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    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Areas of slush on trails in Minnesota are refreezing overnight and are still in good condition if well-traveled.  Walleye action is getting better every day, with mornings and late evening being best.  Rippin’ raps and buckshots are enticing violent strikes; 18-22 ft of water is key. Big northern pike are hitting jiggin’ spoons and tip ups with large baits.

      Anglers venturing into Canada continue to find schooled Crappies and big walleye deeper into 30+ feet. A slow presentation is most effective for catching crappies. 

      Until next week,
      Sunset Lodge

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!
      Minnesota snowmobile trail conditions are in good shape. The Baudette trail is great north of Knight Island. Walleye action heats up in periods of stable weather. The best catching is happening in 21-25ft, with the most productive method being a dead-stick beside an actively jigged rattle bait such as a buckshot or rippin’ rap. Glow white/pink is out producing other colors. The late ice bite can be phenomenal on Lake of the Woods, ice permitting we will have houses out through the end of the month!
      Canadian fishing is recommended via snowmobile as they are light enough not to drop into the slush as easy as other track vehicles. Crappies are still filling buckets and walleye are actively feeding on reef break lines and points. Walleye season is open through April 14th. 
      Sunset Lodge

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Fishing is really starting to pick up, which usually means Spring is on the way! 

      Fishing on the Minnesota side has been best at first and last light, which can make for long days on the ice this time of year.  The Sauger bite has really picked up with a lot good sized eaters coming out of 21-25 ft. The most effective colors for both Walleye and Sauger have been Chartreuse, White, any Glow/lighted/UV (specifically red) and hammered gold. When fishing at depths less than 20 feet, keep an active presentation. Northerns tend to be most active in the early afternoon which is a good time to take a break from jigging and put out a tip-up.
      Fishing on the Canadian side has been good since the last snow storm and continues to produce Crappie and Walleye. A light setup for crappies with plastics or larvae has been productive.  

      Slush is still frozen in well-traveled areas but it plentiful off trail.  

      Fishing will continue to improve as the weather does, there is still a lot of time to fit in a last minute ice fishing trip!!
      Sunset Lodge

    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      South End
      Great reports continue to come in for walleyes and saugers. Fish being caught in a variety of depths from 24-34' of water.  Morning/evening bite in 15-20'.  Some suspended fish.  Keep jigging lines moving.  Gold, glow red and other glow colors effective.  Try rattles to draw fish in.  Deadstick with a plain hook and live minnow.  Fish houses on ice through March 31, walleyes open through April 14, pike season open continuous.  Thick ice, extensions needed.  Resort houses available with good ice.  Ice roads open.
      Rainy River
      A strong current in the river this year and a lot of snow.  Snowmobile trail on a river is open and marked from Baudette (downstream from the bridge) to the lake.  Stay on the trail for safety.
      NW Angle
      Excellent reports across the Angle.  Walleyes coming from 22-30'.  Saugers and jumbo perch mixed in.  Jig one line, second line dead stick with a plain hook with a live minnow.  Snowmobile trails from south shore across the lake to Angle are marked with fresh snow.  Lots of slush off of the trail. 

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!
      Minnesota Walleye can be found in 19-23ft early and late in the day.  Rattle baits will call these actively feeding fish to the hole.  Midday action is best adjacent to the break line at 25-29ft.  These fish are preferring a more subtle presentation such as a minnow and plain hook or a spoon with a whole minnow on a dead-stick.  It remains important to constantly re-charge glow baits to keep them productive in the deeper water. 
      In Canada, walleye and crappie fishing is good in typical spots. Travel can become difficult in slushy areas, solo travel is not advised. Try to run on previous tracks laid as areas of slush will have frozen over night where machines have packed the trail.  We are no longer running day houses on the Canadian side, however now is your chance to bring snowmobiles, hire a local guide and limit out on the hot March bite! 
      We are still offering 50% off mid-week lodging through March! (Sun-Wed nights)
      Until next week,
      Sunset Lodge

    • MN BassFisher
      By MN BassFisher
      A group of us recently made it up to Flag Island Resort for 3 days of multispecies ice fishing on Lake of the Woods. The accommodations and folks who worked at the Resort were top notch! Bending over backwards to put you on fish and make your trip one to remember.
      The Fishing - Day 1 it was decided to stay, somewhat, close to the Resort in the MN side of LOTW to target Walleye, Sauger and Perch due to 24+ hours of snow. We got into pretty good numbers of fish and some quality fished showed up as well! Below is a video of that action from Day 1.
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    • chaffmj
      Lots of people fish at Hidden Falls Park. It is currently closed due to high water. Also another place to fish is Crosby Park off of Shepard road under the 35 bridge. Please wait a few weeks until the river goes down.
    • Nate Remmele
      I've been trying to find specific info on how the musky population is doing in the chain of lakes. I know they started stocking in 2011 and stock every other year. Anybody have any idea if it's worth trying for them yet?
    • DonkeyHodey
      I don't want nobody "breaking the seal" in my lake--use your empty Mountain Dew bottle  🤔 (But seriously, I hope the DNR isn't so blinded by the AIS lingo in proposal that they don't seen how blatantly and dramatically it will decrease access...   Furthermore, I can't believe every lake-association isn't watching this intently;  ready to file their own versions as soon as they see what the outcome is...)
    • delcecchi
      You get the seal and drive away.   Who will break the seal at minnetonka or Mille Lacs or White Bear or Osakis or whatever?   This is the first I heard of this seal business.  I would certainly be interested in how it is supposed to work.      I can imagine how something like this would possibly work but it would need to be a statewide thing, or even multi state.      Right now, I go to the cleaning station and get inspected and get the seal.    Sometime later I show up at an access and they look at my seal to see if I am allowed to launch.   Is that how it works?    Does the seal have a timestamp?   Is the seal where my boat connects to the trailer, so launching boat automatically breaks it?   Somebody has to break it?     So many questions.... And it isn't even a lake where I go....    
    • dnovak
      ^^ thats what i thought.  Just needed confirmation.  Here is a picture looking East from Nelson landing Monday 3-25 (Not my picture, stolen from Facebook) Shouldn't be too long now.  It seems to always hang up on the final stretch haha!
    • ANYFISH2
      Sort of!!?   Spring hockey practice starts April 8th.  5-6 practices for the month only.  BUT, ...April means the start of Travel and JVL baseball as well.     It is turkey season(scouting anyway),  I can work around athletics!
    • Wanderer
      I wouldn’t turn it down.  That and another burger stop. 😋     Is hockey done now?
    • ANYFISH2
      The water rushing at the falls in Big falls is a yearly occurrence.  No big alarm this time of year.  Big falls is a long ways from the Rainy.   Now, the if the ice capped river builds a up ton of pressure and it has a sudden blowout, that will certainly change things.  The temps forecasted are working in our favor, a nice slow/normal melt.   The Big fork seems to have a lesser impact than the Little Fork.  We should be ok for a couple weeks I HOPE!
    • ANYFISH2
      Heard one can see open water from the Nelson (Birchdale) access this afternoon. It is getting close.
    • ANYFISH2
      Gotcha. If you need a scout out this way,  just let me know.   Spotted 6 more this afternoon right near the house.  They usually dont show hear till mid season.