny  and him sure got along well, which was a blessing.  He had to head home  the end of janurary. Our grand daughter Ashley stepped up as she said "Jonny boy took her under his wing". They sure had fun working and fishing together.  She sure enjoyed visiting our customers. She even learned how to pull a house out of its spot and tow one across the lake.  She also has a passion to fish, spending numerous nights on the lake. It is a treat having her here with our great grand son Bentlee. Bentlee hanging out with his mom and great uncle John on the lake makes him a 7 generation here on the shores of upper red lake.  The final weekend of fishing report was not to bad. Phil and his 2 buddies were in montana, they went home with 12 plus missed plenty of fish.  I spent time in old Minnesota before, during and after wayne and pauls visit. I fished hard the last week Jigging a orange chubby darter. I think I landed  at least 12 fish. If they did not hit the lure they hit  a set line.  Wayne and Paul went home with 6 but should of had more as they also lost and missed fish.  I spent sunday afternoon out there and landed 3 nice fish before packing it in.  Florida had Ed and his wife Pat they did not do that well. Ed said he marked a lot of fish but could not get them to bite. They did go home with a couple.  Dan was in California with his daughter Anna. They just fished for the day. She did get to catch her first walleye before packing it in.  Rick, his brother Mike and young one Joe? fished in Colorado .The first night on a new spot was not good so Ashley and Jonnny moved them Saturday afternoon. I think they had some better action but they pulled out early sunday morning.  North Dakota was a no show so Ashley and Jonny boy got to spend the last weekend on the lake where they also caught and missed some fish.   All the houses are now getting staged to comer to shore.  Jonnny has plans to look for the mother load of  the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. The plan will be sleds and portables. Our crappie get together is still in the planning. I expect a few of the guys to make it up as the snow melts. I would love to get out there and wet a line, just not sure if I can bounce on a sled, time will tell.  I owe such a huge thank you for all the help I received this year. It was truly amazing. I can never thank people enough for there generosity . Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope to have a few more fishing reports before the ice melts on such a grand lake  
    • Rick
      They're looking for sites they can spam to boost their SEO. They try to look legit at 1st. I immediately welcomed him then put him on his posts need approval before they show up.   Whenever you see something odd like that, just report it and I will take care of it.
    • Rick
      Welcome to FM @Ando009   Please let us know how it goes for you.   Pics are awesome.
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