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  • Similar Content

    • Steve4848
      By Steve4848
      Howdy and thanks for taking the time to give some advice.  My family's renting a houseboat from Ebel's the 2nd week of June and would appreciate some advice on specific locations for northern pike/smallmouth bass on the Eastern end of Lake Kabetogama.  We'll have a 12 foot motorized boat with us so moving around won't be a problem.  Want to focus on the Eastern end of the lake to minimize a long haul with the houseboat.  
      Any advice on specific bays, islands, or points would be appreciated!
    • Fully Kraeusened
      By Fully Kraeusened
      Wondering if any of you ever fish the inland lakes throughout Voyageurs and if so which ones? I have fished the Locator chain, Ek and Net lakes. My favorite of those three is definitely Locator. Seems to have a lot of northern and I also caught a good sized largemouth. Had a rough day on Ek. Was fishing with light tackle because I’ve been told it’s a good crappie lake and was broken off once otherwise nothing. One small pike on Net. This is a picture of the bass from Locator. 

    • Dock Boy
      By Dock Boy
      Voyageur Park Lodge on Lake Kabetogama recently purchased brand new Ice Trek brand fish houses to rent on Lake Kabetogama.  The houses themselves are all aluminum with spray foam insulation, clean, warm and comfortable!  If your looking for something different from the usual LOW, Red experience check us out.  These are day use houses only and we will offer lodging at Voyageur Park Lodge.  We will only have one lodging unit open in the winter, so fishing parties will be the only guests at the resort, so lots of privacy and no other parties around.  Fish houses will be private out on the ice also! 
      We are excited to be the only angling houses on Lake Kabetogama!  If your looking for  something different let us know!
      Voyageur Park Lodge (Reef Runner Ice houses)
    • Kab Kid
      By Kab Kid
      Good opening weekend...great weather for opener and more boats than normal I would say.  Fishing was good, not great.  I'm sure others have differing opinions, but for us we found larger walleyes in 6-12 feet when pitching jigs.  You had to put up with the large number of small northern that must have been hungry!  Most of our walleyes came by way of a jig and minnow, in 30-35 ft of water...most of these 9-13" and went back, but every 4-5 fish was keepable and a fair number of sauger's were in the mix.  Problem was you could catch 3-5 fish in a spot and then you needed to move.  So, lots of boats running all day Saturday.  Saturday night/evening the bite improved and keeper fish were coming from 22-28' of water, again with a jig and minnow for us.  Sunday sunny and beautiful day to be on the water!  Similar patterns with the evening bite producing most of our keepers that day.
      As far as scenery, you simply can't beat this area.  Kabetogama, Namakan, Ash River, and Crane lake is truly beautiful and the fishing is just bonus.  Listening to other fisherman, it seems the slot is frustrating some people...again lots of small fish (future fish) and many 20-22" walleyes but not many trophy's and eaters were tough to find.  All and all, great opener again on Kabetogama, hope everyone else had fun and a safe opening weekend.  Happy to talk fishing on Kabetogama, enjoy the season...
      Kab Kid
    • Slopfishin
      By Slopfishin
      I realize that walleye is kind up there, but was hoping there were some smallie fishermen here on the board that could give me some advice on the fall smallmouth fishing on Namakan, Sand Point and Crane.  I've been coming up there for many years to fish for smallies in the springtime but have never tried it there in the Fall.  Was thinking that I may try my hand at some fall smallmouth up there while they're trying to fatten up for the winter. 
      Right now I am planning on coming up at the end of September.  I'm hoping to find the fish in less than 20 feet of water.  Jigs, tubes, jerkbaits and topwater is what I'm hoping they will be biting on.  I know water temperature plays a huge role in the fish moving back shallow to feed so I'm hoping my timing is right.  Do you folks think it's worth the trouble around that time.  I really don't feel like hauling my boat 1,100 miles (I live in Kentucky) if I'm gonna be fishing the dead sea.  Would Rainy Lake be a better choice?
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
    • Nipper7272
      By Nipper7272
      Hello staying on Namakan later this week for first time with my wife a two boys. Any fishing tips would be helpful.
    • Kab Kid
      By Kab Kid
      Hello Fishing MN Family,
        As a resident of White Bear Lake, and fishing guide on Kabetogama I'm attempting to reach out and ask for a little help to raise awareness and some donations or prizes for White Bear Lake high school fishing club.  I understand it is in a "club phase" currently and hoping to get recognized as a team sport in the next few years.  They are hosting a banquet to raise money and prizes on May 1st, and reached out to some fishing people...I'm turning around and asking if anyone has tackle still in the package, access to hats, bags, or boxes in like new condition that they would be willing do donate.  We are looking for donations for these kids as prizes that they will earn through challenges and fishing activities this year.  If you can help I can get you a tax ID number for your donation.  Please let me know or I can give you information to contact the coach of this fishing club.  I'm a huge fan of getting this next generation on the water!
      My email: [email protected]
    • fishin
      By fishin
      Wind set the pace for anglers this past week. Some thought it was too much of a good thing.
      Windblown shorelines were good to anglers that could manage boat control and stay in the 10-15’ depth. Baitfish get directed into those shorelines which usually leads to good fishing.
      If the wind dies down at anytime, or the following day, concentrate your efforts accordingly for great results.
      A suggested method of fishing while the winds are blowing, is troll artificial lures at depths between 12-16’, or use lead line and troll deeper waters. All fish species relate well to this, and boat control isn’t as critical.
      The walleye bite remains very scattered, reports of anglers catching fish on all baits, shallow and deep, the only common denominator is, only a few fish from each location. It’s safe to say walleyes aren’t schooled up as would be expected.
      Live bait rigs, a slip sinker or bottom bouncer, with a 3’-5’ snell, plain hook or spinner and beads using a crawler or leech is the preferred methods these days.
      Pike taking artificial crank baits by casting or trolling deep weed edges is attracting pike of all sizes.
      Casting stick baits, spoons or buck tails up to weed edges or clearing is working well for pike and smallies.
      No favored areas of the lake to fish with them being so scattered, however best reports coming from say Sugarbush Island down to the Ash River entrance into Kab.
      Some deeper water success on Namakan using jig and minnow in the 30’ plus depth range.
      Biting flies still a nuisance as are evening mosquitoes - be prepared. I might add, lots of UV rays so lotion up and enjoy your time in Beautiful Voyageurs National Park.
      BINGO continues on Kabetogama at the New Community Hall on Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 8:00pm.
      Great Time for Planning a Trip,
      See you Soon,
      Crabby Phil & Ellen Hart
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      @AlwaysFishing23 Sounds like some good ingenuity there.     I found the manufacturer of the unit I have in my 6 inch bit and ordered a new one During breakfast this morning.  Should be good to go.
    • eyeguy 54
      that can be nasty with no handle 
    • AlwaysFishing23
      I put my lazer bit on my dewalt brushless the other day with a homemade adapter (piece of pipe and a bolt) tryed it out the other day and was amazed, very smooth setup and since I have the max XR kit I have the nice lithium battery’s ( 2 and 4 ah) so I’m set for first ice drilling. Super light setup. Only downside is I don’t have a size handle for the drill so I just have to be mindful and not break my wrist. 
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Just checked the ice this afternoon and Shoe has 2.5" of ice and is 100% ice covered with some river current areas.  Summer access is no longer open.    I will be starting to ice fish as soon as I am done deer hunting in front of my house.    I predict a limit of walleyes first night out.     Don
    • Wanderer
      Saw those at Scheels in St. Cloud this afternoon.  Light!  The sticker shock blew back my hat a little but there’s always at least 1 significant upgrade to the ice fishing arsenal every year.  It’s not my upgrade yet but maybe later.  I was checking for a drill adapter for my new to me 8 inch Nils bit.  I like the 6 so much on the drill but sometimes I want an 8.   Anyone have an extra laying around?!
    • delcecchi
      Sounds terrific.   Having spent my career in the Tech field I am always cautious as to what startups are claiming.  But more power to them, I hope that they can achieve everything they are aiming for.    15 ms seems really fast.   It will be great if so.      Note, claiming a lot more than can be delivered is not limited to startups.    I have run into it many times inside an established tech power.     Fortunately, we are only like a half mile from the fiber on 24 so our DSL works fine...   Before that we had access.  Before that we had 26k dial up.     
    • CigarGuy
      Here you go. Took this on the way out of town today. Hopefully, you can zoom in on it!
    • eyeguy 54
      its nice and light.  sold other battery. deal with it. put 5.5 cans of soup in a plastic bag and lift it.  that's the difference
    • leech~~
      Not quoted numbers!  Lets see the whole unit with each on a scale pal! 🤨
    • chucker1101
      15 ms round trip from/return to space is what SpaceX is claiming now. Pretty impressive if it pulls off.   The issue with Hughes is the position of orbit of the satellite. Hughes satellites are in Geo-synchronous orbit with the earth, which means the satellite's orbit moves at the exact same rate as the earth turns. That way the satellite remains at relatively the same spot over the earth. The trouble with geo-sync orbits is that they are a long ways away. 22,500 miles, give or take. That's a long ways for a signal to round-trip. And there's not really a high-demand capacity solution.   The new constellation model of internet satellites uses a bunch, like say 4000, of really small satellites, about the size of a desk. These are in low-earth orbit, only 150 miles from earth by comparison. Capacity is handled by allowing satellites to share data between themselves. So if one satellite is overloaded, it will off-load data throughput to another close-by satellite via peer-to-peer communication. It's a pretty cool engineering model.   As you can probably tell, this is in-line with what I do for a living. But i am pretty hyped about the possibilities for people like us, who will never have optic cable strung to our remote location.