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Open Water On Area Lakes

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    Warning to the early ice fishers. Several lakes on the Buffalo area still have open water in the center or along different edges.

Swans and geese seems to be keeping these the open patches.  There has been guys going out on the smaller lakes without open water.

I had seen open areas on Buffalo, Constance, Deer and Dean. Bill at Bj's on Clearwater say the west basin just iced over Nov. 20

BJ's  Bait and Tackle shop will start winter hours Nov. 28 looking forward to getting out.


  Be aware the beaver has been busy at clearwater lake, bay club access chewing down several trees.


I am still doing Taxidermy and may do a few Guided ice fishing trips.    Jiggin Jim  612-644-7567

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Last night Beebe still had two open spots out from the landing and west of the big island. Swans/Geese, rain and warm wind are probably the culprits there. Near the landing looks ok, so it could be deceiving if you head out when it does finally ice over. 

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Lake Stella and Manuella where open as of this morning

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Bluegill Dan

Anyone know how the ice is doing on Dean Lake?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • bassbouncer
      12 minutes by boat
    • JBMasterAngler
      Took my wife above the dam today. The slow fishing didn’t score me any points. Just 2 little bass, and 2 little walleyes. Also didn’t buy me much time. I would have normally just kept going farther and farther upstream, but her patience is very thin if the fish aren’t biting, hence the reason I’m posting this at 4:30 😩    
    • james_walleye
      Tlund I was going 2-2.2 mph. 85 feet. I only run a 12 foot fluor leader. I was putting the 3rd color just into the water. 
    • delcecchi
      Long drive to wolf bay...  Got non-pizza takeout from crescent and was very satisfied.
    • Tlund
      How many feet of line were you letting out trolling 17-19’? And what speed? 
    • james_walleye
      A quick report. I messed around last night for a couple hours. The pods I had fished earlier in the day had dispersed. I checked a few areas that had some fish. I caught 8 on this outing but one was a 29". A couple came rigging crawlers. A couple on bobbers and leeches. A couple came trolling the shoreline later in the evening.  This morning the pods in those couple spots were completely gone from yesterday morning. I didn't snoop to much but instead decided to try leadcore in an area I've done well on in July in the past. I caught 4 but they were all 15-16". The flat was 17-19 feet. There was not alot of activity yet on the flat yet. Didn't see many fish and just a few clouds of bait. 
    • james_walleye
      Hey still im working structure. Checking reefs and islands anywhere from 15-30 feet in general. I never drop a line until I find decent pods of fish on the graph. I wil typically check wind driven areas or the wind driven side of structure first. 
    • StillFishin'
      As a guy who is trying to use my depth finder more to find fish, I'd be interested in hearing about the techniques used to find those pods.  Also do you think wind, clouds,etc. has anything to do with getting them going?  Are most pods relating to reefs- on or off, or over open water?  Thanks   StillFishin"    
    • bassbouncer
      Kitchen staff is a big issue. The cook got fired recently but overall it’s owned/managed by not the brightest people. Same owners at moosebirds. I think they’re in over their heads. They had good pizza imo until they switched to the stupid wood fire pizza oven and created their own crappy crust recipe. They’ve been changing menus weekly and jacking prices-I’m sure some of that is reflecting the increased cost of groceries but not impressed at all lately. I know someone who works there and the help isn’t very happy either. Wolf bay is where it’s at lol. 
    • Trump 2020
      Thank you for the help Muskies. I will check those places out...
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