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OutdoorMN News - Public comment sought on Great Lakes Compact Council and regional body procedure updates

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The Great Lakes Compact Council and the Great Lakes Regional Body are seeking public feedback on draft updates to the procedures for reviewing requests to divert water from the Great Lakes Basin. The compact is federal law that governs the use of water in the Great Lakes watershed. The compact council and regional body are accepting comments through June 21, at 4:30 p.m. 

Under the compact, diversions of water out of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin are generally prohibited. However, the compact identifies limited circumstances under which diversion may be allowed. In some instances, before a diversion proposal can be approved, it must undergo review by the regional body and may require approval by the compact council. The draft updates are strictly procedural and would not modify the compact’s basic terms.

The compact council is composed of the governors of the eight states that border the Great Lakes. The regional body includes the eight governors on the council plus the premiers of Ontario and Quebec. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is Gov. Mark Dayton’s delegate to both groups and provides data and water management expertise to assist implementing the compact.

The effort to refine the procedures under the compact follows the states’ and provinces’ first experience reviewing a diversion request under the agreement. Reflecting on that experience and feedback from stakeholder groups, the states and provinces concluded that some aspects of the procedures should be clarified or refined.

Following discussions with key stakeholders and tribal interests, the states and provinces developed the draft updates that were released for public review May 22. The updates include these changes:

  • Expands opportunities for the public to participate at hearings and public meetings.
  • Acknowledges the special status of First Nations and federally recognized Tribes through separate meetings with them and granting standing to contest compact council decisions.
  • Identifies circumstances under which an additional public comment period would be offered between issuance of the regional body’s declaration of finding and the compact council’s final decision. Essentially, if the compact council views the regional body’s modifications to the applicant’s diversion proposal as substantial, the council would take public comment prior to making its final decision. The existing public comment opportunity prior to the regional body’s deliberations would remain.

After considering public input received by June 21, the regional body will revise the draft procedural updates this summer. The compact council will then consider the updates and decide whether some or all of them should be adopted through rulemaking.

The draft updates are available at www.glslcompactcouncil.org/PUT-DraftUpdates.aspx.

This website includes instructions for sharing feedback. The public input process includes an in-person opportunity to share feedback in Duluth on June 21 at Fitger’s Inn at 10:30 a.m.

Documents are also available on the regional body website.

Discuss below - to view set the hook here.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • MJ1657
    • monstermoose78
      Last winter was not easy for me either but this winter I will be going to some other lakes that i use to fish with my grandpa. The only good bites I got on last winter were the ones the St. Cloud boys invited me on. I just reached out to get a custom ice rod from a guy near me. I am excited to see what he can do for me. I will post as often as I can and if I get on a good bite you could tag along if ya want.
    • popriveter
      I’ll be winterizing my boat and prepping my ice gear this weekend. I’m usually excited for ice, but my fishing was terrible last winter and this is way too early a start. We should still be out on open water. Around Arden Hills, Shoreview I’ve noticed Valentine and Silver are 100% locked. Island still had a small patch of open water yesterday.  I’m not anxious to cut holes and check ice depth yet. It’s easier to make safe decisions this year when I’m so much less excited for ice fishing.
    • cookie129
      From 2 to 5 to 7?  What started as 2 fishermen Tylor and John last week. Wednesday Bill and Hays spent the night and walked out with not much luck. All though Bill is a photographer  and said he never wet a line as he snapped pic after pic of the sunset. I caught the tail end of it and should of snapped a picture myself, as it was spectacular to say the least.  Not even sure there's a name for the color,  maybe blood red? Thursday morning hays was not feeling very well so Bill went out on his own. Down at the lake working I saw 5 fishermen counting Bill. Yesterday it was up tp 7. I have had a dozen calls, how thick is the ice,  how's the fishing? Buddy Hillmen of Hillmens resort says around 5 inches, They are  allowing  walking traffic out to a mile where his road stakes stop.  I have heard of 5 fish caught and 1 lost at the hole so that's the fishing report.  Some one said it would be a zoo up here this weekend since the south end had that strong wind . I would have to disagree  as I have no one spending the night here until after thanksgiving? All the house are prepped down at the lake and ready to go other then a few little things. If anyone stays down there they will have to be cleaned again but that's fine with me.  Jonny boy did not get out as he was a little under the weather.  I did get a shot at a grouse with my recurve going out to my stand Thursday night. It was a shot through the brush and my arrow just missed. I 'll always give up being quiet when I have a chance at a grouse, either when I'm going, sitting or leaving my hunting area.  Years ago I took a grouse in the air with my recurve and flu flu arrow. I would love a repeat of that. Plus the hammer loves the way I make grouse as do I.  I was going to pull my deer stand but now have second thoughts . Some venison in the freezer would be nice. I like cutting up steak in super thin pieces then quick frying for a minute steak sandwich. Plus I'm still trying to harvest a deer with my recurve
    • monstermoose78
      There are people out ice fishing please use extreme caution!! Beaver runs can keep the ice thinner in a narrow area. Fish can cause thinner spots as well. I think I will check two early ice lakes today. 
    • monstermoose78
      I know a lake around my area that has ice anglers on it and it normally has the first Spearers as well, but I did not see a shack on the ice yet
    • iFishMN.YT
      I was out in the west metro, found a nice solid 3.75 in a shallow backwater type area I checked, but the main lake was too thin still.  Got one small sunny in 5 ft of water, it counts!  Thats the earliest in the season I have ever pulled a fish out a hole. Few more days for the locked up lakes I think,
    • knoppers
      bump give ice reports if you can. just don't go on any ice to give a report, be safe.   I know my 300 acre lake in aitkin froze  over last weekend, but ice depth could vary greatly this time of year.
    • Fishing Frenzy
      Anyone know of the lake is froze over? Or how much ice is on the lake if it is?
    • Schwarz04
      I’ll be out looking tomorrow... Have a spot in mind that I’m optimistic about. Which direction from downtown were you?