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Heading to Lida from Illinois the 2nd week of July to pay respects to my parents who took us to Oak Lodge Resort since we were big enough to hold a fishing pole.  They have both passed but their 60th wedding anniversary will be July 13th and my brother and I (wives included) are going to pay them their respects by catching some bass in Bass Harbor and Johnson's Bay.  Looking for recommendations on crappie tactics in both North and South Lida.  Usually do well fishing the grass tops in South Lida below the old Ski Lodge off of Maplewood State Park but am looking for other suggestions, especially on North Lida.

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Not sure on the Lida's but a successful tactic I use on other area lakes is to simply find the shoreline weedline and pitch or troll 1/6 jigs with plastics. Usually that 12-14 feet is a good depth. It is that simple and man is it effective. Once you find one you will find a bunch.

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Thanks Pace. Are umbrella rigs allowed up north?


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4 hours ago, KCDC said:

Thanks Pace. Are umbrella rigs allowed up north?


They are not legal, with more than 1 hook.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • side_laker
      Anyone have a ice report 
    • Chetta09
      Ice conditions varied on Saturday. 6" to 12". There is a pressure ridge to look out for. I saw guys with 1/2 ton trucks and fish houses all over. We chose the ATV to get around. Still to early for trucks in my opinion.  We caught fish but definitely had to stay mobile.  
    • wahoo
      I use the Clam Ice Armor--the ones for about $69.  Not great for dexterity but the warmest I have found.  Get a good muff like Cabelas sells with thinsulite and puta few hand warmers inside.  Work well and keep hands moderately dry. Or, get goretex/thinsulite mists and put a hand warmer in each one.  They slide off easily.   Haven't tried electric.  
    • mikemac
      Nope. Not even close.
    • Kettle
      Fished the SW corner today about 2 miles out. Lowest amount of ice I found was 10" and a few spots well over 20". Before anyone gets too excited I'm pretty sure these spots were where the ice push up on itself or below itself. Rough ice in general. Marked a lot of fish, tried everything and eventually got a few at dusk on a dead stick and a spoon. No big cracks but a few about half a foot and completely open. Nice to get out but was a long walk out and back.
    • leech~~
      PBJ samy with chips and a Coke?  😌
    • Lamont Gray
      Hi i was wondering how the ice and bite been on phalen just tips to where to head 2nd year ice fishing and I always wanted to try there don't want any ones secret  spots just the depths people been lucky on I want to learn to ice fish big lakes  Fishing_Prizes_2017.pdf
    • Team Bobberdown
      Well I wish you guys would do it after walleye closes. The last few years you guys have done it on the final weekend of walleye  so some people won't do it . Cats don't close so you can do it whenever you want. 
    • slammer
      Dakota lithium has a cool little box like that.  Comes with a lithium battery thats half the weight but a bit pricey at around $200
    • Mike89
      take it slow friend!!! if it's bad say help....