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Lamont Gray

Lake Phalen

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Lamont Gray

Hi i was wondering how the ice and bite been on phalen just tips to where to head 2nd year ice fishing and I always wanted to try there don't want any ones secret  spots just the depths people been lucky on I want to learn to ice fish big lakes 





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Hey Lamont welcome to FM. Some good fishing right off of the boat ramp on North end...go left or right of the landing 100-200 yards and try fishing in 10-14 feet of water with suckers or shiners for plentiful pike during the daylight hours. There is a sandbar that crosses the lake where it is pinched...look at the lake map. A lot of guys fish this early evening for walleyes which are stocked every other year. The two pike below were C & R in the last couple of years. Good luck!



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Nice Tiger Musky out of Phalen last week. Fought like the devil, several 50' runs...took 10 minutes to get to the hole.  C&R of course.

Winter '19 Tiger Musky.jpg

Tiger foot shot.jpg

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Missing pic
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Nice colors on that one. 

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    • Borch
      May want to post this in the BWCA, Duluth.... regional forum.  You may get more responses there as that's the area the lake is in.   Goid Luck!
    • Mike89
      sad world, no one's word is any good any more cause of the bad ones..............................
    • PRO-V
      I brought a notarized letter from their mother and they required it back when I did it. The other documents prove who he is but not whether the father is spiriting him away.
    • Bucketcastle
      Hi everyone, I will be heading to Echo Lake, in the superior national Forest, the middle of June.  Never been there, but the small amount I found on this site says it's a good fishing lake.  Does anyone have past experience on this lake?  I'm targeting walleye mostly, but Pike and crappie are always on my menu.  Are there any lure colors that have worked well for you?  I'm mostly a live bait fisherman.  Any presentations that worked well?  Any advice will be greatly appreciated with this lake, and I will report back how it went/what worked.  Thank you everyone.
    • schmitty3
      Did well last night in big bay, 15-20 fow in the evening. 5-8 as it got and after dark. LOTS of small ones but was able to get 8 in the box and 1 slot fish (22”). 
    • BobT
      Anyone can create a letter signed by his mother. I'd bring a birth certificate.    This reminds me of a funny story one of my neighbors told me. Well, it's funny now with hindsight but probably not so funny at the time. My neighbor, Dave, had gone into Canada visiting. He had one of his boys with him who was about 4 or 5 at the time. On their way back into the US, the border guard looked at the boy and asked him what his name was and he replied, "Matthew." Then the guard asked, "Do you know who he is?" referencing the driver. Rather than replying that he was his dad, he replied, "He's Dave."    Took a little explaining to get past that interview.
    • Wheres_Walter
      Caught a dozen on frazer tonight.  All on rainbows.    Jigs and lindys equally productive.  All 11-15” fish caught in  10-12 fow
    • bassbouncer
      Yep he worked for me a few years ago. He had moved to Arizona a awhile ago and hadn’t worked for Timbuktu since. 
    • delcecchi
      I just heard (way late) that Louis Watt, of Cook, a Technician at Timbutktu Marine,  was in a bad motorcycle wreck down down in Arizona this winter.    He has a caring bridge and gofund me sites and a facebook page for those who might be interested.     https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/louiewatt https://www.gofundme.com/louis-watt https://www.facebook.com/louie.watt              
    • bfisherman11
      John, Glad to see you posting. I will be up with my new Lowe FM165 July 22nd. Can't wait. Bill