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    • cookie129
      With the ice reports all over the internet , conditions different at every access. I would say its best to check reports on the access you are planning on using.  Most if not all the phone calls about ice conditions and fishing reports can be found on social media . We still have plenty of openings for fish house rentals . I be leave Hillmens also has plenty of rentals this season still open , Including the behemoth double decker that sleeps 10 to 12. There phone number is 218 647 8504    We use Hillmens access during the ice season, I talked to Buddy  Hillmen this morning . He will be allowing  Wheelers/sleds out up to 2 miles. He also said to mention to drive slow and use extreme caution. as there is quite a bit of rough ice. With  another lite snow and breeze the rough broken ice will catch snow and may be harder to see.  Beacon Harbor is also allowing wheelers and sleds I be leave. They did have a fishing report  on there facebook page.   Westwind the premier resort here on upper red lake is well organized and also ready to go.  There were just a handful of portables on the lake yesterday.  I think I saw a couple out of beacon harbor, 2 out of hillmens and 4 or 5 out of westwind.  I did get out again last night deer hunting. I also had a shot. I missed. I'm shooting a recurve with no sites . I've taken a deer with a shotgun. 20 gauge, a rifle 30 30, a compound bow. So I went back to the recurve a few years ago. Man do I have the stories of all the misses over the years. It seems with a bow something always goes wrong. I can say that I think hunting with a bow makes you a much better hunter as you have to plan for shots under 30 yards.  2 years ago I was set up just off a snowmobile trail. If a deer walked by me it would be a 15 to 20 yard shot.  A small buck appeared to my left. He was coming right down the trail. I stood up. Grabbed my bow  as  I watched him  through the corner of my eyes. I only sit about 5 feet off the ground, with no cover to speak of my plan was to let him walk by, I would take the shot just after he passed. As he slowly passed by I took one step to turn as I drew back . The seat tipped down and spooked him. Off he went.  Standing there reviewing what happen I thought?  Man should I have pulled back while he was more in front of me. I thought would he of seen me move. I reenacted  what happen pulling my arrow back , aiming right in front of me again, thinking would he of seen me make that move. I repeated this about 5 times. I then hung up my bow and set down. Not long after I here a ruckus  to my right. I stand up ,look down the trail ,here comes a nice 10 pointer. Full speed.! He is going to run right where I was practicing aiming. I pull back and let her fly. My arrow wacks him right in the rib, he never even flinches or slows down. I watch him run down the trail with my arrow sticking in the side of him as he turns the corner.  I get down ,  right where I hit him there"s deer hair all over,  I get to where he jumped a fallen tree , more hair, I get to where he turned the corner and there' s my arrow bent in half with no broadhead. We never found a drop of blood. Bob harvested the same deer 4 days later. I found a small hole in his hide directly on a rib bone about the size of a pencil eraser.  Now back to last night. All of a sudden I here what I think is a deer running through the woods. I grab my bow, about 3 minutes later here comes a doe walking right where I expect,  She's going with the wind. She is going to walk right where I have shot a  flu flu arrow every night I've set in that spot.  I always pick a spot and fling a arrow before I get down. She had no clue I was there, I pulled back as she stepped out and my glove is right in my sight line. It throws my concentration off, I ended up panicking and flinging my arrow rather then resetting . I'm glad I missed , another lesson is put in the books. Take off glove? Different glove? Hunt when its warmer so I do not need gloves, The list goes on and on. Its the thrill of the hunt.    Well everyone have a happy thanksgiving  cookie  
    • monstermoose78
      This moose does not float as @Cret Jigs can attest too!
    • monstermoose78
      You catch much? How thick was da ice?
    • JBMasterAngler
      Group of people were ice fishing on forest lake this morning. Still a big open spot from the geese and swans.
    • mrpike1973
      Thank You sir!!
    • Rick
      Now is the time to talk with kids about the dangers of ice. Ice thickness varies greatly on lakes, ponds and rivers throughout the state. Some water bodies have none, while others have several inches, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  “Ice, especially early ice with snow cover, is extremely deceptive because you can’t see dangerous cracks or the thickness of the ice under the snow,” said DNR Conservation Officer Adam Block. “Parents need to teach their kids that ice is never 100 percent safe. If your child is near the ice, you should be near your child.” With many children out of school for holiday breaks, they may look toward newly forming ice for entertainment. “In addition to checking conditions locally and being prepared with an ice safety kit, anyone recreating on ice should be wearing a life jacket or float coat,” said Lisa Dugan, DNR recreation safety outreach coordinator. “A life jacket is the one piece of equipment that increases your odds of not drowning from cold water shock, hypothermia or exhaustion should you fall through the ice.” Ice safety guidelines
      No ice can ever be considered “safe ice,” but following these guidelines can help minimize the risk: Always wear a life jacket on the ice (except when in a vehicle). Children should never be unsupervised around ice. Caution children to stay off ponds, streams, and other bodies of water. A thin coating of ice on a pond or lake does not mean it is safe. Check ice thickness at regular intervals – conditions can change quickly. Before heading out, inquire about conditions and known hazards with local experts. Avoid channels and rivers. The minimum ice thickness guidelines for new, clear ice are: 4 inches for ice fishing or other activities on foot. 5-7 inches for a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle. 8-12 inches for a car or small pickup. 12-15 inches for a medium truck. Double these minimums for white or ice covered with heavy snow. For more information, visit mndnr.gov/icesafety and mndnr.gov/boatingsafety. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • curt quesnell
      Ice coming plenty early this year   https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2346535195421666&id=770784022996799
    • Chill62
      Prods, Thanks for becoming a recent member of this site.  I never give out that information online.  There are too many people who strictly fish a lake because someone said something on a facebook/online post and everyone hits the lake and destroys the lake.  I was fishing north of DL though on a very large lake that is relatively shallow.  Its a fun lake because not many people fish it but it has multiple public accesses on the lake.  Fishing has been relatively good on the lake and a buddy has been out there filming a few youtube videos also from there.  I plan on going out again on Friday earlier to see if they bite during the mid day.   I'll give you this information though its on a mid lake point fishing out from the weed line.  Its a muddy/silty bottom and the fish cruise the bottom and I'm assuming feeding on blood worms and that is why the soft plastic worked so well.  According to Navionic's there is a "hole" of 13-14 feet that isn't that big where our houses were set up.
    • Getanet
      Didn't venture out myself, but saw 3-4 people ice fishing on Alimagnet Lake that borders Burnsville and Apple Valley on Sunday.  I thought they were nuts, but nobody was swimming.
    • iiccee63
      Will have another ice report on Linwood Wed. afternoon. walking out with my chisel to really check it out.