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Searching for walleyes

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When fishing for walleyes on open water I have a reputation for working an area to death. I'm interested in what others do. When seeking out walleyes, how much time do you spend checking out a particular area/structure before moving on?  What tactics/methods do you find successful?


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I never leave fish to find fish. So if I am working structure and it doesn't have fish I am moving on.  You can easily cover a lot of ground in open water so I just move and explore until I start seeing fish.

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I have a hard time with relying on electronics to determine there are fish present. I don't have side imaging so the amount of water I might be looking at is going to be extremely narrow. 

Case in point. This weekend I was sitting over 12' of water along a weed edge. Looking at my sonar one would be led to believe there were no fish in the area however, when I lowered my camera lens down and looked around I could see schools of crappies. I'm betting I could only see about 10' or maybe 15' of distance with the water clarity and amount of light penetration under the ice. 

One of the reasons for using out-riggers or planer boards is because it is felt that the fish will move out away from the boat as it passes over and the planer boards puts the lures in front of them. Doesn't this also suggest that not seeing fish on the sonar does not mean they are not there? 

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I agree with you BobT.  And will add, when Walleye are sucked to the bottom in structure, I have yet to find electronics that show them consistently.  I just started using Jigging Raps recently, and that is my search lure now.  They seem to trigger fish to bite, sometimes can turn a school of fish on to biting that were otherwise negative.  Can cover ground pretty quick with a Jigging Rap to find those positive biting fish.

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 If I pull up to a spot that I know well and see fish , yes I will work it good , and if no fish show on electronics , that's usually not a deal breaker for that spot for me , as I will definitely give it at least a once or twice over also , with trying a quick few presentations...  this especially holds true in shallow water , as the boat itself will cause fish to somewhat scatter .... I too will not leave fish to find fish , usually a change of color and/or presentation will trigger some more fish to bite ... patience is important to me , 

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I guess it just depends on how confident you are with your electronics. I will agree it may be hard to see fish sitting in a weed line etc or to get target separation between what is a rock boulder or fish etc. With advancements in DI and SI as well as things like the new Panopix its getting much easier to differentiate now.  And sonar angles and directions are much wider so its getting easier to cover a lot of water. 

Still have to get them to bite though.

I find now days I almost have more fun just watching the map chip and looking for new structure and areas to target than I do fishing.

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Okay, so you pull up to a spot (point, hump, inside turn, flat, or whatever) how much time do you spend working it before you decide nothing is going to happen and move on? This is where I get my reputation. I keep thinking, they can turn on at any minute and of course it'll be right after I leave. 

I remember one day about five years ago I was fishing with some buddies on Vermillion. We were sitting the narrows in front of the boat launch at Moccasin Point. Every once in a while a sheet of ice would float through so we had to move to avoid it. At one point, since there wasn't too much happening, my fishing partner and I decided to work our way around the island in front of Moccasin Point so we come in behind the ice sheet that was floating through. Naturally, when we finally came around the other boats with us couldn't help but to tell us how the fish turned on during that half-hour while we were gone.

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I'll usually check 4-5 spots and if no fish anywhere I'll go back to spot #1 and start over.  Can usually find something along the way.  Small areas get about 15 min.  Long, large areas will get one pass up and one back.  Then move on.

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I'm with you Bob - I never have enough confidence in my electronics (or advanced enough side imaging, etc) to be 100% confident there are fish so it's tough to fully embrace the "never leave fish to find fish" motto if I'm not sure there are fish. 


While it's not scientific, I think sometimes it's six one way a half dozen the other way when it comes to staying another 15-30 minutes at a spot vs. trying the next spot. If you're on a body of water with a handful of key spots you typically hit, it's impossible to know if you're better served to wait it out on a good spot with fish or go look elsewhere. 


To an extent it depends on personal preference, but generally speaking it sounds like you're thorough enough and I do think that is a smart approach as opposed to burning gas and burning time running too quickly from spot to spot rather than grinding out a bite. 


Not too helpful, but for what it's worth I can relate to your question / dilemma. 

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      I have to keep in mind the influx could be youths who don’t have high school sports or activities keeping them busy these days.  That’s exactly one of the reasons cited for a  drop in participation and the trend of hunters being older.   Mixed emotions on that topic for me but we’ve all said it’s better than all the kids being shut ins and playing video games instead of learning the natural world.  Even though they can play vids while hinting now, it IS what we’ve asked for.   Be good to one another out there even if it’s frustrating at times.
    • jim curlee
      Headin over fishin around Tower again last night. Turkeys in the same area tonight as in August.   By the by brought home 4 nice 15"-17" walleyes, slip bobbers and minnows, 6' of water. Who say's the fish abandon the weeds in the fall. LOL Nice healthy fish, should make a great lunch.  Nobody else on the lake, I guess the lightning scared-em off.   Jim
    • gimruis
      No doubt about it.  I went during turkey spring season A too and there was noticeably more hunters out, especially on Sat/Sun.  I think the combination of no lottery and the pandmeic had people cooped up.  Plus it was relatively decent weather for season A, and it has not been the last couple years with April snow.  I exclusively hunt private land for turkeys but when I was leaving and driving down the county roads, I spotted 3 blinds on field edges on neighboring properties.  While I don't have to worry about people setting up 10 yards from me, the added pressure in an area certainly makes it harder.   Sometimes having multiple groups of duck hunters on a big marsh can be beneficial.  They'll send ducks your way and vice versa.  But setting up that close is ridiculous.  I can see more problems like this occurring the rest of this hunting season, especially for deer and especially on public land.  It could potentially be a recipe for disaster too if you have a couple of hot heads that lose their cool.  Adding firearms into the equation only magnifies the problem.   I hope a lot of these "newbies" and infrequent outdoors people that are only out there fishing, camping, and hunting this year because of the pandemic go back to their old lives when this is over.  The less people I encounter on the lakes, rivers, and in the fields and woods, the better.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Yup - the fall colors have peaked and will be gone very soon. My maple dropped all of its leaves since Sunday. The birch are still holding on but losing them slowly.   I hope to add a fishing report after this weekend. Nice work MarkB
    • billrider80
      I recommend Eskimo Evo2. Eskimo Evo2 Crossover Ice shelter is the trusted shelter brand for millions of outdoor explorers and its original concept and design stemmed from the notion ‘two heads are better than one’, over sixty years ago, more here https://bootsgeek.com/eskimo-evo2-review/
    • Barbelboy
      I purposely avoided duck opener because of possible crowds. The number of hunters in the field for Turkey A season was ridiculous. Literally 2,3, or 4 cars in WMA parking lots where i've rarely seen 1. So that was my indicator that some big change has occurred and to start planning accordingly. If I were a public land deer hunting i'd brace myself for a different experience than usual this year, especially if the weather is nice. I guess while aggravating to me in a selfish sort of way it is getting people outdoors. I just hope people like the ones Monstermoose encountered are few and far between. .
    • Chill62
      Not to change point of this topic but if you do not have a drill and are looking for that light weight set up take a look at the Strikemaster V24 New this year.  It comes with a Lite Flite auger and is coming in at 350 for 6 inch and 399 for 8 inch augers.  The weight savings compared to the V40 is amazing and if you look at holes/battery and the cost of the battery it's cheaper and more productive than the Milwaukee/DeWalt batteries.  I have a few friends that when they started looking at the cost of a good drill and a lite flite this option is same to cheaper option for them.  I've seen way too many drills fail in thick ice for trusting one 100% of my season.  Its not for everyone but for those that are looking it is a very nice option that is new this year for people.
    • monstermoose78
      I was at the parking lot at 5 am and walked in. 8 minutes to shooting time here comes the same wonderful guys from the year before with 5 more people. They walked with in 10 yards and I said are you close enough. His response was I can hunt where I want. All in blaze orange some with 22 rifles some with shotguns. They shot at ducks with the 22 and some low powered shotgun shells. I called the local CO. A friend of mine heard a call for back up from the local CO on the scanner as he was seizing guns, cars, decoys, and more. That made me smile. 
    • Fish Head
      Great to have you post again Mark. It sounds like a fantastic trip back to Vermilion. Take care!
    • gimruis
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