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Grey Wolf Fish Houses

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17 hours ago, opsirc said:

son  and i bought one this past year, like it so far, the only thing was the bathroom setup was not the best. we only use a 20 for about a 24 hour period. we had no problem towing. 

hey opsir, did you get a 8x16/17? 


How about the frame, do you see that holding up? such as rust?


HOw about the axle system? 

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Posted (edited)

I'd recommend getting one. My frame is holding up, good. Personally I am glad I want with Grey wolf vs. Ice castle 

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They call it,  if i remember right a mh17, but from back to end of tounge it's 27ft. Very little rust, we bought it from private party. Have problems on one side with axle, does not want to go down all way think maybe got a little rust in it. Tows really easy.

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Gotta service those axles every year to keep them from sticking.  Maybe even grease em a little more than once per year.


I have a True North and had an Ice Cabin, both with the same axle system as the Grey Wolf.

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thanks for the replies guys; I did call down to Fleet Alignment Service in regards to their experience with the grey wolf axles/alignments and he said they are well built; they have larger diameter spindles and are longer vs the others, but like wanderer said you need to keep up on the greasing, that was the big drawback he had. The ones that freeze up and come to their shop, he adds 3 zerks to the spindles so they get even grease distribution. 

He did say the GS frames are the best ones out there as far as the greaseless system and durability combined. 


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  • 4 weeks later...

we decided to pickup a 16BF with awning and AC from Roth RV in deerwood, we like the hole layout and the insulated floor. The only thing I need to get used to is the non-wood interior. Plan on using it this weekend!

The axles come with a 5 year warranty as well!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JerkinLips
      McKinley Park parking lot is plowed regularly but is often quite busy.  Fortune Bay would be another option but I assume the parking lot is for guests (or customers).
    • monstermoose78
      Had fun diver hunting but my partners sucked at shooting worse than me. First flock I let them shoot and I dropped one it was a ringer and Finn chased that suck way out in the lake and around. Ended up with one merganser and my hunting partners never touched a duck.
    • SkunkedAgain
      In years past, Jack and other owners of the Landing used to keep the boat launch plowed next door. The last owners of the Landing didn't do it. I've asked several times while frequenting the Landing this summer/fall, and it sounds like they do not plan to keep the lot open either. Are there any other public launches on the lake that are regularly or semi-regularly plowed for people to park sled trailers?
    • monstermoose78
      Good luck I heard a report today lots of lakes are frozen
    • BobT
      Wow, I posted that information almost a decade ago. Those definition points I posted are not my opinion but if I remember correctly, I believe they came from the Hunting Handbook. As I posted.... • Crossbow hunters may not party hunt with firearms hunters. • Crossbow hunters may party hunt with archery hunters if they possess an archery license with a crossbow disability permit.   I'm not aware of any change in the law since then. 
    • JerkinLips
      Made it out for 4 hours yesterday and all I caught was this 25" walleye and a 22" northern.  Didn't have a bite in 2 hours last night and didn't see the people fishing by me pull up a fish.  Water temp was 37.4°F and there was a lot of green globs floating in the water.  Maybe that was from the water turning over (heaviest at 39.16°F).  I will blame that for the poor fishing rather than my lack of fishing skill (which I know I have).   Hoodoo point landing (2nd photo) had a little shore ice and McKinley Park (3rd photo) was totally clear as was Stuntz Bay.  With low temperatures in the teens the next 3 mornings I would expect ice to start forming along some shores.  Pulled my boat out of the water but could easily put it back in if the lake stays ice-free and I get my buck early.
    • Austin12345
      Its hard to think but its coming soon at 15 I dont have 300 laying around to buy a vex with so last year I got a garmin striker 4 and made a mount for it even with the summer ducer it worked great!! I would put it up aginst my buddies vexs and marcums here are the pics
    • JBMasterAngler
      I’m leaving the boat home...forecast just sucks up there for the weekend! I’m going to find out the hard way if I indeed patched the leak in my waders 🥶 I’m just going hop from lake to lake, and hope the ice won’t be a problem. 
    • Wiley Coyote
      Not looking to catch ciscos, looking to catch the things that eat ciscos, lol
    • gimruis
      It is supposed to be quite cold for the next 5-6 days and then I saw almost 50 again by deer opener.
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