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Bald Eagle And White Bear December 6

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I went out at 11 a.m. today, Thursday December 6, to check on activity on Bald Eagle and White Bear Lake.

There were two portables on Bald Eagle.  One was up on the north end in the middle but I couldn’t tell how access was gained - probably a local since there isn’t any place to get on up there.  There was also a portable by the cattail bed south and west of the landing.  There were enough tracks from the landing to make me think there are a number of folks going out that way.  

What I saw that was odd was a large area of very dark ice going north and west from the island.  The rest of the lake has a thin coating of snow but this area looked to be totally clear.  Hard to believe that it is still open water given the recent temps.  But there were also some ducks flying along the west side of the lake and looking for a place to land.  Doesn’t make sense to me.

White Bear only had two portables and it looks like they probably came out from the VFW.  I didn’t go around the entire lake but there was nothing visible from the launch on 96.

Part of it could be the lack of any information from bait dealers.  Blue Ribbon’s shop on 96 has been closed for a couple of seasons now.  The ladies at the Quick Stop on 61 near 120th really had nothing useful to offer in terms of info and I doubt they pay any attention.  One said that there have been a few coming in to buy bait but no one has given any reports.

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From what I'm seeing on Lake Owasso and Lake Josephine which aren't real far from Bald Eagle the area of open water doesn't surprise me.  Owasso still had a decent amount of open water on the northwest side of the lake last night when I drove by.  Josephine looks to be locked up but has areas not far off shore on the east side that don't look great and those areas were open a few days ago. 



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A friend who lives on the lake told me that the area north west of the island was open water last week.  She's out of town right now and didn't know how it was doing today.  

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Bald eagle had open water out around the big island and extending north til this morning. There is still a small strip of water east of it where the crack forms every year. By tonight it should be locked up but be wary. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • ZachD
      10 inches between the islands on west rush when I was there last sunday   Lake shakopee  in onamia had around 10 over a week ago I imagine it has a foot by now

      That is about all I know
    • Paradice
      Poor people shouldn't be going to RESORTS.   That's what makes them poor people.  They should be fishing the free waters near their home.  If it sucks, they should do something about it, whether that is lobby the government to have someone else pay to fix it, or earn some extra cash and go somewhere that has fish.     I grew up broke, and didn't like it.  So as soon as I could drive, I worked my tail to the bone and changed my situation.  I didn't go on my first "resort" quality fishing trip until I was 25. 
    • Savage Brewer
      The forums used to be cool 5-10 years ago and people shared some, but yeah the last few years they have almost died when it comes to regional and lake information.  Even sharing information at the bait shop or tackle store has pretty much become taboo, its too bad sometimes as that was a good way to meet new people back in the day.    This 40 degree weather and sunny this weekend will probably wreck any chance of good ice soon.  Not happy about that to be honest.
    • slammer
      Thanks for sharing.  NIce maps to look at and compare with others.
    • papadarv
      I have one still works only missing battery. Using Batt on other electronics. I live near Forest Lake. PM me if your interested.   Added to post I think your from East Tawas Mich. May be a bit of a challenge getting it to you if interested...
    • Borch
      Stay tuned...
    • PRO-V
      Say what you will but since ice fishing took off over 20 years ago several resort operators I know on Lotw have made out like bandits. Their business has almost quadrupled using the same cabins and adding some fish houses. I'm fully aware of what it takes to run these places.
    • JerkinLips
      I have 5 Wild Game trail cameras and have had very good luck with them.  For the lower price they are a decent option.  I also have a Moultrie, Hunten, Wildview, Primos, and Bushnell.  My first 3 cameras ran on C-size batteries which were very expensive, so I replaced them with AA-battery cameras.
    • Wanderer
      Copied from the other side but still, congrats. 😊   10 years is a notable anniversary.  Congrats!    I was checking to see how many I recognized.  A fair amount.  Then I saw you did catch me. 
    • mrpike1973
      Just wondering if this may happen this year again?