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Searching for walleyes

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When fishing for walleyes on open water I have a reputation for working an area to death. I'm interested in what others do. When seeking out walleyes, how much time do you spend checking out a particular area/structure before moving on?  What tactics/methods do you find successful?


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I never leave fish to find fish. So if I am working structure and it doesn't have fish I am moving on.  You can easily cover a lot of ground in open water so I just move and explore until I start seeing fish.

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I have a hard time with relying on electronics to determine there are fish present. I don't have side imaging so the amount of water I might be looking at is going to be extremely narrow. 

Case in point. This weekend I was sitting over 12' of water along a weed edge. Looking at my sonar one would be led to believe there were no fish in the area however, when I lowered my camera lens down and looked around I could see schools of crappies. I'm betting I could only see about 10' or maybe 15' of distance with the water clarity and amount of light penetration under the ice. 

One of the reasons for using out-riggers or planer boards is because it is felt that the fish will move out away from the boat as it passes over and the planer boards puts the lures in front of them. Doesn't this also suggest that not seeing fish on the sonar does not mean they are not there? 

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I agree with you BobT.  And will add, when Walleye are sucked to the bottom in structure, I have yet to find electronics that show them consistently.  I just started using Jigging Raps recently, and that is my search lure now.  They seem to trigger fish to bite, sometimes can turn a school of fish on to biting that were otherwise negative.  Can cover ground pretty quick with a Jigging Rap to find those positive biting fish.

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 If I pull up to a spot that I know well and see fish , yes I will work it good , and if no fish show on electronics , that's usually not a deal breaker for that spot for me , as I will definitely give it at least a once or twice over also , with trying a quick few presentations...  this especially holds true in shallow water , as the boat itself will cause fish to somewhat scatter .... I too will not leave fish to find fish , usually a change of color and/or presentation will trigger some more fish to bite ... patience is important to me , 

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I guess it just depends on how confident you are with your electronics. I will agree it may be hard to see fish sitting in a weed line etc or to get target separation between what is a rock boulder or fish etc. With advancements in DI and SI as well as things like the new Panopix its getting much easier to differentiate now.  And sonar angles and directions are much wider so its getting easier to cover a lot of water. 

Still have to get them to bite though.

I find now days I almost have more fun just watching the map chip and looking for new structure and areas to target than I do fishing.

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Okay, so you pull up to a spot (point, hump, inside turn, flat, or whatever) how much time do you spend working it before you decide nothing is going to happen and move on? This is where I get my reputation. I keep thinking, they can turn on at any minute and of course it'll be right after I leave. 

I remember one day about five years ago I was fishing with some buddies on Vermillion. We were sitting the narrows in front of the boat launch at Moccasin Point. Every once in a while a sheet of ice would float through so we had to move to avoid it. At one point, since there wasn't too much happening, my fishing partner and I decided to work our way around the island in front of Moccasin Point so we come in behind the ice sheet that was floating through. Naturally, when we finally came around the other boats with us couldn't help but to tell us how the fish turned on during that half-hour while we were gone.

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I'll usually check 4-5 spots and if no fish anywhere I'll go back to spot #1 and start over.  Can usually find something along the way.  Small areas get about 15 min.  Long, large areas will get one pass up and one back.  Then move on.

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I'm with you Bob - I never have enough confidence in my electronics (or advanced enough side imaging, etc) to be 100% confident there are fish so it's tough to fully embrace the "never leave fish to find fish" motto if I'm not sure there are fish. 


While it's not scientific, I think sometimes it's six one way a half dozen the other way when it comes to staying another 15-30 minutes at a spot vs. trying the next spot. If you're on a body of water with a handful of key spots you typically hit, it's impossible to know if you're better served to wait it out on a good spot with fish or go look elsewhere. 


To an extent it depends on personal preference, but generally speaking it sounds like you're thorough enough and I do think that is a smart approach as opposed to burning gas and burning time running too quickly from spot to spot rather than grinding out a bite. 


Not too helpful, but for what it's worth I can relate to your question / dilemma. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JerkinLips
      Walleye fishing really picked up this weekend.  Had to move around to find the fish but when I did locate them, they were schooled up in a tight cluster.  If I drifted more than 30 feet from the cluster the bite would stop.  Don't know if this is typical of fall fishing but it was sure fun.   Biggest eye I caught was the pictured 23", then the next biggest was only 17" (I think others are really targeting the 18-20" fish).  Pike suckers on a plain red hook were the best, but when I ran out of them, they still bit on chubs (although the fish were smaller).  Stopped at Fuel & Food Saturday afternoon and they were out of pike suckers and chubs, so I just used the last of my small chubs the last day.  Never did try the crawlers that I bought because the bite was good enough on minnows.   Enjoy the fall fishing and the beauty of the lake, and be courteous to other anglers.
    • Dash 1
      Made it to the brothers cabin this past weekend. We hit  4 lakes. Crappie fishing was great. Lots of 10-12 inch fish. Walleye on Big wolf and Andrusia was fair. Nothing over 16 inches though. Small pike were very active as well. The river was 2-3 feet deep and manageable. Found walleye in depths from 12-20 ft and crappies were 6-14 ft near pencil reeds. Crappies bit on crawlers, minnows and gulp. Got walleyes on fat heads as no one in area had anything other than pike chubs and we only got northerns on them. Wind was bad on Friday and terrible on Saturday. Definitely need to update electronics and trolling motor to get spot lock. My brother has it on his and had 0 problems holding in the wind. Overall fun weekend with 2 meals fish and a burger night at Becida bar.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  A fun week of walleye fishing as the water temps cool to the low 60's and fall colors have started.  The walleye are transitioning to fall locations.  Three different methods used to catch walleyes this week.  Drifting spinners, trolling crankbaits and anchored up and jigging with a minnow, which is becoming more effective each week.   Walleyes setting up across the south shore and with more shiners running, this trend will continue.  Jigging with a frozen shiner or live fathead has really started to be effective.  Give it 30-40 minutes and set up in a different spot if there is no action.   Congrats to all MN Tournament Trail tournament anglers this past week.  The winning team had a 7.52 lb avg per walleye for 10 fish.  There are a lot of big walleyes in Lake of the Woods right now. Daily limit is a combined limit of six walleyes and saugers (with up to 4 being walleyes).   Don't forget the slot, 19.5" - 28" must be returned with one allowed over 28" per day.   Fall is an excellent time to fish walleyes.  If you like the jig bite, anchor up and jig over the side of the boat for a very enjoyable and typically memorable day. Pike are active and most are caught but unsuspecting walleye anglers.  The feedbag is definitely on.   On the Rainy River...   Emerald shiners continue to run in the Rainy River.  Some good runs so far, good angler reports and nice walleyes being caught.  Fall on the river is nice as a small boat will work just fine. Most walleye anglers on the river are anchoring up along an edge or in a hole with a jig and minnow.  There are 42 miles of navigable Rainy River from Wheeler's Point through Baudette to Birchdale with lots of boat ramps.   Sturgeon activity has picked up as well with good fall reports. Up at the NW Angle...   Excellent fishing continues on both sides of the border.  In U.S. waters, deep mud of Little Traverse Bay continues producing walleyes in 24 - 31 feet.  Gold, white and orange spinners with a crawler or a minnow continue to be effective.  As water cools, minnows on some days are outfising crawlers.   Areas with structure continue to hold fish.  18 - 27 feet are good starting points.  Jig and a minnow is the goto on structure and neck down areas. Pike and muskie anglers are locating fish on weedy points using double blade spinners and topwater.  A lot of fish are caught on figure eight. Travel to and from the Angle via vehicle through the 40 miles of Canada is open.  Boating into Canadian waters is now open.  Please note, no live, frozen or dead bait allowed into Canada from the U.S.  The various plastics on a jig are working well.  Contact a NW Angle resort for details. Charter boat transport and float planes are still available through the LOW Passenger Service and Lake Country Air.    
    • smurfy
      There working on getting a high draft choice for the top of the line college QB, new head coach and GM 🤭🤪🤫
    • leech~~
      After the first game I thought, may be we have a kicker at least? 🙄
    • mtheis
      The wind was crazy when I was up for the week.  And talking about lake levels, I had to adjust my Humminbird down 1 foot to make the water level the same as the lake map depth.  Just an FYI.
    • JN13
      Model 93R17, Great shape and super accurate rifle, target barrel and accutrigger model, BSA Sweet 17 scope 2-7 × 32, adjustable bipod, stock and barrel in excellent shape, comes with 3 boxes of ammo (150 rounds), asking $400
    • gimruis
      You can't make this up anymore.  37 yard kick for the win and he pushes it right?  Somewhere Blair Walsh is laughing at us about this.
    • JN13
      Excellent shape and it's a Henry-smooth action, 25 rounds through it, 2 boxes of ammo included, hard to find model, asking $350.
    • JN13
      Hard to find model, 5" barrel and two tone, really nice shape, one box of ammo through it, need to have ptp, asking $1200.
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