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The last several weeks, when I read the fishing reports for the Fairmount area in the outdoor news, it says people are catching yellow bass on several of the lakes. I looked all the area lakes up on lakefinder, and there’s no signs of yellow bass...I don’t even think the lakes had white bass in them. So maybe they just meant yellow perch. Or, is there a new yellow bass population coming along down there?

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There are yellow bass in Fairmont Lakes. I caught some last summer and this winter. I didn't know there was any either but they were definitely Yellow Bass. 

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    • IceHawk
      Thread Hi-jacking didn't we just have this discussion 😂
    • eyeguy 54
      We estimated between 20 and 21 but will never know. May as well add a musky pic. Never did catch one while targeting them. Lol. Got this one on Leech. 8 feet of water. 8 pound test. 1/8 oz jig with fathead. 48 incher. Lol. A day of 8’s. 
    • PeachyHans
      Fancy! 👍
    • BobT
      Legally, due to the Governor's order, they cannot pack them in a liquor store. Those shoppers must also maintain appropriate social distancing while inside. Same for you when you buy bait, get gas, get groceries, whatever.    That's a potential real problem and what could inspire the closure of boat launches. If it becomes apparent that we are not following the rules, we will be restricted further. The only reason for the "stay at home order" was because we can't be trusted to use good sense. 
    • IceHawk
      Definitely possession limits have to be looked at a little more seriously. A person would be amazed how many of the same guys you see fish the same lake day after day keeping fish. The only positive with the 5 fish limit is they are at least keeping less then they would if the limit was 20 bluegill. If it were 20 they would have a 100 a week versus 25. Sad but true no matter how we all want to look at it. Many fisherman are way over there possession limits, Freezers are full we all know of people who have big fish fry's every year and its definitely not boxed cod there serving 😉 With the lack of CO's out there enforcement is tough even with the TIP hotline. 
    • dutchboy II
      Hawk, 20# in Minnesota really is a trophy! I always thought there were good Pike in the Horseshoe chain when I fished it but never really got into any. Thanks for replying.
    • dutchboy II
      Your Mille Lacs fish is a chunk! Your Red Lake fish looks like the 42" I got in Minnesota. That one also was around 17#.
    • IceHawk
      My two personal best from MN all caught accidently walleye fishing. Never personally Target pike in  MN. Only place I have is Canada. First one was a 42 inch CPR on the Horseshoe chain of lakes right around 20lbs in OCT pitching Husky jerks up on a shallow sand flat targeting eyes, That one stopped it felt like I hooked a tree 👍. Second personal MN best came up on Rainy River Spring 41 3/4 never weighed it, pitching a 3/8 ounce jig and  B-fish-N pulse R for eyes. Didn't hit as hard but fought hard especially in the river current. 
    • expl
      My opener plans will not change.Stop and get bait/snacks at the gas station when fueling the boat/truck.This all done in one stop that would need to be made eventually to get fuel anyhow.Drive to the landing,not speaking or having contact with anyone while not touching anything.This has been my routine for the past few weeks and will continue to be for the near future whether around home or up north.They can cancel whatever they like,I will be fishing.I noticed i cant get a haircut but i can pack into the liquor store with plenty of other people and buy booze.Makes sense right?
    • CJH
      And if they aren't eating those fish regularly they are over their possession limit in no time at all.  Lower possession limits at the same time - 20 is just too dang high, and as history has shown us, unsustainable.  
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