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Staying at Chase on the lake next week. Where can a guy get good fishing info for current walleye info, and or panfish? Figured I might walk into Reeds since it is a block away and meet some locals? Anybody have advice let me know. I'll even have an open seat if someone wants to join. I'll have a glastron fish n ski, but limited to techniques without a trolling motor.

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I have just left there but we stayed on the other side. The good thing we didn't see any lake flies yet. 

I was talking to the guy washing boats one boat had 3 keepers and that was the best he had heard of all weekend.

we fished 4 days and caught 1 keeper. 

we did catch 14 out of the slot 8 of them were 25 or bigger with the biggest at 29"

we didn't have a fish fry but it was a blast with the big fish.  

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Posted (edited)

We spent the entire day out there yesterday and didn’t produce as well as the boat captain had expected we would.  We fished from 12 fow to 30 fow throughout all the spots we tried.  We went out of Trappers but did actually pound through the waves to Walker Bay for a few hours.  We marked fish in Walker on deep structure but had a hard time turning marks into bites.  I did hook up with a nice one on a chub but it came un buttoned.  It slammed the chub so I wasn’t able to feed any line to get a more solid hook-set.

Otherwise all our fish came from wind blown points on the main lake dragging leeches and chubs.  We only had two bites on crawlers that were short bites.  Most of the bites were pretty light.  We picked up some pike along the way too of course and they bit light too.

We boated 8 walleyes total with 3 of them being keepers.  We lost probably another 7 fish that felt pretty good.

I heard there was a tourney on the lake last week or the week before and the best weights came from 1-3 fow on jigs and leeches.  We didn’t try that shallow with the waves we dealt with all day.  With the amount of fish we marked on deeper structure it seemed like they weren’t quite fully transitioned out so the shallows are still probably producing OK.  Funny how the pics just don’t reflect the windy conditions.


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Nice eyes great report!

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Thanks for the post! I may end up just searching hard for panfish during day, and troll after dark for eyes. Taking the easy way out?

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We just got back from a week primarily fishing the east/south side.  I won't lie it was super tough, we didn't even mark fish for hours some days driving around the humps/shoreline breaks.  Usually its pretty good this time of year but this year it was brutal.  Few days we'd end up with 2 or 3 fish for half a day of fishing.  The tank at camp probably counted 35 walleyes cleaned for the week for 40 anglers.  Few slots but just not biting down that way.  Lots of pike came in and panfish.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Parmer
      It may or may not. Everything i have read is the initial surge from starting it up is close to 2600 watts. And after that it runs at 1600.
    • Borch
      I never have.  Waded in when the kids were swimming.  Nice sunfish and I hear a good bass lake.  A person could portage a boat in there if it weren't too heavy.  I've never stayed there but can see people down at the beach when I fish there.
    • Gone Out Fishin
      On Island lake, I typically had luck fishing smallies near Rice Lake Road. Then the chain of islands east of the bridge has a good reef studded with boulders, moderate side rocks, and timber. Depending on the wind those islands can be good for bass or walleye. Use to use creature baits and crawdads to fish thoroughly.   Gone Out Fishin
    • Naturboy
      It’s not totally remote but I found an app for my phone called “all stays” and it has filter settings and you can find small camp sites where your not surrounded by 30’ rigs. So you don’t feel like your camping on a sidewalk in Chicago.  I found the county park ones are nice without driving 4+ hours away. 
    • Getanet
      Thanks Borch - Star Island looks really interesting and Cass is a lake I've always meant to get to, but never have. Have you ever fished Windigo?  I'm assuming the only way to do it would be to fish from shore or carry in a canoe or kayak.  Sure would be interesting to fish on a lake within a lake.
    • Rick
      Looks interesting.... any chance a video is on its way 🙂
    • ifishwalleye
      I fished Friday and Saturday. I started out front of Zipple in 28’. Jig w/ frozen shinners. I caught small fish. I moved towards Long Point out from the green can. I was marking lots of fish in 25’. I ended up with a limit of 14” to 16” eyes. I was catching a good number of fish that were mostly on the small side. They were biting super lite!  Yes, I missed my fair share too. Lol Saturday I tried Knight and Bridges. I didn’t mark many fish and didn’t have a bite on either reef at various depths! I did talk to a guy who did well in the morning. I moved out to the mud to 32’ and started marking nice hooks. I caught some really nice fish. I ended up keeping 18” to 19” eyes. I caught 6 slot fish. The biggest was 27”. It was awesome! Good Luck BTW...it sure would be nice if others would post. 
    • Sunset Lodge
      Hello from the NW Angle!

      Surface water temperatures range from 65 in the morning reaching low 70s during the late afternoon. 

      Minnesota has been best in shallower areas such as the Flag Island Flats (5-9 ft.) Prime time being the evening bite with many nice fish including a 31" beast. Deeper water around Four Blocks and LIttle Oak are providing good action for Walleye/Sauger. Orange has been the top color. Even with the recent Mayfly hatch and plenty of crayfish in fishes bellies, (Walleye, Sauger and Northerns) the fishing is awesome!

      Canadian fishing has been the best using bottom bouncers in the mud with gold being the most productive color spinners. Jigging will produce fish around structure with larger Walleye/Sauger coming out of 26+ feet of water. Pike and Muskie action is somewhat concentrated to underwater weeds or occasionally while jigging for walleye.

      We hope to see you soon! 
      Sunset Lodge
    • DJ_Slick
      Fishing with my father and my son on Father's Day hasn't happened in a long time...so this was fun.  Helped that the storms stayed south. 1/4-1/2 mile off the border straight out from the gap in 29-ish feet of water jigging worked for us.  Limits of 17+" walleyes by lunch both days, with a handful of slots for good measure.  Hardly any sauger, though.  Jig color rotated, so if something isn't working, change it up.  Black, gold, orange, pink, white, green, chartreuse all produced at one point or another.  Not everyone was catching, and moving 1/4 mile or even a couple hundred feet made a big difference at times. We didn't try it, but heard of spinners and crawlers working up shallow (6-10 feet) along Pine Island. Mayflies are starting to hatch.  Dad saw some floaters on the Rainy on Saturday, and I saw some in town at the gas station when I left Monday morning.
    • DLD24
      Any current reports, crappies still biting? Going to give it a go Friday morning.