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We are planning on getting a new roof on the cabin next year.  Old one is 20 years old.

Thinking about metal.   Anyone got opinions about metal roofs, or suggestions for a reliable guy to put it on?  

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Millers roofing 

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Sandberg 780-7153, Ratai 780-1124, Bodri 780-6761, 

I did my own with standing seam metal from Menards. Really easy to do 

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jim curlee

I have a metal roof on my house near Cook, I installed it about thirteen years ago still looks/works great.

Replaced my shingled roof at home(Pine Island) last year, the shingles lasted 17 years before they were lookin pretty tough. That would be twice I've replaced shingles at home in 35 years.


The major problem I have with steel is when the snow melts off of the roof, it will all come off at one time.

If your car, or the door you use to get in and out of your house is under the eave's, you WILL have an issue.

Last spring enough snow came off of my roof in one melting, that it would have buried, and I'm sure crushed my truck. The snow drift after that melting was about 10' wide, and 4' deep. You better plow it right away, or you will have an ice drift that you cannot remove.

The only other issue, is that when it rains it really runs off of the roof. You will get wet standing under the eaves of your house. The rain come's off in sheets. 

You could use gutters or deflectors, but the snow coming off in the spring will also remove your gutters/deflectors, guaranteed.

A door on the gable end of your house will take care of the rain and snow problem.


Other than that I think the steel roof is great, it is easy to apply, and is guaranteed for 40 years. I don't plan on ever using shingles again, have converted most of my buildings to steel!

With shingles you might get 20 years, then you get to hire somebody to come out, and replace your shingles again. LOL

And NO, it is not so loud in my house when it rains, that you can't hear yourself think. LOL

And No, I don't sell/install steel roofing, I'm just sold on the stuff.


I can't recommend a good or fair roofer/contractor, I do my own work.

I can recommend a good/fair electrician/concrete guy.

If you pm me, I'll tell you a plumber NOT to hire.






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It is a seasonal cabin so I am not too worried about snow.  Most likely it would be all melted by  the time I show up....   But that is a good thing to know about.

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