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Put the topper back on the pickup last weekend, put the wheeler and ice auger away today. Spent some time wrenching on the outboard which felt good. Drove by Cannon Lake on the way home from work Thursday and it didn’t look like the shoreline is pulling away at all! Saw one portable on the ice. Regret not ice fishing this weekend, looks like it’s going to be a while before the boat hits the lake! 

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Billy G

I almost did the same! Went out today with the wheeler on cedar, we measured 18 to 23" of ice everywhere we drilled. The ice was getting soft about the last 6 to 8 inches tho, access was also froze up which was nice.

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Anybody else have current ice conditions, access conditions, etc.?

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    • Agronomist_at_IA
      After reading all the post and having gone to upper red once a year sometimes twice (Started renting shacks then got a wheel house 3 yrs ago) for the past eleven years. I find this entire thread and topic somewhat laughable. The locals and resorts seem to complain about an issue they've brought upon themselves. I kinda agree with the post you've put up to a point.    Here is my view.....maybe it is wrong. I drive 7+ hours from Northwest Iowa pay the fees to fish in Minnesota for a couple days. Pay the resort fees for roads, pay for services at the resorts. I tend to buy fuel, bait, propane, and food at the places we use, and sometimes other services. These people make a living using the lake to BRING the business to them. Then when they get the people to the lake and get some money flowing and are having success with people showing up.......the big problem is trash......Seems pretty simple to me if your a resort......figure out trash management for you customers. They showed up and are using the services you provide. A simple $5 tagged onto a road fee with avalible dumpsters could solve the problem. I actually have never had any issues with trash on my trips....so I'm a bit supprised by all this. I mean people are going through the resorts for services and willing to pay. If $5 was a deal breaker.....then why wouldn't people just go out of the public acess points, and not pay any resort fees.   The first 7yrs the guide we use had a trailer on the lake and had his customers throw tied off bags of trash in it. Then he disposed of it. The last three years with my shack the resort we went out of had a dumpster to throw the trash in. I'd gone out of JR's Access, West Winds, and Rogers. When We came off the lake we stopped in and asked if we could throw our trash away....they always said yeah put it in the dumpster.   
    • SkunkedAgain
      Thanks. That's one of the ones that I was considering.
    • SkunkedAgain
      The water temps were 44-47 degrees over most of the lake this weekend. Black Bay partially froze Friday night into Saturday.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I saw a lot of guys running planner boards. We braved the cold ride Friday and Saturday, going from the far west end over near Shamrock. We spot locked in the wind and had pretty good success with the 11-13" walleyes but nothing of size except a few beautiful jumbo perch. We just used jigs in 30-35ft of water with rainbow minnows, the smaller the better. Big minnows were useless.   We didn't stay at any of the west end locations too long, but mostly because we weren't marking fish and weren't getting any bites. I would have liked to work longer for the bigger fish.
    • ANYFISH2
      Care to share where in Ripley this feeding flat is?  Maybe I shoot a deer and catch fish in Ripley this year!😁
    • seifjr
      As usual Curt, thanks for all the reports you provide to us folks that only get up to LOW 4-5 times/year.  Coming up again for the MEA weekend, fishing Thursday-Saturday.  Looks like Thursday's going to be nice with warmer temps and WSW winds.  If we get the heavy WNW winds on Saturday, is the LP area fishable.  Seems like the more west it is the comfort level goes up dramatically.  Bringing the kids this trip, so there not real big fans of the 4-5 footers if you know what I mean.  Hope to see ya Thursday, we'll be in a 2150 Lund and 18.5 Alumacraft. 
    • monstermoose78
      These fish came of the feeding flat.
    • monstermoose78
      I like finding aggressive crappies and those feeding flats normally have more aggressive crappies plus some big gills mixed in. 
    • Rick
      This is great advice as well @monstermoose78. I will add that another reason crappies suspend over a deep basin is because of the plankton rising and dropping from and back to the mud basin below based on light levels.
    • PRO-V
      Got back yesterday from a week at my shack. Tough conditions. Lots of rain and over 6" of snow. My buddy and I saw 28 grouse and got 15. They were pretty wild and had to put the chase on alot of them. Got pretty wet running after them and snow falling on your head. Had to chainsaw our way out to the trucks thanks to the heavy wet snow.