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I recently moved to the area and this will be my first year ice fishing on Vemilion. I have fished the east end quite a bit on open water but never ice. I live on Pike Bay and wondered if some of you could offer some basics on how to get started for walleye, panfish, etc. I have a portable, auger, and a few rods.   Thanks for any information you can offer!!!!  Any small panfish lakes in the area you can just walk out on?

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Spearing Machine

Welcome up! Your best bet for decent fishing will be out from Mckinley park on vermilion and as the winter goes on it tends to slow, so earlier is better there for walleyes. Pretty limited for panfish in the immediate area and any decent spot is kept quiet (for good reason). Pike river reservoir has some panfish but extreme caution is urged with the current (access on hwy 1 above Dam). There are a few panfish lakes closer by Ely you can check out or south around Virginia/Eveleth or up by Orr. Dnr lake Finder helps a lot and be willing to explore and put miles on your legs (you can often be rewarded). 

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    • BrianF
      Made the trip up from the cities to retrieve my boat in storage here at the cabin. Got out on the lake tonight for a bit on the snowmobile.  What a mess.  Slush and ponded water everywhere.  Ice depth was 26” on the staked trail and the ice came out in chunks not shavings when using the auger.  It’s definitely getting softer.  We had probably a foot more ice last year at this same time. Gonna be iced out early if this keeps up.  This trip is likely my last time on Lake V for the ice season, unless conditions become drastically colder for a prolonged period. 
    • Wanderer
      None for me yet but I’ve pretty much just been going back and forth from work or been on 371.  Been looking anyway though.
    • Mike Ravenhorst
      I know it's super early, but I'm heading to Birch lake this summer, actually twice, for the first time. My family and I are heading there in mid August, and the guys will be heading back for Labor Day.  We will be after primarily Pike and Walleye.  I can't seem to find a ton of fishing reports for this time of year.  Most of what I find is for Spring action.  We'll be staying at River Point Resort.  Any tips to put my girls on some fish would be GREATLY appreciated! 
    • opsirc
      Do they have dates for this year
    • Borch
      Been seeing a lot near food lots and corn fields.   With the fields starting to open up turkeys, deer and pheasants have been hitting the freshly exposed ground. 
    • Hoey
      Big Dick's in Kelliher has a sign up for Shiners.  IDK if live or frozen.  Call Fred's Bait in Deer River 218-246-8710..  Good Luck.  Be Safe.
    • smurfy
      Well at least you have your shirt on!!😊 nice pics you 2.
    • sledhead
      Anybody know if any bait shops around that still have live shiners? Leaving in the morning and would love to get some. coming up from the cities.   Thanks
    • mrpike1973
      Thanks again Smurfy!!! My casting arm is getting twitchy.
    • Getanet
      I didn't like underwater cameras until this winter. My past experience had been with some much older models that were fairly large and didn't have great video quality. But this past winter my buddy got a handheld Aqua Vu and it was awesome. The camera quality was excellent, and if you're in a wheelhouse it's really fun to connect it to a flat screen TV. But the biggest upgrade might be the smaller size of the actual camera nowadays. The camera on the last one I had used looked like a perch. While it didn't scare the fish away, they certainly seemed a little leery of it and didn't act natural when it was down.  The ones they make now are really small and don't seem to bother the fish nearly as much. It's really interesting to see what kind of structure you're sitting on, and you can be certain your lure is exactly where you want it - for instance - a 1/2 inch above a rock or weeds.   Don't think they'll ever replace a flasher, but I'm tucking a $20 bill away from time to time so I can buy one next ice season.